Need help constructing a technobabble sentence

Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by Morpheus 02, Jul 2, 2013.

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    I am doing a presentation next month, and wanted to use Trek technobabble as an example for the point I'm making.

    The idea is to create a sentence that to non-scientists, sounds fairly scientific. But to scientists, it's utter bull-oney.

    So maybe some reversing of a polarity, and a singularity mention, perhaps.

    Also, some deconstruction of that sentence would be nice too (i.e. why reversing the polarity is "wrong"). :bolian:

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    Does it have to be based on a sentence? There are plenty of things seen in Trek that would make most scientists scoff.

    Totally lifeless planets with oxygen atmospheres. Ancient, derelict spacecraft adrift in space for centuries, but with still perfectly functioning gravity, lighting, air and heat. Human-looking "aliens" everywhere.

    Hell, just show 'em a shot of a spaceship traveling faster than light! :D
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    "The syncopating asynchronous neutron-flow buffer has reversed in polarity, resulting in a singularity resonance cascade."
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    There's an app for that.
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    Location? What is this?
    Just show a clip from Voyager.
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    :guffaw: QFT!
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    This reminds me of an interview with Levar Burton who said that the TNG scripts often had "insert technobabble" as a place marker while the script writers dreamed it up. :lol: