News Netflix orders The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to series

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    I really enjoyed the first two seasons. As I mentioned it had a contemporary Buffy vibe that I really liked. What surprises me is how Netflix got away with it without causing a huge freaking uproar from Christian conservatives. They even had a lawsuit (or threat of one) over the statue of Satan they used.
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    Satan is a Character in the Bible.

    Any reference to Satan, anywhere, is legitimizing God and the Bible.

    One would think.
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    ^ Maybe its cultural value. The Satanic Temple (that of the Baphomet statue like the one used in Sabrina) is well known for trolling the Christian right by presenting itself as fundamentally more decent.
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    At the same time they don't want people following Satan or being inspired by fictional characters who do.
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    Finished the first season.

    I totally called it that “Miss Wardwell” was really Satan’s wife/mistress.

    So Zelda is going to raise the baby girl?

    Sabrina seems to be getting down with her wicked self. :devil:
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    Finished season 2. I had sensed that Sabrina was Satan’s daughter from the beginning.

    Really liked the little musical number.

    I hope that season 3 comes out next month.
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    Unfortunately, that doesn't seem likely. The showrunners were asked about this possibility earlier this year (I don't remember when) and they said it seemed unlikely even though they would've liked that.