NEWS: Quentin Tarantino Pitch & Paramount Assembling Movie Writers' Room

Discussion in 'Future of Trek' started by MvRojo, Dec 5, 2017.

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    Based on Tarantino's interview, he comes off as a casual fan only, not one who has memorized all of the episodes and the lingo. There's definitely a fondness for it, but it's not obssessive/otaku-grade. This would probably prevent him from taking things down a fanservice continuity-porn direction. It would be a story that thematically is Star Trek but very loosely bound to continuity. Almost like a Tarantino fever-dream. Could be quite engaging as a one-off experiment but it would be a hard sell if the suits at Paramount proclaimed it 100% canonical just as a lot of people won't swallow Discovery as canon.
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    Movie studios generally do want as many people as possible to see their big budget movies. More people = more money = more likely the studio will get a return on their $150+ million investment. That's why the majority of such big movies are PG-13. It's a lesser problem for medium budget movies and even less so for small budget movies, though.

    Maybe the prospect of a much smaller budget Trek movie is part of Tarantino's proposal.
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    It takes a special level of lousy writing to be told you can write a movie where Kirk and Picard meet, and to screw it up. Yet they did it.

    If there is some sort of Doctor Who 50th Anniversary level story that brings together Star Trek in a way that never has been done before, where at the end, Kirk's death in Generations is undone and we see Shatner as an older Kirk to prove it, no one would be happier than me.

    But Paramount has never shown any willingness to do this.
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    Because the "young people" are a monolithic bloc who only want that? O_o
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    Let's hope it won't be called Kill Bill......Shatner

    And that there aren't any gimps in the future
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    I'm interested but also extremely skeptical. I dunno. Star Trek is great. Tarantino is great (usually). Not sure these two great things will be great together. I'm open to the idea though.
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    I'm sorry to go off topic, but this is just clearly wrong. The last two movies in the franchise made $2 billion and $1 billion, the Last Jedi is tracking to do the same, and there are at least 5 more movies in development (Ep 9, Kenobi, and Rian Johnson's trilogy). There is no world in which that fits the definition of "dying."

    ETA: 6 movies. I forgot Solo.
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    Agreed. Star Wars was never on top of my list of favorite genre franchises, but I am under no illusion that it's a "dying" or "tired" concept. The current marketing glut of movies and spinoffs is a direct-proof indicator of precisely the opposite. I'm personally actually kind of excited to see the new film. I thought Force Awakens was okay - certainly better than the prequel trilogy (IMO) - and Rogue One was downright insanely cool.

    I just hope that, in this new trilogy and going forward, they stop swinging lightsabers around like baseball bats. That was the one thing that the prequel trilogy got right - the high level of skill and viciousness of properly trained Jedi and Sith in an engagement. SW Rebels has done a fairly good job, but Force Awakens almost regressed back to original-trilogy piñata-swinging with those things. They need to clean that shit up some, IMO.
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    Dec 11, 2017
    Interrogation scene from Errand of Mercy:

    *Kirk puffs on a cigarette with a look of satisfaction*

    "Here's a fact I don't know whether you know or not. Klingons were spawned by Hur'q."

    "It's a fact. Yeah. You see, uh, Klingons have, uh, Hur'q blood pumpin' through their hearts. Hey, no, if eh, if eh, if you don't believe me, uh, you can look it up. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, uh, you see, uh, the Hur'q conquered Qo'nos..."

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    Your right, but it was the beginning of the end. The TNG characters really didn’t translate to the big screen as the TOS characters did and the tv shows after TNG were essentially a footnote in the history of ST. How many people think about Voy, Ent etc, when they think of ST?
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    Jun 2, 2013
    Also, many of those young people are part of an international audience, many of whom probably only know about Trek from the JJ movies. That's also probably why the latter resemble current movies from other franchises.
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    The nostalgic part of me wants to see Sir Patrick back.

    My rational brain hears Sean Connery's voice... "Indiana.... Let it go..." :)
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    My rational brain hears Special Edition Darth Vader:

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    Even the prospect of a Tarantino Trek film is astonishing to me.

    If he respects the spirit of Trek, then I think Tarantino could create an amazing Star Trek movie. If he succeeds, he'll change the franchise.

    I really hope it happens.
  15. Kirk Prime

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    Mar 15, 2017
    It's impossible to know without an idea of what he is thinking. If this is going to be one of those super secret, no plot summary things, then it's hard not to be skeptical. The Abrams secrecy has not really worked out -- at least not for me.

    If he wants to do a kitchen sink cast, where we see bits and pieces from every incarnation of Trek, from Shatner to Pine, with the prime universe characters in the mix in some super duper Doctor Who type story, I'm all in.

    If it's just an ordinary story, then I don't care.
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    I know Quentin Tarantino is a Trekkie himself, but I am still surprised and more than a bit nervous about him helming a Trek film. Tarantino's need for an "R" rating makes me think there will be less stellar plot and more gratuitous violence. I hope to be wrong.
  17. ChristopherPike

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    I imagine if it's a role for Patrick Stewart, it'll be 100+ year old Picard suffering from advanced neuromonic syndrome... and Tourette's.

    Go the other way in time, a century before Kirk and you've got a spectacularly violent reason why no human ever met a Romulan. Although they may have been able to distinguish various body parts as they smeared their way across the transparent aluminium windscreens ships seem to have these days.

    First Officer: [pointing] "Wait, I think that might've been a Vulcan! Are you sure we're not firing on our own side? Maybe they're jettisoning prisoners out into space?"

    Captain Samuel Jackson: "I fucking hate the Vulcans... Green Blooded Mother Fuckers."
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    That's ROTS Darth Vader.

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    Star Trek has been in a weird spot for quite a while, im not sure we are ever going to get a movie or series that isn't highly divisive at this point.

    I'm down to see what QT can do, he does have a "style" but he is versatile too and when he gets it right which is more often than not he makes GREAT movies.

    I'm a lot more interested in this than other recent productions in star trek because i feel QT will make something that'll actually engage my brain.

    ST09-Beyond were entertaining movies that i enjoyed but never think about after i watch them, i think this one will be different
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    I'm trying to think of the last installments which weren't highly divisive. Maybe First Contact and DS9? Though I suppose Insurrection and Nemesis weren't so much divisive as generally despised.

    I think it says more about the fanbase than the product.