NFL 2022: The Fall of the "Immunized" Aaron Rodgers

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The Gatorade was purple.

Overall it was a very entertaining match. The penalty call at the end may have been correct but man, it was such a weak hold (did it even really impede the player at all?) that I might have held my flag if I'd been in that ref's position. Kind of a disappointment that it ended on that note.
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The Gatorade was purple.

Well...shit, I'm throwin' the red flag.
Shitty end to an otherwise good game, kind of ruined it and looked pretty fixed after Cinci lost the same way.
That was a bit weak. And putting the whole game on their kicker (who missed it earlier) made me a little nervous. He pulled it out in the end, though.
Good game.

I'm not a huge fan of that late defensive holding call, though.

I mean, even the cornerback admitted that he held. It was about as obvious as it gets (Fox just botched the camera angle).
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