Paul Stamets Rehabilitates the "Stoned Ape" Theory

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    I'm no evolutionary biologist, but I thought this might be of interest to Trek fans.
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    Was the cognitive leap forward a result of the mushrooms or the body converting the psilocybin to psilocin? Those who use psilocin can be said to have slipped into the psilo stream. While in the psilo stream time is encountered as being different. But why? Does time travel faster or slower while in the stream? Does psilocin allow the human to experience "dark matter" interactions that would not normally be experienced outside of the stream?

    By experience I mean interact with. A human cannot see in the UV spectrum of light. We know it exists but we cannot see it therefore we can't see any interactions taking place between the human brain and the UV spectrum. The same is true with Dark Matter.

    With Dark Matter being everywhere in the Universe and our bodies evolving to adjust to the effects of Dark Matter, perhaps while in the stream the human brain, not managing itself with modern day environmental standards, could be experiencing Dark Matter interactions that were common in life forms billions of years ago. Such a point of Dark Matter interaction could be said to be the stream that existed two are three billions years after the Big Bang.
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    That's not how evolution works XD
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    Quite the discovery...
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    We got Tilly in, I'm good.