Name That Episode, VOYAGER Edition...

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  1. CPT Baldwin

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    Mar 11, 2017
    Quite correct!
    Clue 1. Can you hear me? - Refers to Tom dismissing near enough what everyone has to say
    Clue 2. Not very well kept. - Refers to thechange in uniform and an unshaven Tom
    Clue 3. Villain turned flamboyant salesman - The guy who played the merchant also played the head of the Tal Shiar in a DS9 episode
    Clue 4. Take me home. - Alice needed a pilot to get her home
    Clue 5. A heartwarming drawing. - Refers to the card made by Naomi Wildman
    Clue 6 - You could buy many a craft with this one item. - The Beryllium Crystal found

    Well done Far! Your go :)