Picard Show: Plot Hints

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Picard' started by PicardSpeedo, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. picardjean-luc

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    Jan 30, 2018
    How about Starship Mine where he became the Die Hard Picard?? :hugegrin::hugegrin:

    At 78, could he still put up a few kicks and punches??;)
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    Or at least the beginning of it. Patrick Stewart is very political. He was a member and supporter of the UK Labour party until he recently left due to them not doing enough to challenge brexit. Seeing as he's been involved in the "putting out ideas" stage of the writers room, perhaps we'll have Federation member states in the process of trying to leave.
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    Yeah, I can see it being the politics of our current times. Though I would not want to see it just being about politics alone. Broad spectrum of contemporary issues, touches of darkness, healthy dose of Gene's Vision, and....lens flares of course :D
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    I would hope not. It's 20 years later. I'm certainly not the Vger23 (people) remember from 1998. I don't even know the point of doing the show if it's just going to be the same old shit.
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    Me too. A series with Picard slowly going insane due to his brain disease could actually be really entertaining to watch.
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    That would be an incredibly depressing show to watch. No thanks.
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    Actually, no, Chabon never said anything even remotely like that.

    He said that the name "V'draysh" was based on the word "federation". That is literally all he said. He didn't say whether it was the United Federation of Planets, or the First Federation, or any number of other entities that just happened to have the word "federation" in their name, or even if it was just some random group that appropriated the term.

    It's certainly no implication that the Federation is destined to fall, or anything like that. Indeed, as we know the Federation still exists in the 31st century - Daniels' home time - it's hardly likely that it will fall a mere two centuries AFTER that.

    As for Picard: The new show doesn't have to deal with his Irumodic Syndrome. The whole future in "All Good Things" was an illusion generated by Q, anyway. So that's not binding on canon, either.
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    I wrote that based on other comments, before actually seeing the episode
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    I did this a few months ago.

    The Jean Luc Picard Show 1a.jpg
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    I just watched that clip from The Ensigns Of Command, where Picard "owns" the Sheliak. He could have become their chief negotiator at some point.