Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

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    I'm always a bit surprised when I see this sort of thing posted in a Star Trek fanfiction forum.

    The level of response the story has received makes me wonder if there aren't more suitable/appropriate venues on the internet for such things?

    You seem to be flogging a dead horse a little posting such stories in a forum set up to host Star Trek fanfic.
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    There are more suitable places, but I like posting most of my stuff at all the places that I post stuff. (Also Moderators have said in the past that Non-Trek fanfics are ok so long as more than half of the fics on the first page are still Trek.)

    As far as flogging a dead horse goes, there are well over 2000 views, an average of 100 per installment. If they didn't like it, they would stop reading. If I wanted comments I would ask.

    And now I'm asking you, aren't you going to critique it?
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    I didn't say that posting such things wasn't allowed, just voicing my opinion that it seems a bit futile posting this sort of original fiction in a forum dedicated to Star Trek fanfic.

    Although just clicking on the thread increases the view count. I wouldn't equate the number of views on a thread with the number of people reading the story itself to be honest. People who enjoy a story will generally leave a comment. I always feel that it must be quite disheartening to be the only person posting in a thread such as this.

    But whatever works for you.

    Nah. Not really interested in non-Trek fics to be honest.
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    It's not original fiction. It's a Daria fanfic. (I don't think it's futile)

    It does.
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    A children's cartoon? Oh well, to each their own.

    Although surely there are Daria fanfic places where such things would be better received and enjoyed by people share that interest.

    Much like a piece of Star Trek fanfic probably wouldn't generate much interest on a Daria fanfic site.

    Good good.
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    Not a child's cartoon. Remember that it was spun off from Beavis and Butt-head, which was definitely not for children.

    MTV also aired it way past most kids' bedtimes...

    Chapter 5: Part 3

    In the library, Quinn was leafing through an old issue of Waif when one of her ‘helpers’ came up to her.

    “Have you found something?” she asked.

    The boy shook his head. “No, Quinn, there is a tornado outside of town...” he began.

    Quinn interrupted him. “A tornado! Not even Sandi would do that! I have to go,” she said, and dashed out of the library.

    Sandi was walking up Main Street when she saw pictures of the tornado on the screens of televisions on sale in a window of one of the stores. What caught her attention were the words; Tornado near Lawndale: Live on the screen beneath the funnel.

    “That’s not good!” she said. She knew that Elias wouldn’t make such a wish, so she began thinking of others who would as she started running down the street.

    Hecuba Residence
    Andrea’s usual afternoon show was interrupted by the news break. ‘Of course, someone would be stupid enough to wish for a natural disaster,’ she thought. She soon left the house and headed down town.

    Top floor of the Lawndale offices of Vitale, Davis, Horowitz, Rhiordan, Schrechter and Schrechter
    Jim Vitale looked at the tornado funnel as it reached the outskirts of the town. ‘Whoever you are, Asshat, you are going to regret this!’ he thought.

    Taylor Mansion
    Brittany rolled off the bed, into the pile of clothes, as she heard the radio.

    “Babe? What’s wrong?” Kevin asked.

    Brittany glared at her boyfriend as she started re-dressing from the top down. “Didn’t you hear the radio!” she squeaked.

    “What about it, Babe?” Kevin asked, pondering, as he sat up.

    “A tornado!” Brittany said as she continued dressing.

    “A tornado?” Kevin asked.

    “You, know,” Brittany said. She paused as she reached for her nightgown, which was rather easier than the cheerleader’s uniform to put on. “’A scary storm that kills’?” she continued.

    “Oh! So what, Babe?” Kevin asked.

    “So what?” she threw his underwear at him. “So what!” She threw some of his football uniform at him. “It is approaching downtown Lawndale!” she said, squeaking higher than usual.“That’s what!” she threw more of the football uniform at him.

    “Oh! But that’s no reason to stop, Babe.”

    “Ooohh!” Brittany grabbed her hair bands and stalked out of the room.


    The Settlement
    Helen answered the phone.

    Helen! Have you heard the news?” Jake asked.

    “Yes, Jake, the tornado,” Helen said.

    Do you know where the girls are?” Jake asked.

    “No,” Helen admitted, not sure what else to say.

    Gaaggghh! I have to look for them!

    “Remember what happened in the hurricane, Jake!”

    I told you, Trent distracted me!

    “Not the way he told it,” Helen said.

    They continued their discussion, thus Helen wasn’t able to stop Jake leaving work to look for Daria and Quinn.

    The other parents continued worrying whilst Jodie, Mack, Joey, Jeffy and Tiffany were planning their next move.

    The tornado continued moving towards the main part of the town, ripping the roofs off parts of several houses, but mostly knocking power cables down, causing a series of power outages.

    Elias chased after Dennis back and forth along the main street.

    Howard Drive
    Daria drove Trent’s car towards Casa Lane. In the car with her were Scarlett in the passenger seat and Tananda, Stacy and Samara in the back seat. Jane and Tom were following in his car.

    Samara had just finished telling the group her role in the events at lunch time.

    “Interesting,” Daria said as she saw Casa Lane as the car went around a slight curve in the road.

    “So, you think that Elias would’ve lost the emerald?” Tananda asked.

    “Absolutely, I know he wouldn’t wish for a tornado,” Samara said.

    Daria parked the Plymouth behind the Tank in the Lane’s driveway. ‘Maybe the band is here,’ she thought.

    Tom parked his rust bucket behind the Plymouth.

    The seven teens exited the cars and went inside. They could hear Mystik Spiral practicing in the basement.

    ‘Interesting music,’ Samara thought.

    Meanwhile at one of the Residence Halls at Lawndale State University, Jeremy Stanton was listening to the radio and heard about the tornado.
    ‘There is something very familiar about this,’ he thought. He put aside his Biology notes and looked in his closet for his journal from when he was in 10th grade.

    When he found it, he brought it over to the work desk and opened it.

    He re-read about the Smithton genie incident that he had been involved in. “It may be possible that a genie has been found in Lawndale, and that events have started the same as back in '93!” !” he said to himself. 'I need to investigate what is happening' he thought. He closed the Biology texts he had been reading, and grabbed his room key, and then went to leave his room to go to the bus stop.

    In Main Street, Dennis and Elias struggled for the emerald as the tornado bore down upon them, tearing signs off buildings.
    The tornado was approaching the fighting duo.

    “This is bad!” Elias grunted as the two of them were buffeted by increasingly stronger winds. Debris was swirling around them.
    They struggled, Elias grabbed the emerald. “I wish that Dennis will be at home, that the tornado will completely disappear and that all the major damage would be repaired!”

    The last word repeated around them as the emerald granted the wish.

    The tornado disappeared, air moved such that the low pressure area in the middle of where the tornado had been was now normal pressure. The supercel vanished also, creating a break in the clouds through which the sun shone on part of the town.
    Damage in Main Street and elsewhere in Lawndale was repaired, power cables were re-erected, restoring power in those areas affected by outages. The parts of roofs that were ripped off were restored.

    Dennis vanished from Main Street at the same time as the tornado, leaving Elias holding the emerald in the middle of the debris strewn street.
    He breathed a sigh of relief before wishing the debris off the road. He then went back into the bookshop, which he was still rather close to.

    Casa Lane
    Jane switched on the television in her rather crowded bedroom (as the TV in the living room still didn’t work). The local station was now showing Main Street with the Headline Lawndale Tornado Crisis Averted.

    “So it’s gone now?” Tananda asked.

    “It seems that way,” Daria said.

    “It may be that whoever wished for the tornado got the emerald taken off them,” Scarlett said.

    Everyone agreed with her.

    “So, what happens now?” Tom asked.

    “We could go back to the Pizza Place,” Daria said.

    “I don’t think there would be much point to that,” Stacy said.

    “Why not?” Samara asked.

    “It would still be deserted, after the tornado,” Stacy said.

    “That’s a good point,” Samara said.

    “As much as I loathe to admit it, we may need to go to the Mall,” Daria said.

    “Where else could we go?” Jane asked, with a sarcastic edge.

    They hadn’t noticed that Mystik Spiral had stopped playing, and thus were surprised when Trent came into the room.

    “Hey, Janie, how did things turn out... whoa, who are all these people?”

    “Hi, Trent,” Daria said.

    “Hi, Trent,” Tom said.

    “I’m Stacy.”

    “Stacy, He’s not your type,” Daria said.

    “She’s Quinn’s friend,” Jane said.

    Trent looked at Stacy “Oh, yes, Daria’s sister’s friend.”

    Scarlett went up to Trent. “Is Jesse Moreno here? The way he plays in Mystik Spiral is cool!”

    “He’s in the kitchen,” Trent said.

    Tananda put her hand to her forehead “Scarlett, we don’t have time for your fan-girling!” she said.

    Scarlett didn’t hear her. She squee-ed and left the room.

    Trent turned back to his sister. “So, how did the genie thing go today?”

    “A lot of stuff happened,” Jane said.

    “You just missed a tornado,” Daria said.

    “Someone wished for a tornado?” Trent asked, confused.

    “But apparently someone else wished it gone,” Daria said.

    “What else happened?” Trent asked.

    The teens remaining in the artist’s room began to fill Trent in on the events at school.

    Downstairs Scarlett saw Jesse with his other band mates, Max Tyler and Nick Campbell eating take away from Cluster Burger.

    “Hi, Jesse, I’m your biggest fan!” Scarlett said as she approached the group.

    “Cool.” Jesse said.

    “But, he is not as criminale as I am,” Max said.

    “You’re not criminale at all,” Nick said.

    “I am so!” Max said.

    “I remember what happened in Fremont, you were chicken when that Sheriff arrested us!” Nick said.

    “When did this happen?” Scarlett asked.

    “Late last year,” Nick said.

    “I’ve only seen you at the Zon,” Scarlett said.

    “What’s with the weird stuff happening in Lawndale this week anyway?” Max said, trying to change the topic.

    Quinn arrived at Lawndale Second-hand Bookstore. Elias saw her enter. “Don’t worry, Quinn, the emerald is safe. I have it back,” he said.

    “Not worry? There was a tornado!” Quinn said.

    “Dennis is at his house now. I doubt that he would come back here,” Elias said.

    “There are still many others in Lawndale who could do such stuff, and Sandi is still on the warpath.”

    “I guess so. I will wish for a pair of walkie talkies so we can keep in touch if something happens, and even if it doesn’t.”

    Quinn was then in thought.”I suppose so,” she said.

    Elias wished for the walkie talkies and gave one of them to Quinn.

    “I suppose this will do,” Quinn said, she wasn’t sure about going back to the library, with what had just happened.

    “Are you ok?” Elias asked.

    “If Sandi comes, tell me, Ok?” Quinn asked.

    “Sure, Quinn,” Elias said.

    “Cool,” Quinn said as she headed out of the bookstore and back towards the library.

    Dennis appeared outside his house, scaring Robyn, his younger sister.

    “Dennis! How did you appear like that!” she asked, with fear in her voice.

    “There’s a genie in Lawndale,” Andrea Hecuba said from the footpath in front of the Monk’s property.

    “Of course you would know,” Dennis said.

    “Give me that emerald. Someone like you doesn’t deserve it!” Andrea said.

    “A-Andrea! I don’t have it. Elias Howarth has it, he wished me here!”

