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    Hi, everyone,

    A few days ago, I stumbled on some of author Michael Gray's work from Star Trek: Dark Horizon (, both images and a character, plagiarized on the Memory Gamma wiki, so I contacted him about it. The situation is more or less resolved, but because plagiarism has been a problem on Memory Gamma in the past I've been posting everywhere Trek authors/artists congregate in order to warn people. It may be worth it to look through MG every now and then and make sure no one has jacked your stuff.

    Here's a copy of what I posted to the Fanfiction and Holodeck subreddits.


    Greetings, everyone. This is mainly relevant to creators of Star Trek fanfic and fan art, but it is important enough for everyone to be aware.

    Some of you may know of the Memory Gamma wiki, which has been around for about 10 years, but with long periods of inactivity. It's a wiki where people can write and post Star Trek fanfic. A wiki for that seems like a good idea, but it has been plagued with plagiarism in the past, and recently has been again. I'm posting here to warn any fanfic authors, or Trek artists, to check the wiki periodically and make sure no one has used your work without permission. It's been an issue in the past, and the current administration (relatively new to the job) doesn't really take it seriously or believe that plagiarism is wrong.

    Here are links to the screenshots of the conversations: - Conversation 1, ongoing - Conversation 2 - Conversation 3 - note where the site admin tells the offender that he doesn't agree with the original author's request to remove to plagiarized material.


    I've shared this on those subreddits, the STPMA forums, TrekCreative, and a few other places. Feel free to crosspost this wherever you feel appropriate.
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    Well, I’m never visiting there again.
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    Thanks for the heads up!