Paradise, what should have happened to Alixus?

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    The argument for that kind of compulsion is survival of the collective. Compulsory military service in the case where an enemy army has a realistic chance of destroying your country. Compulsory service in the case where resources are so tight that if not everybody contributes everybody will starve.

    If they had crashed on that planet naturally they would have been in that situation, but it was an artificial situation manufactured and maintained by Alixus.
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    true, but another argument is alleged "social benefits"

    e.g. some people cite the Draft as having played a role in the downfall of segregation.

    Or complaints about how the army comes too much from the Middle classes the poor cant boast a high school diploma... the rich very rarely WANT to enlist.

    or School "community service requirements"
    give us a sense of "involvement" in our community.

    Even I know that all thats BS.

    Pluss Alixus is neither their PArent nor their government, though she probaly imagined herself to be a bit of both.

    Will give the actress props for her tone when she said

    "What you've achieved, here has redefined your potential, the potential of man"

    Either the Actress is mentally retarded, insane, or VERY good, to manage such conviction in her tone as she spout such BS out of her lips

    Another problem?

    Is it safe to say even the AMISH, and most modern monasterys, will PROBALY briefly suspend their lowtech lifestyle, and take you to a modern hospital if you have a condition they know their Herbs and teas etc wont effect much.
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    Look, you can argue the merits Alixius' philosophy all you want. That isn't really even the issue. If all those people had decided to turn off the tech and be in harmony with nature, I wouldn't have a problem with that. But they weren't. Alixius forced her philosophy on everyone, much to the detriment of the welfare of all. So used it as a means of control and to dominate. That was the crime.
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    Yes, thing is I was explaining the justification she probaly used for the element of Coercion and Fraud.

    That she brought them into touch with their "Real selves"

    Or some such and "None of them would have found that out, if they handt have come there.

    Thing is to HER PERSPECTIVE those people didnt understand what they had to gain until they went there wouldnt CHOOSE to go there, so she coerced them.

    (Note: I dont AGREE with her at all)

    sorry for repeating myself so much just that aspects never been directly addressed.

    She felt she'd gain the most validation of her theories, from taking people who would NOT have freely chosen to live that way, and improving them as a result.

    I personally DO hope she got beaten to death by her Cell mate.