    “Really? Where is he then?”

    “He’s in Main Street, at the Lawndale Second-hand Bookstore,” Dennis said.

    “Right,” Andrea said as she dashed off.

    Dennis then went to the footpath and waited until Andrea was in the distance before following her.

    “Dennis! Wait!” Robyn called as she followed her brother in turn...

    At 4:33, Sandi ran into Elias outside Lawndale Second Hand Books. “Elias. I, like, wound not have wished for a tornado! Give me the emerald back!”

    “It was Dennis Monks!” Elias said. He ran into the store.

    Sandi followed him, only to find that he had wished himself elsewhere. “Damn!”

    Elias appeared in the Borders bookshop in Cranberry Commons, scaring the wits out of his friend Louisa Moore. “You have the emerald?” she finally asked.

    “Yes,” he said.

    “Why are you teleporting around in a suspicious manner?”

    “Sandi was chasing me, and after that tornado, I wasn’t going to take any more risks.”

    “Good point,” Louisa said.

    “Yeah,” Elias said, prior to contacting Quinn about what had just happened.

    The Settlement
    They were still worrying about the tornado, when one of the waiters came over.

    “What do you mean, the tornado’s gone?” Helen asked.

    “That is what they said. The tornado just vanished,” the waiter said.

    Helen thought. “Sounds like someone just wished it away,” she said.

    “I concur,” Andrew said, after reading the message on his phone.

    “Thank goodness,” Elizabeth said.

    “But there would be damage,” Steve said.

    “Possibly minimal,” Zara said.

    Helen looked at the clock on the wall. “4:40! I’m sorry, I have to get back to work!” she said.

    “If it hasn’t been affected by the tornado!” Elizabeth said. Her expression seemed to say ‘Where do you think you’re going?’

    “Oh, believe me, the firm will be running regardless of natural disasters,” she said.

    Elizabeth moved aside and Helen began to leave the restaurant. “I’ll call you later tonight,” Elizabeth said.

    Helen nodded and ran outside, confident that most of the parents would act as discussed...

    “Um, Joey? I think we also should be going, if we are to get to the Morgendorffers by 5:00,” Jeffy said after Helen had ran out.

    “We are?” Tiffany asked, quietly.

    “I think so,” Joey said.

    “We are going to talk to Daria about what we have found,” Jeffy said.

    “But we haven’t found aaany thi-ing,” Tiffany said.

    “We are going to tell Daria about what the parents discussed,” Jeffy said


    “Let’s go,” Joey said.

    “Mommy, I will be at Quinn’s house.”

    “That’s OK, Tiffany. I will be there about 7:30,” Frances said.

    “Cool,” Tiffany said. She gave her Mom a hug and then followed Joey and Jeffy.

    Cedars of Lawndale
    Jennifer returned to Kristen’s room. “It took a while to get him, but he’s coming,” she said.

    “Cool,” Kristen said.

    “By the way, it appeared that someone wished the tornado away,” Cindy said.

    “How do you know?” Jennifer asked with a raised eyebrow.

    “The way they described it. A tornado doesn’t disappear like that,” Cindy said.

    “They also said that the major damage was repaired,” Kristen said.

    “That’s good,” Jennifer said as she sat down next to Cindy.

    Casa Lane
    Trent took in what the teens had told him about their day at Lawndale High. “Hmm, everyone in Lawndale is going to know that strange stuff happened by tomorrow night, if not sooner,” he said.

    “That’s obvious. But I don’t know what we can do about it,” Daria said.

    “Other than keep looking for the emerald,” Jane said.

    “Obviously,” Daria said.

    Stacy looked at her watch. “4:45, we have to meet Tiffany, Joey and Jeffy at your house, Daria,” she said.

    “Not till five, we have a few more minutes,” Daria said.

    “Daria, it’s going to take a more than a few minutes to get a group this large, which now includes Mystik Spiral, to move,” Jane said.

    “Good point,” Daria said. “Right, let’s go now,” she said, getting up off the bed.

    Downstairs, Scarlett was tired of the bickering between Max and Nick. She had also tried to talk to Jesse but he seemed to be focussed on his band mates. She was looking through the Lane’s cupboards trying to find some food when she heard soft whispering near her ear. “Roger!” she leaned further into the cupboard. She turned looked back. The band mates didn’t appear to have heard the mouse talk. “What is it?” she asked.

    “The genie, do you think it is dangerous?” Roger the Mouse asked.

    “No more dangerous than anything that we have already encountered,” Scarlett said.

    “Oh great!” Roger said, clearly remembering what he and Scarlett had experienced over the past year and four months.

    “Don’t panic! I’m sure that the situation will be under control soon,” Scarlett said.

    “Oh, sure!” Roger said.

    “Hey, what are you doing there?” Jesse asked in the background.

    “Nothing,” Scarlett said, whilst Roger ducked back into one of her pockets. She stood back up.

    Sandi ran into the library. She started looking for Quinn.

    Quinn to Elias, over.

    “What’s that about?” Louisa asked.

    “Quinn is helping me in this situation,” Elias said. He picked up the walkie-talkie “Report, Quinn, over.”

    Sandi is here, in the library, over,

    Elias thought for a moment. “Whatever happens, don’t tell her that I’m in Cranberry Commons, over.”

    I won’t tell her, over,” Quinn said.

    “That would be great, Quinn. Thanks,” Elias said. He put the walkie talkie away. ‘I hope that she won’t,’ he thought.

    “So, you want Sandi to be running all over Lawndale all afternoon?” Louisa asked.

    “Maybe,” Elias said.

    ‘That seems like a good plan,’ Louisa thought as she took a sip from her drink.

    “Yeah,” Elias said with a smile.

    Sandi had overheard Quinn talking on the walkie talkie. She came up to her.
    “Gee, Quinn...”

    Quinn dropped the copy of Waif in surprise.

    “ are, like, in contact with that emerald snatcher, Elias, aren’t you?”

    “No comment, Sandi.”

    Sandi glared at Quinn.

    Quinn easily caved under the pressure. “Fine! I am, so what?”

    “Where is he?” Sandi asked, getting to the point.

    “He’s in High Hill’s Park,” Quinn said with a nervous giggle.

    “Right.” Sandi said in disbelief, “Give me that walkie-talkie!” She stepped forwards lunged for said item.

    Quinn backed up. “Sandi! We can’t fight in the library!” She quickly handed the radio device over.

    “Sandi, to Elias, where is your location?”

    I am at the Lawndale Fruit Market,” Elias said.

    Sandi gave the walkie talkie a dubious look, but decided to head in that direction anyway. “Fine!” she said. She turned to Quinn. “I will not, like, forget your part in this!”

    “I know you won’t,” Quinn said, with another nervous giggle. She watched as Sandi stalked away.
    ‘I know the Fashion Club won’t survive this intact,’ she thought. She picked the copy of Waifback up and waited for any of her helpers to come back with genie information.
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    Jul 26, 2001
    Chapter 5: Part 4
    “I don’t know if that lie was good, or not,” Louisa said, after Elias had talked to Sandi.

    “Believe me, I don’t know either,” Elias said as they left Borders.

    “Ok,” Louisa said. They went towards the food court.

    “I don’t know what would happen if I just refused to answer,” Elias said.

    “She wouldn’t know where to go.”


    Scarlett heard the others coming down the stairs. She went to the stairs. “Scarlett, can you help Trent get his bandmates moving so we can go to my place?” Daria asked.


    “We had arranged to meet some others there,” Stacy said.

    “Ok,” Scarlett said. She followed Trent back to the kitchen.

    Dennis arrived at the library after having ran from home. He saw Sandi leave. ‘That’s one place Elias could be, talking to Quinn about what she might have found,’ he thought.

    He soon found Quinn.

    “Why did you wish for that tornado?” Quinn asked when she saw him approaching. She stood up.

    “How did you know?” Dennis asked.

    “Elias told me, duh!” Quinn said.

    “I thought it would be fun!” Dennis said.

    Quinn’s face hardened. “Fun! You thought it would be fun! Leave. Now! Before I do something I would regret later!” she said. She thought a few unsavoury words about Dennis before reigning in her anger.

    “Well, tell Elias that Andrea is after him too,” Dennis shot back before turning to leave the library.

    “Great!” Quinn said, before deciding to look up genies in the encyclopaedia... ‘To hell with it!’ she thought.

    Helen arrived back at her office.
    “Did you hear about that tornado?” Marianne asked.

    “Yes, but it’s gone now, thank goodness.”

    “Yes, but it was a close one. It was a miracle that no one was killed!”

    “I think it was,” Helen said in thought.

    Marianne handed her some paperwork and Helen went back to her desk.

    Andrea entered Main Street from Dega Street. She shook her head at the amount of debris. She could see that people were trying to clean it up. She decided to search the street anyway, to go from shop to shop...

    Mack and Jodie left the Settlement, followed by Andrew. “I need to check something at the office, but I will be back by dinner,” Andrew said.

    “I may do some searching in the meantime,” Jodie said.

    “That’s my girl!”

    “I will help her,” Mack said.

    “A good idea,” Andrew said as he left.

    “Where do you want to go first?” Mack asked.

    “The Lawndale Mall,” Jodie said.


    Joey, Jeffy and Tiffany arrived at the Morgendorffers at the same time as Jane and Tom, Mystik Spiral and Daria, Scarlett, Tananda, Stacy and Samara. Jake was already home, so Max parked the Tank behind his Lexus.

    “We’re here first,” Max said.

    “It doesn’t matter,” Nick said.

    “Actually, Daria’s father was here first,” Trent said.

    “You know what I mean,” Max said.
    Tom parked his car next to the Lexus. Jeffy parked his car behind Tom’s rustmobile and beside the Tank. Daria parked the Plymouth behind the Tank.

    “This is going to be crowded,” Daria said as she turned off the engine.

    “Definitely!” Stacy said.

    “Of course,” Tananda said.

    They convened after Daria and Jane brought the chairs in from the kitchen, as there were too many people for the lounges in the living room.
    Daria sat in the middle of the centre lounge. “To begin; we haven’t found the emerald, there was a tornado, there was a discussion between parents at a restaurant and we now have a larger group of people. Anything I missed?”

    Everyone looked at each other. After a brief period of murmuring, Jane said, “That’s about it, Amiga.”

    “Good,” Daria said.

    “So, Jeffy, what did the parents talk about?” Stacy asked.

    “For the most part, about how to look for the emerald,” Jeffy said.

    “Oh,” Scarlett said.

    “We were also talking about what happened at school.” He continued to tell the others what the parents were talking about prior to the announcement of the tornado...

    Elizabeth Rowe left the Settlement. ‘At least that wasn’t a waste of time,’ she thought as she went towards her car. ‘I hope that the emerald will be found soon.’

    Sandi arrived at the Lawndale Fruit Market at 5:03. She took about half a minute to determine that Elias wasn’t there.
    “You aren’t, like, at the, Fruit Market!”

    I’m at the North Dega Mini-Mart,” Elias said.



    Great! I have to go along part of Dega Street,’ she thought with a shudder. “Fine!” she said with an edge. She pounced and powerwalked out of the Fruit Market.

    Cedars of Lawndale
    Kristen’s brother, Keith, entered the hospital room. Jennifer moved aside to allow him to sit close to his sister.
    “I’m sorry I took so long, the debris from the tornado has played havoc with traffic. How’s my baby sister?”

