New Aventine novel announced for 2015!

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by Mage, Jan 29, 2014.

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    Sep 21, 2014
    I am wondering if Admiral Will Riker has been replaced by his duplicate Thomas Riker in this book.

    Also I expect that this story is about what Dax will do in the aftermath of her imprisonment in the Fall series.

    Will she obey Admiral Riker's (or the person she thinks is Admiral Riker) orders or will she risk getting into trouble with Starfleet by disobeying him.
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    I have cold shivers already !
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    I wonder if Takedown will take place in November/December 2385 or during the exploration mission in 2386. It seems to me like the Enterprise crew has earned a very long vacation for busting Bacco's murderers.
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    (Figures it would be a thread like this to bring me back after all this time. Good to be back, at any rate. :cool:)

    This is good news! Any new novel on Ezri Dax is good for me.

    For the most part, I'm with Mage on how Ezri has been handled. The DS9 Relaunch gave her some decidedly unlikable attributes--which would've been okay (considering the early explanation that she was just adjusting to her "integration") if we'd seen her growing out of it. Instead, the writers would follow the pattern of her apparently realizing what her problems is...and then the next story focusing on her, she's back to her old problems.

    And to be blunt, it got to the point where she was mentally revising history so that it wasn't she who conjured up Jadzia in Avatar...but Julian? (In the same book where she broke up with a manner that REALLY came across like she was trying to put responsibility on him for supposedly never having gotten over Jadzia....)

    Now...that being said...I do like, for the most part, how she's been written as Captain. I had some issues with her characterization in Destiny (far too hard-edged), but I loved how KRAD and Uma wrote her...and I'm okay with her in Zero Sum Game. I liked her interactions with Bashir in The Fall series...and I sincerely hope that'll be picked up on, in the books to come.

    It seem to me that, as Captain, she seems to have worked out a lot of her issues from the Relaunch.