Non-Earth constellations

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    Constellations. Sentient species come up with them because the mind encourages identification of patterns where none truly exist. What non-human/non-Earth constellations has Star Trek literature introduced over the years?

    To start, I can think of:

    DS9 - "Second Sight" names the Bajoran constellation The Runners.

    VOY - "Child's Play" names the Brunali constellation The Great Horn.

    TNG - The Buried Age identifies the infamous Maxia Zeta V as orbiting the sixth-brightest star in the Berengarian (presumably Berengaria VII) constellation Maxia.

    In Myriad Universes - Shattered Light - The Tears of Eridanus, Hikaru Sulu recalls pointing out the Andorian constellations the Eagle, the Hybor, and the Bull to a young Demora.

    ENT - Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures identifies Gamma Vertis IV from TOS - "The Empath" as orbiting the third-brightest star in the minor Rigelian constellation Verti (probably but not definitely seen from Beta Rigel V).
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    Rough Beasts of Empire and Twilight both mention other Bajoran constellations: The Forest, the Temple, the Chalice, the Orb, the Flames (Sol is located here).
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    Kiffis the hybor, Starfleet Academy comic
    by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

    The stars visible over the transformed planet (in Carol's Genesis demonstration footage in ST II) were actually configured in a computer to appear as they would from a hypothetical planet called Keti Bandar, in the constellation of Epsilon Indi. There is an extra star in The Big Dipper (aka The Big Bear): Earth's sun!
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    * Hanara: an ancient Anschlasom constellation (VOY: The Eternal Tide)

    * Oweninum's Belt: Monorhan constellation (VOY: String Theory: Fusion)
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    Do non-attributed yet unreal constellations count? Browsing through Bernd Schneider's collation, there's "Capricus" out there, "Majoris", arguably "Agnus" (might also be "Agni" of the Vedic tradition), "Argus", "Canaris", etc. There are also names used constellation style even though in the real world they refer to individual stars, such as "Antares" or "Vega" or "Rigel".

    Considering the pseudo-Latin sound of the names, these might be human constellations introduced by colonists or adventurers who enjoyed new vantage points to the sky. Also, possibly Antares, Vega and Rigel gain prominent companions when viewed from early human colonies, and thus become constellation names.

    I had heard that at one point, and completely forgotten about it. How cool can cool get? (Minus 291 Celsius, doh!)

    Timo Saloniemi
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    Don't forget the ring of similar stars seen framing a mountain peak in "How Much for Just the Planet?"! That constellation was of paramount importance. ;)