    Kristen blushed. “Keith! I’m sixteen!” she said out of embarrassment, and with mostly false indignation.

    “I can see why you’re in here,” Keith said.

    “It was a lot slower earlier,” Cindy said.

    “Yeah,” Kristen said.

    “Hey, you’re getting better,” Keith said.

    Kristen smiled.

    “I wonder what else is happening?” Jennifer asked.

    “What do you mean?” Cindy asked.

    “I mean with the emerald. Obviously whoever wished for the tornado no longer has it,” Jennifer said.

    “That’s right,” Cindy said.

    “I may look on the way home,” Jennifer said.

    “Would be a good idea,” Cindy said.

    “Yeah,” Jennifer said.

    “I’ll keep the radio on,” Kristen said.

    Jeffy finished telling the others about what the he and the others at the Settlement had talked about.
    “That’s a lot of information,” Daria said. She glanced at Stacy.

    “You want me to write it all down?” she asked.

    “It would help,” Daria said.

    “Sure,” Stacy said. She got a blank notebook out of her back pack and began to furiously write down what Jeffy had said.

    Scarlett appeared to blank out for a moment. Tananda looked at her in concern. “What is it?” she asked. Scarlett stood up.

    “I’m sorry, Daria, I have to go to Cranberry Commons,” she said.

    “What?” Daria asked.

    “It may have something to do with the emerald, or it may not. I just feel that I need to be there,” Scarlett said.

    There was murmuring.

    “Great!” Jane said.

    “Are you sure?” Tananda asked.

    “Absolutely,” Scarlett said.

    “Are you going to need a lift?” Tom asked.

    “Certainly, but your car is parked in,” Scarlett said.

    “I’m not asking you to stay here, but you didn’t explain everything at the Pizza place or Jane’s,” Daria said.

    “I’ll come back later,” Scarlett said.

    “Good,” Daria said.

    “I can give you a lift,” Trent said.

    “Cool, so that car is yours?” Scarlett said.

    “Yes, Janie and Daria were borrowing it,” Trent said.

    “Let’s go,” Scarlett said.

    As Scarlett and Trent left, Daria decided to ask Tananda about Scarlett.

    Trent reversed out of the Morgendorffer’s driveway. “So, why do you have to go to Cranberry Commons?” he asked.

    Scarlett paused, waiting until Trent had driven off before she answered.

    “I’m waiting,” Trent said after he had driven off.

    “It’s a feeling I have. More like a vision really, a mixture of both,” Scarlett said.

    “Hmm,” Trent said, not sure what to make of Scarlett.

    “It has something to do with the genie and the emerald,” Scarlett said.

    “You said that at Daria’s house,” Trent said.

    “Right,” Scarlett said.

    “Anything more?

    “It could be there.”

    “Why didn’t you tell Daria?”

    “I’m sure she wouldn’t believe me. She seems to be a very rational person.”

    “She is, but Janie is less rational. You could have told her,” Trent said.

    “Maybe,” Scarlett said as she looked out of the window.

    Tananda stayed quiet.

    “You are her friend, you must know something about her,” Daria said.

    “I know Scarlett!” Tananda said vehemently.

    “All I’m asking is; does she have some abilities that are usually considered impossible?” Daria asked.

    “I’m not going to violate her privacy!” Tananda said.

    “She isn’t going to answer,” Jane said.

    “I can see that,” Daria said.

    “So, what else are we going to do?” Samara asked.

    “What I can tell you is what Scarlett and I were up to today,” Tananda said.

    “Go ahead,” Daria said.

    Tananda started telling the others about what she and Scarlett were up to.

    Trent and Scarlett entered the Cranberry Commons parking lot. “Drop me off near one of the entrances,” Scarlett said.

    “Sure,” Trent said.

    “Thanks for driving me.”

    “You’re welcome.”

    “I may like Jesse the most, but you are almost as good. Your singing is better too.”

    “Thanks. I think.”

    They soon came to an entrance. “Thanks for the lift, Trent,” Scarlett said as she got out.

    Trent smiled. Scarlett shut the door and waved before turning to go into the mall.

    As he drove away he thought about the enigmatic gothic girl.

    Back at the Morgendorffers Tananda had finished telling what she wanted to tell. “...and that is it.”

    “Wei-ird...” Tiffany said.

    “That’s putting it lightly,” Joey said.

    “So something else besides the emerald thing is happening?” Jane asked.

    “According to Scarlett, yes,” Tananda said.

    “But what do you think?” Jane asked.

    “I think there is something to it,” Tananda said.

    “Quite a lot to take in,” Daria said.

    “Of course it is,” Tananda said.

    “But a question would be; what can we do about it?” Jane asked.

    “I’m not certain, we need more information,” Daria said.

    Jane nodded. “we’ll wait for Trent to get back,” she said.

    Elias went to a snack bar for afternoon tea. Another of his friends, Nicole Jameson came up to him there.

    “Elias, is it true that you are running around town with Sandi Griffin, Dennis Monk and Andrea Hecuba following you?” she asked.

    “I didn’t know that Andrea was chasing me,” Elias said with surprise.

    “I just ran into Scarlett Hawkins-Le Faye. She told me,” Nicole said.

    “Did she say anything else?” Elias asked.
    “Nothing else,” Nicole said.

    “Ok,” Elias said.

    Quinn to Elias.” Elias had wished her a second walkie-talkie earlier.

    “Quinn Morgendorffer, she’s helping me in this situation,” Elias said.

    Nicole nodded with a slight smile.

    “Report, Quinn, over.”

    Mrs. Griffin is in the library,” Quinn said.

    “Why are you telling me that?” Elias asked in wonder.

    She might ask about Sandi, and you know how I react under pressure!” Quinn said.

    “Oh, just make sure that she doesn’t see you,” Elias said.

    I’m already doing that. I’ll call you later, bye,” Quinn said.

    “Bye,” Elias said.

    “It sounds like she just wanted to talk to you. Used Mrs. Griffin’s presence in the library as an excuse,” Nicole suggested.

    Elias thought for a moment. “That makes sense,” he said.

    Jeremy wandered along Main Street. He was pondering the events and the way they paralleled the occurrences in Smithton back in ’93. ‘But it could be anyone who has the emerald. It isn’t that likely that it would be someone who is like the way I was back then.’
    He knew that something was going to happen the next morning to really send events out of control...

    Trent arrived back at the Morgendorffers.
    “Hey, Janie, Daria, Jesse, Daria’s sister’s friends, I dropped Scarlett at Cranberry Commons,” he said as he re-entered the living room.

    “Ok,” Daria said.

    “We need to plan how to look for the emerald during the night,” Jane said.

    “Why? It’s not like people are going to use it in the night, are they?” Max asked.

    “I would think that they would!” Nick said.

    “Yeah,” Jesse said.
    “I think they would use it during the night,” Jane said.

    “Especially as it’s Friday night,” Daria said.

    Trent sat next to his band mates.

    “I’m not going to look for it during the night. Besides we have a gig tonight,” Max said.

    “We do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look for it before hand,” Trent said.

    Daria sighed as Mystik Spiral began to bicker amongst themselves.

    “This isn’t getting anywhere!” Stacy said.

    “I agree,” Daria said.
  8. USS Fardell

    USS Fardell Captain Captain

    Jul 26, 2001
    Chapter 6: The Eventful Evening Part 1
    Sandi had searched the North Dega Mini-Mart and found that Elias wasn’t there. ‘Of course not,’ she thought as she grabbed the walkie-talkie...

    Elias, you are, like, not at the North Dega Mini-Mart!” Sandi said.

    “I’m back at Lawndale High,” Elias said.



    I’m going there now,” Sandi said.

    “Good trick, leading Sandi in circles,” Nicole said, after a moment. Elias looked uncomfortable. “Maybe a not so good trick,” she murmered.

    “Yeah,” Elias said, thinking.

    “Someone has to do it,” Nicole said.


    Cedars of Lawndale
    Jennifer looked at the time. “5:30. Time I went home,” she said.

    “That’s ok. Thanks for being here,” Kristen said.

    Jennifer smiled. She looked to Cindy.

    “I’ll stay here a while longer,” Cindy said.

    “Are you sure?” Jennifer asked.

    “Yes,” Cindy said.

    “I’ll be back right after breakfast,” Jennifer said.

    “Cool,” Kristen said.

    Jennifer said goodbye to all three others and then left the room.

    Back at Schloss Morgendorffer (as Daria and Jane called the place sometimes), Mystik Spiral, as in Max and Nick, were still bickering.

    “I can go look,” Jeffy said.

    “Good, but Trent may have parked you in,” Daria said.

    “No, I didn’t, I parked it where you had parked it, Daria,” Trent said.

    “Ok then, but where did you have in mind?” Daria asked.

    “The Lawndale Mall, that’s where I would go,” Jeffy said.

    “Sure, who wants to join him?” Daria asked.

    “I will,” Stacy said.

    “So will I,” Joey said.

    “I will too,” Samara said.

    “Cool,” Jeffy said.

    “Tiffany?” Stacy asked.

    “I’ll wait for Mommy,” Tiffany said.

    “Ok,” Stacy said.

    “Let’s go,” Jeffy said.

    The quad quickly left, saying that they would be back later in the night.

    Jane turned on the kitchen radio. “Just what I was thinking,” Daria said.

    “Sure,” Jane said.

    It was 5:34 when Sandi called She had called a taxi. (It was waiting in the traffic circle at the front of the school as she spoke.)
    “Elias. You are not, like, here at Lawndale High! Where are you?” she demanded.

    I’m at Cluster Burger,” he said.

    “You had better be, like, there when I get there!” she threatened.

    Maybe,” Elias said as he signed off.
    A short time after this Nicole asked Elias “Don’t you think that it may be time that you got away from here?”

    “Who would be chasing me here? Sandi thinks I am in a different part of Lawndale and Dennis is also looking elsewhere.” He wasn’t sure who else would be chasing him at that moment.

    “What of Andrea Hecuba?” Nicole asked.

    That brought Elias up short. He had not thought that she would be chasing him.

    “I wouldn’t worry; all she wants the emerald for is for the status quo to be restored,” Elias said.

    “Then I would wish that the remaining damage caused by that tornado would be repaired,” Nicole said.

    ‘Why didn’t I think about that earlier?’ he asked himself. “Good idea. Thanks Nicole.” He grabbed the emerald. “I wish that all damage in Lawndale that was caused by the tornado, that wasn’t repaired earlier, would be repaired.”

    Through the parts of Lawndale hit by the tornado, the minor damage that escaped the earlier repair was repaired.

    Jeremy noticed this. “Tornado damage repaired. It is almost exactly the same, accounting for the differences between Smithton and Lawndale,” he said. He was walking along Dega Street at the time, talking quietly.

    Jeffy, Joey, Samara and Stacy arrived at the Lawndale Mall. “What’s our plan? The emerald wouldn’t just be lying on the ground,” Stacy said as she got out of the car.

    “We’ll look for Sandi, Quinn or Elias,” Samara said.

    “Cool,” Jeffy said.

    “And then what? We find the person who has the emerald. What happens then?” Stacy asked.

