Next movie, let the woman wear pants.

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    There is no such thing as "gender neutral" uniforms, they are either masculine of feminine. That is the point I was making about the nurses uniforms, they had perfectly good uniforms they chose to dump because their militant feminist leadership decided femininity was something to be ashamed of and nurses would do better if they looked like male nurses. The result however was once nurses dumped their feminine uniforms for sloppy male uniforms they felt less good about themselves and public perception of them dropped as well. Dogma won over commonsense. There is nothing liberating about looking like a scruffy male.
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    That's a very skewed view as suggested by accusing the nursing leadership being both feminist and 'militant' as negative connotations. Not every nurse wants to wear a skimpy sexy outfit - that hardly makes them militant or feminist and unless they try a more unisex uniform how can they assess which is preferable? Next you'll be saying that it's 'political correctness gone mad.'

    It is true that experiments have shown that many (not all) nurses would prefer to appear more attractive at work so they prefer a more 'attractive' uniform that shows off their 'assets'. I'm not so sure that this holds true of the military - even the quasi-military of Trek. Dress unforms being short skirts is fine. Duty uniforms more questionable. However, many women in the background are wearing trousers so at least they chose a balance.

    For my part I thought that most of the actresses I saw looked too skinny to make the mini skirts look really good. At least the sixties actresses were a bit curvier. I support the use of the mini-skirt as an iconic Trek image but they should make more use of form-fitting trouser uniforms too.

    In spite of this shallow assessment I still maintain that giving the female characters something to do is more important than just making them look nice.
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    That's your social programming talking.

    Yes, I'm sure that's completely what it is.

    You got it totally on the nail.


    Bizarro-yes, I absolutley bizarro-agree.