Picard Series Will Be a 'Psychological' Look at His Later Years

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    Because I'd prefer him not to be a cardboard cutout. I don't see this as a radical change, though. He's the same man, and personally I am more interested in seeing what might have caused this shift in him than just see a rehash of him on the Enterprise.

    New Trek just can't win. Fans want something new, but they don't want change.
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    And you know this... how? Did I miss a leaked version of the first episode somewhere? Or are you a member of the production staff?

    Otherwise, I would say this is baseless negative nelly speculation.
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    At first I was critical of STP, because I thought it was just going to be a vanity project for Patrick Stewart much the same way that Nemesis was...you know, with the TNG gentleman explorer Picard recklessly driving around in a Jeep like he was the 24th century Mario Andretti. But what I’ve seen and heard so far gives me a more positive outlook. I doubt we’re going to see Picard kicking ass and taking names. Having him be more of a tragic figure while at the same time retaining the attributes of what made the character so good in TNG in the first place goes a long way toward redeeming the Picard we saw in the films. This is of course just my opinion. The show might show different.
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    I really like what I'm seeing with the show. I'm all good with Picard going through this personal journey.

    I just hope in the end he returns to Starfleet and they don't decide dramatically they need him to die in the end. They just don't do death well in Star Trek. I mean overall Generations would be much more repeat watchable if they hadn't decided to kill of Kirk (there was just no reason to do it). I think for star trek hero's in my mind need to live on forever.

    Personal opinion - Generations - have the story setup where Kirk has some vital piece of information. Picard gets the information from him in the Nexus - but Kirk stays in the Nexus (meaning he lives forever in paradise and can return to the real world at any point in time he wants - essentially meaning a happy ending for him and the ability for Kirk to pop up anywhere in history).

    That's a better ending for a Star Trek Hero - death (especially on screen) just doesn't sit well for me.
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    Yep. "Star Trek: Picard, a mature drama from the genius who brought us wrecking-ball testicles in Transformers 2."
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    Star Trek, from the producer of Pretty Maids All in a Row.
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    If you’re going to bring in an award-winning, bestselling, critically acclaimed writer for a TV series, someone who doesn’t need the money or the small amount of fame a TV writer gets, you’re going to let him write what he wants to write. Kurtzman needs Chabon more than Chabon needs Kurtzman.
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    Exactly. For anyone who hasn't read Chabon before (see The Yiddish Policeman's Union) just see Calypso to get a hint of what we're about to be treated to. Opinions will differ but I always tend to prefer mine the most and this IS one of the top tier Trek episodes ever, delivered in a 15 minute package.