    “We keep an eye on them, ensure that they don’t wish for anything that would be detrimental to Lawndale as a whole,” Samara said.

    “Good plan,” Stacy said.

    “I agree,” Jeffy said as he locked the car. They headed into the Mall.

    Sandi called Elias from Cluster Burger. “You are, like, not here!” she said.

    “I’m at McDonalds,” Elias said.

    Ok,” Sandi said. Elias could hear her aggravation over the airwaves.

    Sandi left Cluster Burger. Back at that chain restaurant the manager sent a message to her superior...

    Jeremy arrived back at the municipal bus stop outside the Lawndale Court House. He had decided to go back to the Lawndale State campus.

    Helen arrived home at 5:45, parking her SUV beside Jake’s Lexus. (Tom had moved his rustbucket to the curb.
    ‘I see that Trent’s band is here,’ she thought.

    “...So, tomorrow we are going to scour all of Lawndale?” Trent said as Helen entered.

    “Wasn’t that what I just said?” Daria asked.

    “I see you have been planning, yourself,” Helen said.

    “Yes, Mom,” Daria said.

    “Have you heard from Quinn?”

    “We haven’t,” Daria said.

    “Jeffy, Joey and Stacy are looking at the Lawndale Mall,” Jane said.

    “If she doesn’t call by 8:00, I’m going to look myself,” Helen said.

    “I’m sure she can look after herself. She goes on multiple dates a night, after all,” Daria said.

    “I’m sure she can, but I’m still worried,” Helen said.

    At 5:48, after having run down Ford Street, Sandi arrived at McDonalds. She could see Angie Zammit, one of the Lawndale High cheerleaders, working there. She walked up to her.
    “Hi Sandi,” Angie said.

    “Is, like, Elias Howarth here?”

    “I haven’t seen him. Are you going to take an order?”

    “Ooh! He is so dead!” Sandi raged.

    “He has that emerald, doesn’t he?” Angie asked.

    “Yes!” Sandi said, as she flipped open the walkie-talkie. “Sandi to Elias, you are not in McDonalds!”

    I am in Blockbuster,” Elias said. There was a lot of static in that transmission.

    ‘There could be interference,’ Sandi thought.

    “Sounds like he is near the edge of Lawndale, not right next door,” Angie said, having overheard the conversation.

    ‘Now that I think about it, that’s obvious,’ Sandi thought. “Elias, According to Angie, you are like, much further away.”

    I’m in High Hills Park,” Elias said.

    “Right,” Sandi said, as she closed the walkie-talkie. “I’ll have some small fries, no salt,” she said to Angie.

    “Coming right up!” Angie said.

    When she had got her fries, Sandi left McDonalds in the direction of High Hills Park...

    Louisa came to Elias who had just bought some nuts from Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World. “Andrea is here at Cranberry Commons,” she said.

    “I wouldn’t worry, I don’t think she wants to take the emerald,” Elias said.

    “I’m not so sure,” Louisa said.

    Elias could see that she was concerned. “You could keep an eye on her,” he said.

    That alleviated some of Louisa’s concern. “I will do that,” she said.

    Lawndale Mall
    Samara came out of J.J. Jeeters “Elias isn’t there either,” she said.

    “Right, the next store,” Joey said.

    “Yes,” Stacy said.

    The four walked to the next store. “Teuton’s Toys. For all German-produced toys,” Samara said.

    “Sounds cool,” Joey said.

    ‘Of course it sounds cool!’ Samara thought.

    “Let’s search it!” Stacy said.

    “Absolutely,” Jeffy said. They went into the store.

    It was 6:05 when Sandi arrived in High Hills Park. She went to the middle of the park and used her locate ability to determine whether Elias was in the Park.

    When her perceptions encompassed the entire park without finding Elias within its boundaries, she snapped out of it, knowing it would be useless to try to use it to locate him elsewhere in Lawndale.
    She then took out the walkie-talkie. “Elias, You, like, are not in High Hills Park!”

    I’m at Pizza Forest,” Elias said.

    “Right,” Sandi said, dubiously. She wasn’t sure that he would be there.

    I am there,” Elias said, with a taunting tone.

    Sandi decided to go to Pizza Forest anyway.

    Quinn had gone through one volume of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. There was hardly any reference to genies. ‘Maybe I should have chosen the G volume of the Micropaedia, rather then the A volume of the Macropaedia, she thought She went to get that volume.

    1111 Glen Oaks Lane
    Daria and Jane were up in Daria’s room listening to the radio when Helen entered the room. “Daria, Jane, Dinner is ready,” she said.

    “It’s Dad’s cooking, isn’t it?” Daria asked.

    “Yes,” Helen said with a sigh.

    “We’ll be right down,” Daria said, getting up.

    “What do you think we’ll find?” Jane asked after Helen had gone.

    “Lot of spices,” Daria said.

    Daria entered the Dining Room to find Nick setting the table whilst his bandmates and Tom sat waiting and Tiffany stared out of the window.

    Jake entered the room after them carrying a large pot that looked like it contained some sort of stew and place it on the table.

    “Hey, kiddo, you any idea when those others will be back? There’s enough for them too.”

    “No idea. It could be half an hour to an hour,” Daria said.

    “I think you may have underestimated my brother’s friends’ appetites too, Mr. M,” Jane said.

    “Oh! I guess I will have to cook some more.”

    “You will not!” Helen said.

    “But, Helen!”

    “You can cook more if it runs out,” Helen said.

    “Ok,” Jake said.

    Daria and Jane then sat at the table.

    Louisa found Andrea in a Coffee Lounge in the food court in front of Cashmans.

    Andrea saw her approaching and wondered what she would say.

    “I think Elias is in Cashmans,” Louisa said.

    “I have already looked there,” Andrea said.

    “He may have gone in while you were at the back of the store, and gone around the same direction you did.”

    “In that case I will look in there again.”

    “Cool,” Louisa said, as she headed back towards the food court.

    “Samara, Stacy, Joey and Jeffy exited Teuton’s Toys. “That was cool, but no emerald,” Samara said.

    “Let’s search a few more stores, and then go back to Quinn’s for dinner,” Joey suggested.

    “Let’s do it,” Stacy said.

    “Sure,” Jeffy said.

    Jeremy arrived back at Penton Hall at 6:16. He then went to Dinner.

    Louisa found Elias at a newsagency. “I tricked Andrea into Cashmans,” she said.

    “Thanks, Lousia,” he said, although he wasn’t sure tricking Andrea was really a good idea. ‘She’s scary.’

    “You’re welcome.”

    Cedars of Lawndale
    “Six Twenty,” Cindy said.

    “Huh?” Kristen asked.

    “6:20, Mom will be wondering where I am,” Cindy said. “Add to that the events of this afternoon, and...”

    “That’s ok. You can go home if you want or need to,” Kristen said interrupting.

    “I’ll be back shortly after breakfast,” Cindy said. She gave her best friend a hug.

    “See ya,” Kristen said.

    “Thanks for being here for her,” Keith said.

    Cindy waved with a smile as she left the room.

    At 6:26 Sandi arrived at Pizza Forest. She took very little time in determining that Elias wasn’t there. ‘I bet that he is at Cranberry Commons,’ she thought, sure that asking where he was again would be an exercise in futility.

    She ordered a cheeseless pizza, and endured the evil of the ‘singers’.

    Jeffy, Joey, Stacy and Samara arrived back at the Morgendorffers, Jeffy parking his car beside the Tank and behind Helen’s SUV.

    Samara sniffed the air as she entered the house. “Something smells good,” she said.

    “Oh, no! They started dinner without us!” Stacy said.

    “I’m sure that they would have saved some, Stacy,” Samara said.

    “I hope so!” Stacy said.

    They entered the dining room, to find Mystik Spiral still eating, Tiffany looking blankly at a plate still half full of food, Jane and Tom looking out the window, and Daria writing in a notepad.

    “Where are your parents?” Stacy asked Daria.

    “Upstairs. Mom got a call from her boss, and Dad is fretting about seeing squirrels in the backyard. There is food left in the pot for all of you.”

    “Ok, but Squirrels?” Stacy asked.

    “He’s convinced that they are large rats out to get humanity,” Daria said.

    “That’s weird,” Samara said as she took some soup out of the pot.

    “You don’t know the half of it,” Daria said as Joey and Jeffy also got some food.

    “Ok,” Stacy said nervously as she also went to get food.

    As Cindy entered her house, her mother ran and hugged her. “I was so worried, where were you?” she admonished.

    “At the hospital; something happened to Kristen as part of the strange events.”

    Ms. Robinson-Brolsma drew back from her daughter and looked at her in concern. “What happened? Is she ok?”

    “Some weird energy struck her at school and affected her voice. It is slowly getting better,” Cindy said.

    “Oh dear!”

    “That’s not all, I actually had that emerald at lunchtime,” Cindy said.

    “I heard about it, but I wasn’t sure if it was the truth.”

    “It’s real alight. I had it, but I lost it when I accidently collided with other kids.”

    “Can’t help that now.”

    They hugged each other and then her mother reheated her dinner in the microwave.

    At the library, one of the middle school kids came up to Quinn. “I think I have found something,” he said, as he held out a book.

    “What is it?” Quinn asked, as she took the book.

    “It’s a book of legends. My teacher says that all legends have a kernel of truth to them,” he said.

    Quinn thought. She remembered Mr. DeMartino and possibly at least one of her teachers back in Highland saying something similar. She looked at the cover.

    Selected Arabian Legends.

    “Look at the legend on Agrabah. It’s a city in eastern Jordan.”

    “But that area is mostly desert,” Quinn said, remembering something from geography classes.

    The boy opened the book and pointed to the map of Jordan showing the location of Agrabah.

    “Oh! Thanks, Ken,” Quinn said. She then turned to the legend in question.

    She quickly found the information that had piqued Ken’s interest.

    Agrabah is the source of many tales about Aladdin, the suiter of the last Sultan of Agrabah’s daughter, and an adventurer who defended the city against many threats. Many of the tales involve a genie whom Aladdin has befriended.

    The most prominent tale, adapted into an animated film by the Disney Corporation, is the tale of how Aladdin defeated the Sultan’s evil Vizier, Jafar...

    There are many versions of this tale, but they all agree that there was a genie involved.

    ‘That is interesting,’ Quinn thought. She had seen that film but didn’t think it relevant to the situation at hand. ‘But only a few of the aspects of the film would be based on the real event...’ She continued to read the entry on Agrabah.

    In Cranberry Commons, Scarlett was wandering through the shops, wondering what would happen next. “I know something is happening soon,” she said as she entered a mostly empty shop.

    “What do you mean?” Roger asked quietly. He was sure that no one would hear him talk, or see him.

    “I sense something. And you do remember that time journey...”

    Roger nodded before Scarlett could elaborate further. That had been rather harrowing adventure. ‘And this is the 1999 trouble?’ he thought.

    In the Morgendorffer’s backyard the Squirrels at the Glen Oaks post were discussing their options regarding the Emperor’s edict.

    “We have to be careful,” one of the squirrels said.

    “That’s a given,” Captain Jaywi said.

    “Then we need to plan how we would snatch the emerald from whichever human it happens to be...”

    “Correct,” Captain Jaywi said, wondering when they would get to the point.


    The squirrels continued planning.

