Mysterious 2.6 Solar Mass Object Found Near Black Hole

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    Apr 13, 2014
    [SIZE=6]Collision between black hole and "mysterious onject" puzzles astronomers

    The observations show GW190814 pair collided around in a deep corner of space, 800 million light-years away. One half of the pair is definitely a black hole, about 23 times more massive than our sun. But its dancing partner is mysterious -- the other object is only around 2.6 times more massive than our sun, which puts it in a weird position.

    "It's something that has not been seen before," said Hannah Middleton, an astrophysicist at the University of Melbourne. It could be a neutron star, that possibility is still on the table, but it might also be a black hole. Middleton says it is "a bit of a mystery" as to which... but it's also a slight problem.

    "It's hard to explain how either a black hole or a neutron star could be around 2.6 solar masses," notes Smith.

    Maybe it's neither a black hole or neutron star. Perhaps the mysterious object could be a proverbial wormhole.

    If astrophysicists are having a hard time trying to explain the object as a 2.6 solar mass black hole or neutron star, what else could the mysterious object be?