New to CSI, need some help on where to start.

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    Depends upon what you want. The Vegas version started with the premise of following the science but has long ago evolved to the point where "criminalist" now "Las Vegas crime lab" para-cop Nick kicks in the doors and send his detective around back to cover any escape. And Nick is shooting folks at least twice a year.

    After watching the NYPD for years on other cop shows the entire premise of the CSU unit being called CSIs, taking over cases and running the show just seems off.

    Meanwhile in Miami the crime lab CSIs, they use the term as a rank it seems, are the first responders as their Humvees outrun the Miami Dade Police helicopter and squad cars which follow them like ducklings to the scene of a 911 call. Alligators are lured into swimming pools to be used as a murder weapon. In my wife's opinion there is more eye candy for her, except for Walter :evil:. Horatio and Delko are quicker to the gun then Nick of Vegas.

    Until this year when CBS has been advertising Vegas as the world's most watched show they were saying Miami was. The main difference now is that Vegas happens at night and Miami during the day. However with Ted Danson replacing Laurence Fishburne, Vegas has gone back to its roots and the lead doesn't openly carry a gun and get into shootouts. It remains to be seen if less "action" on Vegas puts Miami back on top of the international market.
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    I would also recommend "Grave Danger," the two-part episode directed and co-written by Quentin Tarantino (which was from the fifth season, I think)