NHL 2022-2023 Season

The Coyotes are being sold to the Utah Jazz owners for $1.2 billion ($1 billion to Alex Meruelo, $200 million to the other NHL owners) and relocating to Salt Lake, but the Coyotes name and logo are staying in Arizona. Meruelo is still trying to get an area built and if successful within a five year window, he can apply for another team. I don't think the league has any plans of expanding, so which city would be in danger of losing their team?
Has this been confirmed outside of reports from insiders? The statement from Meruelo was incredibly vague.

Ironically, Winnipeg has super low attendance numbers, but the ownership seems like they are willing to eat the losses.

According to the Athletic, https://theathletic.com/5107905/2023/12/05/nhl-team-attendance-analysis/ the low attendance numbers are in San Jose (bottoming out for a rebuild), Buffalo (I doubt Pegula would sell), Calgary (Canadian team) & Anaheim (another rebuild).

Of the bottom of this list, the only team I'd even consider moving would be Columbus. The owner inherited the team in 2008 when his father passed, but they have been dismal 99% of the time. We've never been able to properly gauge how they would draw if they had competent leadership.

If you have large metropolitan markets (Houston, Kansas City, Atlanta) are making inquiries about franchises, I think you have to expand to bring in more $$$ & make the TV package more attractive. However, the current leadership at the NHL and the owners (led by the fossil Jeremy Jacobs) doesn't seem competent enough to do something like that.
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It's bizarre to see all these fans come out of the woodwork now that the team is being moved. It's not 100% on the fans, but they were fair-weather fans at best.

Meruelo shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a team again. Being a meddler is one thing, but not paying hotel bills and rent is kind of base level stuff. If the NHL wants Arizona to succeed, they need to find an owner that is actually going to do basic steps.
The Utah NHL team has filed trademark applications for Utah Mammoth, Utah Ice, Utah Yetis, Utah Venom, Utah Fury, Utah Blizzard, Utah Outlaws and Utah Hockey Club, with more to come.
Sharks got the first pick in the draft and Vegas was eliminated from the playoffs. This has been a good week. ;)
This Vancouver/Oilers series has really made me realize how unlikeable and terrible at defense Connor McDavid is