    Quinn finished reading the Agrabah legends. ‘It’s interesting, but it’s still just a legend,’ she thought with a sigh. However she decided to try to look up Agrabah in one of the encyclopaedias. ‘There has to be something.’

    She grabbed the closest A volume.

    Jennifer finished dinner and switched on the radio. ‘There should be further information by now,’ she thought.

    At 6:55 Andrea found Elias. “Give me the emerald, Elias. You should not have told Dennis about it,” she said.

    ‘She’s blaming me for that?’ Elias thought. “I couldn’t have known that he would react in that way,” he said.

    “It was still irresponsible! Give me it!”

    “No, Andrea,” Elias said, wondering why she was acting this way.

    “Then I have to take it by force,” she said. Andrea proceeded to do just that.

    “Stop!” Elias cried out. After a brief struggle Andrea had taken a hold of the emerald. She then ran off...

    “Hey Andrea, give it back!” he said.

    Andrea just continued running off...

    Elias ran after her and grabbed the walkie-talkie... He had to warn the others. “Elias to Quinn, Andrea Hecuba has the emerald! Are you able to get to Cranberry Commons?”

    Oh no! I will be there as soon as I can, Quinn out,

    Elias could hear that she was distressed by what he had told her. He hoped that she would be able to get to Cranberry Commons quickly.
  9. USS Fardell

    USS Fardell Captain Captain

    Jul 26, 2001
    Chapter 6: Part 2

    Elias to Quinn, Andrea Hecuba has the emerald! Are you able to get to Cranberry Commons?

    “Oh no!” Quinn exclaimed “I will be there as soon as I can, Quinn out!”

    She looked around and quickly saw one of her former date partners. She went over to him. ““Corey, could you give me a lift over to Cranberry Commons?” she asked.

    “Sure,” Corey Bateman said.

    “Let’s go,” Quinn said.

    Corey led the way out of the library.

    “Elias to Louisa, Scarlett and Nicola; Andrea Hecuba has the emerald and is here in Cranberry Commons.”

    Ok,” Scarlett said.

    I’ll be right there,’ Louisa said.

    I’m looking for her,” Nicola said.

    Schloss Morgendorffer
    Dinner was finished.
    “What now?” Stacy asked.

    “What do you mean?” Daria asked as she placed some of the plates into the dishwasher.

    “Are we going to look for the others and the emerald again?” Stacy asked.

    “I was thinking we could look in Main Street and the streets adjacent,” Daria said.

    “Let’s go,” Stacy said.

    “Worried?” Jane asked.

    “Of course!” Stacy said.

    “Jane, Tom, and I are willing to go,” Daria said.

    “I’ll join you,” Stacy said.

    “You can,” Jane said. She went back into the Dining room where Mystik Spiral were telling stories to Samara, Tananda, Joey and Jeffy.

    “And so the guy said that he was there when Jimi Hendrix decided to go to Altamonte...” Max said.

    Jane interrupted. “Hey, Trent, Can we take your car again?” she asked.

    “Sure, Janie,” Trent said.

    Jane came back out. “We can take his car.”

    “We could have taken my car,” Tom said.

    Jane shrugged.

    “Let’s go,” Daria said.

    “Sure,” Stacy said.

    About five minutes after Elias had lost the emerald, Louisa found Andrea near one of the newsagencies. “Why did you take the emerald from Elias?” she asked.

    “He was irresponsible with it,” Andrea said. She was then suddenly panicked slightly as she found that she had lost the emerald. “I’ve lost it!”

    ‘She may be lying,” Louisa thought.

    “I wouldn’t lie about this!” Andrea said when she saw the expression on Louisa’s face, which then changed slightly as Louisa pondered what Andrea had said.

    Elias then came along.
    Andrea looked him in the eye. “I’ve lost it. You also know that I don’t want Lawndale to get any worse!”

    “Right,” Elias said. Scarlett came along whilst he was considering what Andrea had said. “Do you know where it is, Scarlett?” he asked.

    Scarlett concentrated. She sensed the emerald some distance away. ‘It may be outside.’ “I’m uncertain, but I think it might be outside, in the parking lot,” Scarlett said.

    “I didn’t take it there!” Andrea said.

    “Great! It’s probably in the wrong hands,” Elias said.

    Then, all of a sudden, there was Zero Gravity in Cranberry Commons...

    “Not again!” Lousia said as she started drifting upwards.

    “You can say that again!” Elias said. The lack of gravity was rather distracting.

    “This just got a lot more difficult!” Louisa complained.

    Jane parked the Plymouth in Main Street, outside a store called Dan’s Stationers.

    “Right, Tom and I will search to the east,” Jane said.

    “We’ll take the west,” Daria said.

    “Sure,” Stacy said.

    They got out and started searching.

    Corey pulled up outside Cranberry Commons at 7:10.
    “Thanks for the lift, Corey,” Quinn said.

    “Anytime, Quinn,” Corey said.

    Quinn got out of the car and dashed away. After watching her for a few moments Corey drove off.

    I’m here, at Cranberry Commons, Elias,” Quinn said.

    “You can search the Cashmans, if you can manage to get there,” Elias said.


    “There is zero gravity in here,” Elias said.

    Thanks for the warning,” Quinn said.

    “It will be more difficult than at school. The corridors are bigger,” Elias said.

    I know that,” Quinn said.

    Sandi approached Cranberry Commons from a different exit and saw the zero gravity in effect. ‘Not again!’ she thought. She looked again, and saw Judith Lake, a geeky fellow sophomore, near the entrance. It appeared that she had the emerald! Sandi decided to run into the gravity-less zone. She had learnt from the experiences at lunchtime.

    Sandi backed off and then dashed she jumped as she reached the threshold...

    Judith Lake saw Sandi Griffin coming as she jumped into the mall. ‘She’s put herself on a collision course!’ She decided that Sandi had learned from Andrea’s encounter with Torii before school. She then wished that the gravity would resume. She landed on her feet and dashed off deeper into the mall.

    “Woa-oah!” Sandi fell as the gravity resumed. She managed to land on her feet, and then glanced to see Judith running off. “Give me that emerald, Judith Lake!” she called after her.

    Judith saw Elias in the distance and threw the emerald to her.

    Elias caught the emerald He saw Sandi and Andrea approaching. “I wish that Sandi Griffin and Andrea Hecuba will go to the Bowling Ally!”

    “No!” Sandi called out as she and Andrea disappeared to the wish granting sound.

    “Elias, you are dealing with unexplained phenomena!” Judith said.

    Elias thought for a moment. “Maybe you could explain it,” he said.


    “If you had some sort of laboratory, you could explain it?” Elias asked, knowing that Judith was good in Science.

    “Sure, but I don’t have a laboratory,” Judith objected.

    “I could wish that you have one. Like that one on that show on Cartoon Network, Dexter’s Laboratory.”

    Judith smiled. “That would be cool!” she said. “But there isn’t really room in my house for it,” she said.

    “Let the genie, or the emerald, take care of that,” Elias said.

    “Sure,” Judith said.

    “I wish that Judith Lake would have an advanced laboratory in her house, somewhere,” Elias said.

    “Cool,” Judith said. Then Quinn, Nicola and Lousia came onto the scene.

    “Situation is under control,” Elias said.

    “You have the emerald?” Quinn asked.

    Elias nodded.

    “I’ll catch a bus back to the library.” Quinn said.

    “So you found some information?” Elias asked.

    “Some, but I would like to look into it further,” Quinn said.

    “Ok,” Elias said.

    “Cool, bye!” Quinn said as she left.

    Elias waited until Quinn was out of sight before asking Nicola if they could have dinner somewhere.

    “Sure,” Nicola said.

    At 7:30, Tiffany’s mother arrived at the Morgendorffer’s residence, having parked her car at the curb, in front of Tom’s rustbucket. She rang the doorbell and Helen answered the door. “Frances, Tiffany has been waiting for a while.”

    “She has? But what about Stacy?” Frances asked.

    “Stacy has been out looking for the emerald. First with Joey and Jeffy and now with Daria,” Helen said.

    Frances took this information in. “I think I’ll wait for them to get back,” she said.

    “You’re welcome to,” Helen said.

    “Good,” Frances said as she entered.

    Tiffany was talking with Joey, Jeffy and Tananda in the kitchen when her mom entered. “Hi, Mommy,” she said.

    “Any luck with the emerald?” she asked.

    “None,” Tiffany said.

    “We have come up with nothing, Mrs. Blum-Deckler,” Jeffy said.

    “Oh. Well, keep trying,” Frances said.

    “We intend to,” Joey said.

    “Good,” Frances said.

    “I’m ready, Mommy,” Tiffany said.

    “We’re going to wait for Stacy and Daria to get back,” Frances said.


    As she headed back to the Library on the bus, Quinn overheard others discussing the situation that Lawndale seemed to be getting into.
    “It can’t be good at all,” one person said.

    “It’s getting worse, or so the rumors say,” another said.

    ‘It certainly isn’t,’ she thought.

    Daria and Stacy crossed Dega Street. “Um, is this a good idea?” Stacy asked. She sounded very nervous.

    “Why do you ask that?” Daria asked. ‘Sure , it’s Dega Street, but it’s not that bad,’ she thought.

    “The area to the south-west of Dega Street isn’t exactly safe,” Stacy said.

    “I have been through this area before at this time of the week without trouble,” Daria said. ‘Many times,’ she thought.

    “No offense, Daria, but I don’t think you’re their ‘type,’ wheras I am!” Stacy said melodramatically.

    ‘She has a point there,’ Daria thought. “If we stay next to each other, we can watch out for each other,” she said.

    “Good point!” Stacy said. She stepped closer to Daria.

    “But not too close,” Daria said.



    “Thank you!”

    Daria sighed.

    Corey arrived home. “Where have you been?” his mother asked.

    “At the library and Cranberry Commons,” he said.

    “Well, some strange things are happening. Stay home tonight.”

    “I know, I was at school when they happened.”

    “Still, stay home.”

    Corey sighed as he headed towards the stairs. ‘She’s definitely being overprotective,’ he thought.

    Quinn arrived back at the library at 7:40. She found that most of her previous helpers had left. But that was ok. She decided she could find more information about genies, and Agrabah, by herself.

    Corey entered his room, switched on his TV and started strumming his guitar...

    Daria, Stacy, Tom and Jane met back at the Plymouth at 7:50. “Nothing?” Jane asked.

    “We haven’t found any leads,” Daria said.

    “Apart from some rumours about strange events at Cranberry Commons,” Stacy said. ‘Quite convincing,’ she thought.

    “Rumours?” Tom asked.

    “Hardly conclusive,” Daria said.

    “No, but they sounded similar to what happened at school at lunch,” Stacy said.

    “True, but it’s not much to go on,” Daria said.

    “Sounds like there is something,” Jane said.

    “We’ll talk about it later,” Daria said.

    “Sure,” Jane said.

    “You have any leads?” Stacy asked Jane,

    “Absolutely none, let’s get back to your house, Daria and discuss tonight’s forays into detective work,” Jane said.

    “Certainly,” Daria said as she got into the car.

    After his dinner with Nicole, Elias went to the Youth Group he usually attended, at the Lawndale Baptist Church. However he soon found that the Youth Group wasn’t held at the Church, as it usually was, but at someone’s place...

