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October 2019 Art Challenge — “In Memoriam …”

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Good Bad Influence
Welcome to the October 2019 Fan Art Forum Challenge voting thread! The challenge this time around was to dedicate a piece of fan art to a departed Trek alumnus.

Please vote for one of the two entries below. Thank you! :)




You're really tugging on the ol' heartstrings with your entry, @Michael. :weep:
Thanks for that, @Starscape! And a big thank you to those who voted for my entry!

Was hoping for a win for my Birthday.. alas.. lol
Aww, now you‘re pulling on my heartstrings. Happy birthday to you, @Soran77! I‘m fresh out of ideas for the next contest, so it would be my pleasure to use something you come up with, as a kind of birthday present to you if you will. Do you have something? :)
Contest Idea
"What The Trek?"
I wanna see the best Trek Mashups with Period Films/TV shows, Examples Game of Thrones/ Braveheart/ Vikings/ Spartacus and the like.. But only themes from the past, no TV or movies set before the 1600's
Can be fiction, or fact.. I'd love to see what y'all got for this one!

Thank you Michael