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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Sigokat, Feb 25, 2013.

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    I didn't see this in the sticky notes so I figured I would ask before I posted anything.

    I have some fanfiction over on that I would like to share if possible.

    One is a ST:TNG fic (unfinished)

    The others are Jonny Quest (the Jonny Quest/Resident Evil crossovers are finished, but the other two regular JQ are not)

    Is it okay to just post a link to the stories into a new thread or is it preferable to post the entire story?

    Also, since I am deployed I only have a Sony Experia tablet that runs the Android OS and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for writing apps. I want to work on the unfinished stories while I'm here (can't use the work computer) and I can't seem to find an good app that is the same as Microsoft Word. Any suggestions?
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    It's perferable to post the story itself if you're interested in getting feedback. Posting only links is a general no-go. If you decide to link to your stories elsewhere please include some text in your post with the link(s), e.g. a short synopsis and/or teaser or something like that.
    Non-Trek fan fic is allowed here but there shouldn't be more than three of them on the front page of the forum. Please take that into consideration before you post it here. Alternatively, you could also link to them in your signature.
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    Ok. Thank you for the info. Glad I asked before I went ahead and posted! :)