    Elias appeared at the end of Emerald Street and walked to the O’Reilly’s house.

    “Hi, Elias,” Christine Johnson said.

    “Hi, Christine,” he said.
    His friend Shannon O’Quillan approached the house. “Has been a wild day, hasn’t it?” she asked.

    “What do you mean?” Elias asked.

    “A lot of weird happenings in Lawndale today,” she said.

    “That’s true,” Elias said.

    “There are lots of rumours too, and there usually isn’t a tornado here,” Shannon said.

    “True,” Elias said, in thought.

    “So what about those rumours of zero gravity during lunchtime at Lawndale High?”

    “No comment.”


    At 8:00 Quinn called home.

    Helen answered the home. “Hello,” she said.

    Hi, Mom,” Quinn said.

    “Quinn! Where have you been? I’ve been so worried!”

    In the library, acting like Daria.”

    ‘That doesn’t sound like her. I mean it does but like if she was assured of her intelligence like Daria is,’ Helen thought. “Quinn?”

    And at Cranberry Commons, the emerald was there most of the afternoon after that tornado went away.”


    I’ll be home soon and I’ll fill you in,” Quinn said.

    “Where are you now?”

    The library, I think that I’ve found out that the Aladdin movie has a basis in fact.”

    ‘The Disney movie? A basis in fact? What is she thinking?’ “I’ll be right there.”


    ‘I guess she’s still herself. Jeffy and Joey are here.’ “Oh, right. Anyway, Joey and Jeffy are here. I’m sure that they would be happy to pick you up.”

    They were helping Daria, weren’t they?” Quinn asked.

    “Somewhat,” Helen said.

    Tell them I’ll be waiting out the front.

    “I will, see you, Quinn.”


    Jeffy and Joey exited the Morgendorffer’s house as Daria, Jane, Stacy and Tom pulled up. “Where are you going?” Daria asked.

    “We’re picking Quinn up from the library,” Joey said

    “She called your Mom from there,” Jeffy said.

    “What was she doing there?” Jane asked.

    “Not sure,” Jeffy said as he went to his car.

    “Maybe being like Daria, according to her Mom, whilst she was talking to her,” Joey said sounding confused.

    “OK,” Daria said, wondering what Joey meant.

    “What do you think Joey meant?” Daria asked Jane as they headed towards the kitchen.

    “No idea,” Jane said.

    Stacy entered the kitchen and saw Tiffany’s mother with her. “Hi, Mrs. Blum-Deckler.”

    “Hi, Stacy, did you and the others find anything?” Frances asked.

    “We didn’t,” Stacy said.

    “Maybe Quinn has some information,” Daria said as she followed Stacy.

    “I’m sure she does,” Helen said.

    “She better tell us,” Daria said.

    “I’m sure she will, you know how talkative she is,” Helen said.

    ‘Oh, do I!’ Daria thought.

    Back at the O’Reilly’s Elias had decided to ‘spill the beans’ to Shannon. “What? A genie, you cannot be serious,” Shannon said.

    “I am,” Elias said.

    “Prove it!” Shannon said.

    “I guess I have to,” Elias said as he produced the emerald and rubbed it...

    At the Griffin Residence, Jean and Sam were playing chess. “Check,” Jean said as she took one of Sam’s bishops with a rook and thereby placed his king in danger.

    “That’s annoying,” Sam said. He moved the king into an adjacent vacant space. Jean then stood up. “Someone’s rubbing the emerald, I have to go,” she said.

    “Wait!” Sam said. He lunged forwards and grabbed the genie’s arm. They both vanished from the Griffin’s game room...

    Elias was surprised when he saw Sam arrive with Jean. “There appear to be two genies,” Shannon said.

    “I know that Jean, the female, is the genie. The other is Sam Griffin, a middle schooler,” Elias said.

    “I’m definitely a human boy,” Sam murmured.

    Judith Lake to Elias Howarth.”

    Christine came over in slight shock. “How did they appear out of thin air?”

    “You didn’t notice them before?” Shannon asked.

    “No! They appeared out of thin air!”

    “No they didn’t,” Elias said.

    Elias, are you there?

    “Well, something happened!” Christine said.

    Elias knew that he would have to tell Christine the truth. “Elias, are you there?” Judith asked again.

    “Judith? What’s up?”

    According to these sensors, there was a neutrino surge a minute ago,” Judith said.

    “Thanks for letting me know, Elias out.”

    “Are you going to tell me?” Christine asked.

    “You know, those rumours about a genie? They’re right!”

    “No! They can’t be right!” Christine said.

    “And yet they are,” Elias said.

    “Prove it!”

    “I just did, hence these two appearing,” Elias said.

    “You saw it,” Shannon said.

    “Prove it!”

    “Ok, I wish we were in the emerald,” Elias said, not sure that it would work.

    “Are you sure?” Jean asked.

    “Grant it,” Elias said.

    “Ok.... Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Jean said. She granted the wish and she, Elias, Christine and Shannon all vanished. The emerald fell to the ground. Sam picked it up.

    “I guess I have it again,” he said.
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    Jul 21, 2010
    Is anybody actually reading this then?

    Just out of interest?
  11. USS Fardell

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    Jul 26, 2001
    Chapter 6: Part 3

    The four appeared in a large cave, filled with various furnishings and containers of food.
    “Cool,” Elias said.

    “More like hell,” Christine said.

    “It’s somewhere,” Shannon said.

    “We’re where we were, just in the emerald. It seems to be like a TARDIS. Bigger on the inside than the outside,” Elias said.

    “That’s right,” Jean said, remembering the few episodes of Doctor Who she had seen in the sixties.

    “That’s right,” Jean said.

    “Probably,” Christine said.

    “Elias to Judith.”

    No response.

    “Elias Howarth to Judith Lake, come in.”

    “Return us to the O’Reilly’s place!” Christine demanded.

    “We are at the O’Reilly’s place,” Jean said, hoping that Christine would listen to reason.

    “No we’re not!”

    Meanwhile, Joey and Jeffy arrived outside the library. Quinn immediately came up to their car. “Finally,” she said. “Let’s go back to my place,” she said.

    “Sure, Quinn,” Jeffy said.

    “Sure, Quinn,” Joey said.

    “I’m driving!” Jeffy said.

    “Guys! No fighting while driving! Now, tell me what has been happening. One at a time,” Quinn said as she got in the back.

    “Um, sure,” Jeffy said as he got back into the driver’s seat.

    After a few minutes at the Youth Group, Sam decided to wish himself home. He then did that and reappeared in the game room where he and Jean had been playing chess.

    “Now we are at 512 Grandstaff Drive,” Jean said.

    “Make up your mind!” Christine said.

    “Sam wished himself home,” Jean said.

    “Elias to Louisa, Elias Howarth to Louisa Moore, come in please!”

    Sam rubbed the emerald. Jean came out. “Want to continue our game?” she asked.

    “Sure,” Sam said.

    “Elias to Nicole. Elias Howarth to Nicole Jameson. Elias to Sandi, Elias Howarth to Sandi Griffin. Elias to Quinn, Elias Howarth to Scarlett Hawkins-Le Faye! If anyone can hear please respond.”
    He then thought about the possibility that the signal couldn’t get out of the emerald.

    “We are quite obviously out of range, Elias!” Christine said.

    “No, we aren’t, there’s interference,” Elias said.

    ‘Elias is deluded,’ Christine thought.

    “Checkmate,” Jean said, taking Sam’s remaining pawn with her Queen and blocking the King into a corner.

    “It was a good game,” Sam said.

    “Aren’t you going to wish those others out?” Jean asked.

    “What do you mean?” Sam asked.

    “You know; Elias and his two youth group friends,” Jean said.

    “Oh,” Sam said. ‘I thought she would do it herself,’ he thought. He then wished the trio out of the emerald.

    “Thanks, Sam,” Elias said.

    “This is not the O’Reilly’s!” Christine exclaimed.

    “No, it’s the Griffin’s,” Jean said.

    “Send me to the O’Reilly’s!” Christine pouted.

    “Not with that attitude,” Elias said.

    “I agree,” Jean said.

    “Oh! You’re impossible!” Christine said.

    “No, I’m not,” Elias said.

    Christine made a noise of annoyance and stormed out. She stormed out of the game room in a huff...

    “So, a game of chess?” Sam asked Elias.

    “Sure, why not?” Elias said, he and Shannon didn’t really need to be back at the O’Reilly’s for a while.

    “Are you sure?” Shannon asked.

    “Yes,” Elias said.

    Quinn, Jeffy and Joey arrived back at the Morgendorffers. Daria, Jane and Stacy met Quinn at the door. “What has happened since you left school, Quinn?” Stacy asked.

    “Fill us in,” Jane said.

    “What they said,” Daria said.

    “I’ll tell you in the kitchen,” Quinn said. Daria and Jane stepped aside and Stacy hugged Quinn. “Um, Stacy? Give me some space here!”

    “Sorry!” Stacy said. She let go and backed up.

    “So, why didn’t you call, Quinn?” Helen asked, when Quinn entered the kitchen.

    “Sorry, I was focusing on the information that I was looking up. I can see why Daria is so into her books,” Quinn said.

    “It runs in the family,” Helen said.

    “It does!” Quinn exclaimed.

    “Yes, I practically poured over all information I could find about the Legal System when I was a teenager. I knew I was going to be a lawyer from ninth grade,” Helen said.

    “I’m still not sure,” Quinn said.

    “Not everyone is, Quinn. Anyway, Amy was practically obsessive about her interests. Even Rita, in her own way, until she discovered boys...” Helen said.

    “I see, so the way I focus on Fashion...”

    “That’s similar to my interest in the Law,” Helen said.

    “OK,” Quinn said.

    “So fill us in on what happened since Tiffany got here this morning,” Helen said.

    “Since this morning?” Quinn asked.

    “Yes, we would like to hear your perspective,” Jane said.

    “And then learn what had happened between you leaving school and when you called,” Daria said.

    “OK...” Quinn said. She then began to speak about her experiences in her usual babbling way.

    “Checkmate,” Elias said bringing his game with Sam to a close.

    “I guess I’m still rusty,” Sam said.

    “Practice makes perfect,” Elias said.

    “True, but Chris isn’t interested. He’s more interested in computer games,” Sam said.

    “What about at school?” Elias asked.

    “I’m in the Chess club, but I haven’t been in there long,” Sam said.

    “Then that will give you the practice,” Elias said.

    Sam thought for a moment. “OK,” he said.

    Elias turned to Shannon, who was in the game room, reading a book. “Ready to go back to the O’Reilly’s ?” he asked.

    “Absolutely,” Shannon said.

    “Let’s go,” Elias said.

    “What of Christine?” Shannon asked.

    “She’s already long gone,” Elias said.

    “Ok, bye, Sam,” Shannon said.

    “Bye,” Sam said.

    Elias grabbed the emerald and wished them back to the O’Reilly’s...

    Elias and Shannon reappeared in a deserted area of the O’Reilly’s house. Deserted that is, except for one person. “So, Elias Howarth, you have the emerald,” Daniel Herron said.

    “What is it to you?” Elias asked, recognising his fellow Lawndale High student.

    “You don’t know what you’re dealing with!” Daniel said.

    “And you do?” Elias asked.

    “Not really, but better than you?”

