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    Star Trek; Final Revision
    Robert Scorpio

    Classified level; L-1

    Subject; Mutiny aboard USS Journey 1
    Source; Ship’s log.
    Final position of Starship Journey 1; MIA

    Summary of Report;

    The Starship Journey 1 was launched from Starbase 12 on stardate 43201.5. The mission of the Journey 1 was classified; a generation ship that would explore the Andromeda Galaxy. The ship was built with Borg Transwarp technology, and would take three hundred and fifty years to make it to the Andromeda. The nature of the vessel’s construction precluded any return. It was a one way mission. Their status would be relayed back to Starfleet with experimental communication technology that would still require 40 years for signal reception, when it reached Andormeda. Regular systems would be used until no longer viable.

    After penetrating the galactic barrier, and leaving the Milky-way galaxy, the crew would enter suspended animation for the rest of the journey, until one year out from the Andromeda. There was a crew of three hundred. Humans, Vulcans, with other Federation species made up the crew compliment. And in the spirit of galactic peace, Romulan, Cardassian and Breen scientists also went along as well.

    The ship’s shielding was amplified to hopefully prevent any repeat of the events associate with Captain Kirk’s first short trip beyond the barrier. The entire crew was briefed on the events of that mission, particularly the fates of Lt. Gary Mitchell and Doctor Dehner.

    All systems were normal as the ship traversed the Galactic Barrier. Upon the report of no crew casualties, the ship’s commander, Captain Alex Devoy, gave the order and they entered suspended animation one week after leaving the galaxy. The automated mission computers took over, and the crew went to ‘sleep’.

    Nine months later came the first unexpected communication with Journey 1. The ship’s doctor relayed a message reporting that a crew member had given birth to a male child. This was an unexpected birth since all female crew members were certified as to not being pregnant at the time of launch. The ships doctor was ordered to put the two children in to cryogenic sleep as well in two of the ten extra bed slots. This was done, and the Doctor signed of three days later after all systems were set.

    Six years later Starfleet received the second unexpected communication. The ships Captain reported that due to a ship precaution, he had been awakened. The next part of this report can not be verified, though Starfleet is treating it as fact.

    The captain reported that the ships computer had brought him out of his suspended animation for an emergency reason. The captain was horrified to find out that of the three hundred crew members, fifty-six of them had been murdered, and, more shockingly, their corpses showed clear signs of having been devoured over a period of time. One of the victims was the ships doctor. Upon finding out that there had been an unexpected birth nine months into the mission, the child, now six years of age, was the primary suspect. The suspicion was proven true as the child exhibited strange abilities.

    Over the next twenty days, the crew was locked in mortal combat with the child, and its strange abilities which included advanced telekinetic ability. Eventually a trap was set, and the six year old child was jettisoned into space. The crew took a vote and decided to return to the Milky-way, due to the numbered of dead, and injured crew. Starfleet, with orders from Section-31, denied their return. Due to possible contamination, the ship was ordered to follow through with the mission, and not return. The crew disobeyed the order, and changed course to return.

    Six years later a small fleet was sent to intercept Journey-1. The fleet was comprised of twenty Starfleet starships, and three Romulan Warbirds. Starfleet tactical reports were able to detail the entry point of the Journey-1. All twenty ships of the small armada tracked the Journey-1 as it re-entered the barrier from the outside of the galaxy. With out warning, all contact with the ship was lost, and it was presumed destroyed, with all hands aboard.

    This ends the summary of Journey-1, and its short lived voyage to the Andromeda Galaxy.

    End of report;Adm G F Goodwinn.


    Starfleet Command
    Report revision;1Dl5-4

    Three years have passed since the loss of Journey-1. Since that time there have been four unconfirmed sightings of the ship in the farthest out reaches of Federation space. Three of these reports are considered of low quality, having come from the criminal elements that use these sectors to transport illegal goods. But one report has been flagged as high probable. A ship reported, in an emergency ships log, that they had been boarded by humans from an invisible ship that only appeared as translucent light. An image of this light was transmitted, and moments later all contact was lost.

    The image was analyzed by Starfleet intelligence, and Section-31. Although the Journey-1 is still listed as lost, the image was more than a passing depiction of the Journey-1. Starfleet Intel, and Section-31, do not consider this proof enough to change the status of the Journey-1.

    End of report: ADM HOMOAT’

    Starfleet Command
    Report Revision; 2450-4

    One year later;
    We are home.


    End of report
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    I think this is a real chilly premise and imagining the horrible events aboard Journey-1 gave me goosebumps.

    Unfortunately that's all it is. A premise. You recount the events on Journey-1 quite efficiently but this would have been a whole lot scarier if you'd actually written of Journey-1 instead of just telling us about what happened.

    Of course the word limit would have been your biggest challenge. But again a great, bone-chilling premise.
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    I totally agree..it was a story premise I had for sometime, just never had the time to flesh it out. Who knows,maybe years from now, someone will read it and take it and run with it...make millions...LOL

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    I agree - it makes for a very cool trailer to a series to come!

    One small point, in the report of the unexpected birth, you talk about there being two children, when there is only one. Unless this is a plot point... :techman:

    Oh, and if this is your official entry to the challenge, don't forget to add a link in the challenge thread.