    “What do you mean?” Shannon asked.

    “I don’t need to answer you,” Daniel said, he then rushed Elias and grabbed the emerald. After a brief struggled he pulled, causing the necklace to break. “Don’t think of following me!” He dashed out a nearby door.

    “I’ll take the risk,” Elias said.

    “I will too,” Shannon said as she started moving.

    Daniel looked back and saw Elias and Shannon exit the house after him. He turned and said “Don’t say I didn’t warn you! I wish for a moderate Earthquake in Lawndale! Epicentere, right here!”

    “No!” Elias said. ‘First a tornado and now this? How many people are going to be wishing for natural disasters?”

    “Too late,” Daniel said as the wish granting sound was heard and the wish ripples went down into the ground... He took the opportunity to continue running.

    Christine had just reached the end of Grandstaff Drive when the quake struck. ‘This isn’t good!’ she thought. She turned around and headed back in the direction of the Griffin residence.

    At Penton Hall, Jeremy was knocked to the floor by the Earthquake. ‘Oh no! Exactly as in Smithton! The emerald has been stolen at a Church Youth Group!’ he thought. He didn’t know where to look, as he knew the Youth Group wouldn’t be at the Church in question.

    The quake came to an end after about ten seconds. He decided to head downstairs to the Block 2 balcony to see if anyone else would be discussing the quake and the other events that had happened in Lawndale that day.

    Jeremy arrived at the balcony. “I tell you, something weird is happening, and we need to know what it is,” Lindy Weaver said.

    “I don’t doubt it, but it could just be a coincidence,” Josiah Kelly said.

    “What are you discussing?” Jeremy asked.

    “The strange events that have been happening in Lawndale today,” Lindy said.

    “I have noticed them too. I also see a connection to a series of events in Smithton back in 1993!” Jeremy said.

    “That’s just a series of Ohio-centric urban legends,” Josiah said dismissively.

    “They aren’t just urban legends, Josiah. I was there! They happened.”

    “What are these urban legends?” Lindy asked.

    “That there was a genie, and a group of teenagers fought against the forces of evil to destroy it, in Smithton, Ohio, back in 1993!” Josiah said.

    “Exactly,” Jeremy said.

    “This is ridiculous,” Josiah said.

    “I don’t know, Josiah, he sounds like he’s telling the truth,” Lindy said.

    “OK, Josiah, Lindy, have I ever told ‘tall tales,’ like this, before?”Jeremy asked.

    Lindy and Josiah both thought.

    “You haven’t, really, but how do you know the truth about those events?” Josiah asked.

    “Because I was one of those teenagers caught up in the events,” Jeremy said.

    “That’s interesting,” Lindy said.

    “So what do we do about what’s happening?” Josiah asked.

    “We’ll wait until tomorrow. Early in the morning, a mountain of food is going to appear somewhere in Lawndale. Then we’re going to look for the emerald close to that pile of food,” Jeremy said.

    “So, it’s an emerald, rather than a lamp?” Lindy asked.

    “Yes, a rather small jewel emerald, with a clasp with which it can be clipped onto a necklace or bracelet,” Jeremy said.

    “So, why not now? Wasn’t there an earthquake in Smithton back in ’93?” Josiah asked.

    “There was a quake in Smithton in 93, and there was a pile of food appearing early the next day. The pile of food will be our opportunity to nip the whole sequence of events in the bud,” Jeremy said.

    “Ok,” Josiah said. They agreed to go into Lawndale as soon as the pile of food appeared...

    Schloss Morgendorffer
    Quinn stopped her description of the events at lunch as the Quake struck.

    “Earthquake!” Helen said.

    “Earthquake! But Lawndale is nowhere near a faultline!” Jake said, as everyone attempted to scramble to the nearest doorframes.

    Mystik Spiral took up the kitchen-dining room door frame. “Hmm, I wonder if this will cancel our gig,” Trent said.

    Quinn, Stacy, Tiffany, Joey and Jeffy took up the sliding door from the kitchen into the yard. “I hope there’s not too much damage!” Stacy said.

    Helen, Jake, Daria, Jane and Frances dove beneath the kitchen table. “Most likely,” Jane said, in response to Trent.

    Tom and Tananda went to the door between the kitchen and the laundry room. The quake soon finished.

    “That was unexpected,” Daria said.

    “And yet if someone can wish a tornado, someone else would wish for an earthquake,” Jane said.

    “Somehow, I think you’re right,” Daria said.

    “We better inspect the damage. We’ll get to the rest of Quinn’s report once that’s done,” Helen said.

    “Let’s get started,” Daria said as she got up.

    “Sure,” Jane said.

    Cedars of Lawndale
    “Yikes!” Keith said when the Quake struck.

    “Quake!” Kristen said at her normal speed. She rolled off the bed and jumped beneath, followed by Keith.

    After the quake finished, they clambered out. “This is serious!” Kristen said.

    “I agree,” Keith said.

    Burns Residence
    Jennifer was online, looking at various news sites when the quake struck. “Eep!” She dived beneath the computer desk. ‘This isn’t good,’ she thought.

    Once the quake subsided she clambered out. ‘What now?’ she thought.

    Brolsma Residence
    Cindy was playing Baldur’s Gate when the quake struck. She immediately stopped playing and dashed to her bedroom doorway. ‘This isn’t good,’ she thought.
    When the quake was over she went downstairs to see if the rest of her family was ok.

    Bateman Residence
    When the quake struck, Corey was going down the stairs. He slipped and landed on his behind. “Ow!” When it finished he continued down the stairs, carefully.

    Landon Residence
    The Landons were in their living room when the quake began. “Quake!” Andrew shouted.

    Michelle grabbed Evan and ran to the nearest door frame.

    “This has to do with that genie,” Jodie said from where she and Rachel had gone for cover.

    “Unfortunately, I agree with you,” Andrew said.

    “You have to do something about it, and soon!” Michelle said.

    “Of course, but all we can do is look out for strange events and try to grab it,” Andrew said.

    “I see,” Michelle said.

    “Definitely,” Jodie said.

    Taylor Mansion
    “Quake!” Steve called out.

    “Oh, No!” Brittany shrieked as she dived beneath the table, followed by her brother, Brian and Step-mother, Ashley Amber.

    “This is really bad!” Steve said after the quake had gone.

    “There doesn’t appear to be any damage,” Ashley Amber said.

    “There still may be damage elsewhere in the house!” Steve said.

    “Of course,” Ashley Amber said after a moment. She left the living room.

    “I hope it doesn’t happen again!” Brittany said.

    “Same here, Sweetie,” Steve said.

    Rowe Residence
    The Quake struck, and Elizabeth went to the nearest doorframe. ‘Oh! Why do I tolerate Anastasia’s friendship with that Sandi!’ she thought.

    Schloss Morgendorffer
    Helen, Jane, Daria and Quinn re-entered the kitchen. “Thankfully, there isn’t any damage upstairs or in the attic,” Daria said.

    “It mustn’t have been very strong,” Quinn said.

    “There’s no apparent damage in the basement,” Tananda said.

    “Nor in the garage,” Trent said.

    Joey came in through the sliding door; “Nothing is missing on the outside,” he said.

    “It mustn’t have been very strong,” Helen said.

    “We got away lucky,” Daria said.

    “Indeed we did sweetie,” Helen said.

    “May I continue now?” Quinn asked.

    “Certainly,” Helen said.

    Quinn continued her description of the day.

    Elias and Shannon continued their pursuit of Daniel after the quake had gone. Elias took out the walkie-talkie. “Elias to Judith, any ideas how wishing for a quake would work?”

    Really, Elias? This lab is now a mess!” Judith said.

    “Sorry,” Elias said.

    It could be anything from induced vibrations to magma currents, give me time to think about it,” Judith said.

    “OK, just keep me informed, Elias out.”

    I’ll let you know,” Judith said.
  12. USS Fardell

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    Jul 26, 2001
    Chapter 6: Part 4

    Meanwhile, Dennis was plotting.
    ‘More than an earthquake!’ he thought. ‘A volcano!’

    Shannon caught up to Daniel. After a brief struggle she grabbed the emerald and wished Daniel elsewhere. Elias caught up to her. “That was close,” he said.

    “You think he wouldn’t have stopped with the Earthquake?” Shannon asked.

    “No,” Daniel said.

    “Let’s go back.”

    “I agree.” Shannon gave him the emerald. “I wish that the damage from that quake would be repaired.”


    At 8:25, Christine arrived back at the Griffin’s place. She knocked loudly on the door. “Hello? Let me in!”

    Sam answered the door. “Oh, it’s you. Elias and Shannon aren’t here, they wished themselves back to the Youth Group. Shortly before that ‘quake.”

    “I know about the quake! Let me in!”

    “Fine! But they’re not here!” Sam said as he stepped aside, letting Christine in.

    Scholss Morgendorffer
    “And so I got to Cranberry Commons but the situation was then resolved, so I headed back to the library,” Quinn said.

    “You said that Scarlett was there,” Tananda stated, interrupting.

    “Yeah, so?” Quinn asked wondering what Tananda was getting at.

    “She was here before she went there,” Tananda said.

    “It’s like she had a premonition or something,” Daria said looking at Tananda.

    “Not a premonition, but I’m not saying anything further about her abilities,” Tananda said defensively.

    “Ok...” Quinn said.

    “When Scarlett left, they had an argument about Scarlett,” Stacy said.

    “Oh,” Quinn said. ‘Maybe we’ll find out more about her later,’ she thought. “Scarlett was here?”

    “Yeah,” Jane said.

    “We ran into her and Tananda at the Pizza place when the Tornado occurred,” Tom said.

    “Oh,” Quinn said.

    Tom continued telling Quinn about the afternoon from his point of view, with commentary from Jane and Daria.

    Christine had searched every room in the Griffin’s house. “I see that they aren’t here,” she said to Jean in the kitchen.

    “No, they went back to the O’Reillys,” Jean said.

    “Or maybe they are outside in the back yard,” Christine said.

    “They’re not!” Sam said.

    “I’m looking there anyway!” Christine said. She then went out there.

    Christine soon re-entered the kitchen. “They aren’t there, I guess I’ll just go home then,” Christine said.

    “Bye!” Sam said.

    Christine left. She didn’t know how her parents were going to react when she got home ‘They certainly won’t believe the rumours,’ she thought.

    Sandi finally arrived at the Church building. ‘Stupid ‘quake!’ She soon found that it was empty. “I’ll find you, Elias!” she said into the empty air. She was rather annoyed. She was also rather tired from all the running around she had been doing since lunchtime. She thus decided to go home. ‘I’ll get it back tomorrow,’ she vowed.

    The Taylors met back in the living room. “We got lucky, no damage,” Steve said.

    “That’s great, honey,” Ashley Amber said.

    “No damage upstairs either,” Brittany said.

    “Good, but it could happen again,” Steve said.

    “Not good,” Ashley Amber said.

    “I’ll look for the emerald tomorrow,” Brittany said.

    “Great initiative!” Steve said.

    Brittany twirled her hair, wondering where to start and who to ask for help in the search. She knew that Kevin wouldn’t be of any use...

    At 9:10, the youth group finished. Elias and Shannon left together. “Are you sure you want to walk home in the dark?” Elias asked.

    “I only live a couple of blocks away,” Shannon said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

    “Oh, OK.”

    “I did think of wishing for something silly, but the quake cured me of that notion,” Shannon said.

    “Something silly?” Elias asked, wondering what Shannon was possibly thinking of doing.

    “Oh, powers similar to that girl in the Secret World of Alex Mack, but I now think that would be too much.”

    “Good decision.”

    “Certainly, I don’t know what I could have done with those powers.”

    “Neither do I,” Elias said reassured.

    “I’ll see you next week,” Shannon said.

    “Bye,” Elias said. He wished himself back to Cranberry Commons where Nicole was waiting.

    Schloss Morgendorffer
    Tom finished his description of the events in the afternoon. “I see,” Helen said.

    Trent looked at the clock. “Hmm, 9:20, our gig starts at 10:00. We still need to be there if the Zon is still open.”

    “Yeah,” Jesse said.

    “I’ll go with you,” Jane said.

    “We’ll keep our ears open at the Zon, Daria, Mrs. M,” Trent said.

    “See that you do,” Helen said.

    “I’ll be there later,” Daria said.

    “I see you there,” Jane said.

    “I’ll go too, my family must be wondering where I am,” Tom said.

    “Good idea,” Helen said.

    As the Lane’s, Tom and the rest of Mystik Spiral left, the Blum-Decklers also said their goodbye’s for the night and left.

    “So what are we doing now?” Quinn asked.

    “Good question,” Stacy said.

    “We could look around the neighbourhood,” Daria suggested.

    “As long as you go in a group, this area is safe but with what is going on we cannot be too careful,” Helen said.

    “Are you sure, Helen?” Jake asked.

    “Yes, Jake!”

    “Good, now to figure out who to come with,” Daria said.

    Daria exited the house, followed by Joey, Jeffy, Stacy and Samara. “Ok, we will go around the block counter clockwise. If we meet anyone we’ll ask them about today’s events and whether they have any idea where Jean or the emerald is. Questions?”

    “Counter clockwise?” Jeffy asked.

    “She means to go to the left from here, and to continue in that direction until we come back here,” Stacy said.

    “I could have told you that,” Joey said.

    “No fighting here, please. Quinn isn’t watching,” Daria said.

    “Oh, her bedroom light is out,” Joey said.

    “What do you mean?” Samara asked.

    “Surely you have seen Joey, Jeffy and Jamie fight in the presence of Quinn?” Stacy asked. “She thinks it’s cute.”

    “Oh,” Samara said. She then remembered an instance of the described behaviour occurring.

    “Let’s go,” Daria said.

    “Sure,” Samara said.

    Elias and Nicole approached Nicole’s house. “What did your Mom say?” Elias asked.

    “She said that you can use the spare room. I don’t know why you couldn’t just go home,” Nicole said.

    “My Mom said that I could stay in town tonight, although she was concerned about the rumours of the events. I could have went home, but I don’t want my family finding out about the emerald tonight.”

    “What of my family?”

    “It will stay in the spare room until I go tomorrow.”

    “Good,” Nicole said as they came up to the front door. She unlocked the door.

    Tom arrived home. “Tom, you’re back!” his mother, Katherine ‘Kay’ Sloane said as he came in the front door.

    “I’m sorry, I should have come back earlier.”

    “You had us rather worried, young man.”

    Tom raised his eyebrow.

    “OK, I was worried, Elsie wasn’t as much. I don’t know what your father was feeling.”

    “So, you didn’t panic about the tornado or the earthquake?”

    “Of course we did.”

    Meanwhile, inside, Quinn came back into the kitchen after having gone to the bathroom. “Tananda, you want a soda?”

    “Sure,” Tananda said.

    Quinn grabbed two sodas out of the fridge and brought them over to the table, where Tananda was sitting.
    “So, what can you tell me of Scarlett?”

    “Not you too!”


    “I am not satisfying those who pry into others affairs. You will have to ask her yourself.”

    “Are you sure?”


    Daria and the others arrived back at Schloss Morgendorffer. “That didn’t take long,” Samara said.

    “You’re right, we’ll also do the opposite block the same way,” Daria said.

    “Opposite block?” Jeffy asked.

    “Yes, we’ll cross the street and then go around that block,” Daria said.

    “Oh,” Jeffy said, understanding Daria’s idea.

    “Lets go,” Samara said.

    “Sure.” Joey said.

    Halfway around the second block, Daria and the others met a few others whom they knew from school. “Hi, Daria, I guess that you are looking for that emerald too,” Jenna Schwartz said.

    “Yes,” Daria said.

    “We haven’t found it yet,” Joey said.

    “Neither have we,” Koichi ‘Rob’ Robazaki said from next to Jenna.

    “So far we have heard that it may be at Cranberry Commons, but that was hours ago,” Daria said.

    “Quinn said that,” Joey said.

    “They don’t need to know that,” Daria said.

    Rob exchanged a look with Jenna. “We know about the zero gravity that was there, and that earthquake. It could be anywhere in Lawndale,” he said.

    “Hmm, the best we can do is to keep looking,” Daria said.

    “We won’t keep you,” Jenna said.

    “Good luck,” Samara said.

    “To you too,” Rob said. The two groups then parted in their search for the emerald.

    When they got back to the Morgendorffer’s house, another car was parked at the kerb. “My Mom’s here!” Stacy said.

    “Is that bad?” Daria asked.

    “I just wasn’t expecting it is all,” Stacy said, slightly panicked.

    ‘There may be something there,’ Daria thought. She didn’t want to get involved, but she didn’t want to ignore it either. She could use Stacy’s help in the genie/emerald situation.

    “Let’s just go in,” Daria said.

    “You first,” Stacy said.

    “OK,” Daria said.

    Samara put her hand on Stacy’s shoulder. “Eep!”

    “Don’t worry,” Samara said.


    Stacy timidly walked into the kitchen, followed by Daria and Samara. Quinn shot her a supportive look as Elizabeth spoke. “Anastasia! I was so worried!”

    “I’m fine, Mom,” Stacy said. “Although we haven’t found any useful clues as to where that emerald is!” despite her words there were tears in her eyes.

    “Yes, Anastasia. Quinn, her Mom and Tananda have told me a summary of what has happened today. Quite a lot of events.”

    “Can I help in the search tomorrow?” Stacy asked, leaning against the bench with the stove on it, as if for support.

    “Of course you can, but we can talk about when you get home tomorrow night, tomorrow morning.”

    “Yes, Mom,” Stacy said timidly.

    “And now, it’s almost 10:00. We’ll go home and you can tell me everything that has happened today.”


    “Of course,” Elizabeth said.

    “But first, Elizabeth, I would like to know what they found on their little neighbourhood search,” Helen said from where she was sitting. She had taken the whole exchange in. She noticed her older daughter’s (rather slight) look of concern, but didn’t share that concern.

    “We didn’t find anything,” Daria said.

    “We did meet Rob and Jenna, but they didn’t know anything either.”

    “Rob and Jenna?” Helen asked.

    “Koichi Robazaki and Jenna Schwartz,” Tananda said.

    “They’re Geeks,” Quinn said.

    “Quinn!” Helen shouted.

    “They’re in the Anime Club, Jenna’s the president,” Stacy said.

    “Oh,” Helen said.

    “Anyhow, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Stacy said, as she saw her mother stand up.

    “Bye,” Elizabeth said.

    After the Rowe’s left, Joey and Jeffy also decided to leave. “You want a lift home, Samara?” Joey asked.

    “Do you, Tananda?” Jeffy asked.

    “Sure,” Samara said.

    “I can walk, I don’t live far from here,” Tananda said.

    When Daria arrived at the Zon, Mystik Spiral had already started their set. They were playing their song, ‘Mr. Normal.’ She spotted Jane and went over to her. “Hey, Daria,” she said.

    Sandi arrived home at 10:15, after having stopped at a neighbourhood shop for dinner. ‘What a long day!’ she thought. She could see that her family seemed to have gone to bed as she came up to the front door. ‘Just as well,’ she thought. Once inside she snuck up the stairs into her room.

    In the room she turned on her lamp and retrieved the book which contained all the wishes that were granted that day.

    List of Wishes granted (so far) on February 19, 1999

    Sam Griffin wishes for: A LEGO model of the Griffin Residence

    Sandi Griffin wishes for: A way of recording wishes made since February 18, 1999

    Tori Jericho wishes for: Sandi Griffin to go elsewhere

    Tori Jericho wishes for: Bright streamers in the school colors hanging off the school library

    Andrea Hecuba wishes for: Sandi Griffin to have the emerald back

    Sandi Griffin wishes for: Herself to be in Homeroom

    Sandi Griffin wishes for: Principal Angela Li to fall asleep, for the equipment in her office to fail and for said principal to get lost if she searches for Tori Jericho, Andrea Hecuba and/or Stacy Rowe

    Sandi Griffin wishes for: Herself to time-warp to the end of recess

    Jennifer Burns wishes for: The school buildings to shake for twelve seconds

    Kristen Leung-Bell wishes for: Zero gravity in the school buildings for one and a half minutes

    Daria Morgendorffer wishes for: a herd of beautiful wild ponies running free across the plains

    Daria Morgendorffer wishes for: the herd to appear in a deserving place in Texas

    Tiffany Blum-Deckler wishes for: A lot of rain

    Sandi Griffin wishes for: The rain to stop

    Sandi Griffin wishes for: Herself and Tiffany to be in the History Classroom

    Sandi Griffin wishes for: The history classroom to be clean

    Anna Pearce wishes for: Herself to be near the library

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Himself to be where Jennifer Burns is

    Jennifer Burns wishes for: There to be zero gravity whilst Sandi Griffin is in the school buildings until the end of lunch

    Cindy Brolsma wishes for: A door that would open to anywhere else in the school

    Cindy Brolsma (sort of) wishes for: A wall of Jello full of ‘surprises’ in the Cafeteria

    Quinn Morgendorffer wishes for: Everyone to be in the basement server room

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Sandi Griffin to be in Main Street at that moment

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Himself to be in the Lawndale Second Hand Book Store

    Dennis Monks wishes for: A tornado to form on Sloane Hill and move towards Main Street

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Dennis Monks to be at his home, the tornado to disappear and for the major damage caused by that tornado to be repaired

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Himself and Quinn Morgendorffer to have walkie-talkies

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Himself to be in Cranberry Commons

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Quinn Morgendorffer to have another walkie-talkie

    Elias Howarth wishes for: The minor tornado damage to be repaired

    Judith Lake wishes for: Zero gravity in Cranberry Commons

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Sandi Griffin and Andrea Hecuba to go to the Bowling Alley

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Judith Lake to have a laboratory

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Himself to be in Emerald Street

    Elias Howarth wishes for: A group to go into the emerald

    Sam Griffin wishes for: Himself to go home

    Sam Griffin wishes for: The group to get out of the emerald

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Himself and Shannon O’Quillan to go to the O’Reilly’s

    Daniel Herron wishes for: An Earthquake

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Daniel Herron to be elsewhere

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Earthquake damage to be repaired

    Elias Howarth wishes for: Himself to be back at Cranberry Commons

    ‘Interesting,’ Sandi thought. ‘Elias still has it, but he’s unlikely to be still at Cranberry Commons.’ She decided to continue the hunt in the morning...