My Ancient Ship Hierarchy


As a fan of the series, and for fun as a hobby, I want to create my own version of Ancient Ship design, specifications and the entire hierarchy. I will use the ships from the show for inspiration, and make my own additions/changes and add my own flare to process out a complete hierarchy of Ancient ships.

I’m starting off by writing all my ideas down for what I want and want to see your responses and feedback from what I’ve got in mind. Ultimately, I'd like to get a 3D program, and model this all out and see it. I think it would be epic.

I’ll start at the bottom, the smallest ship, and work my way up. In this I’m assuming that all Ancient City Ships have ZPM manufacturing facilities within them capable of easily producing ZPMs.

Let’s start with a few weapons that I’ll be using:

Mini-Drones – These mini-drones are half the size of full size drones that city ships and warships use. They are still quite destructive, but pretty much half the destruction amount as a full size drone, they can pierce Goa’uld shields and Asgard shields like they weren't even there just like their full size brothers which gives them a large advantage, even though their destructive force is halved. They accomplish this by using a pocket of subspace to penetrate shields. They are thought guided just like the large drones.

Offensive Pulse Blaster (name not finalized) – Take what you know of Asgard and Goa’uld pulse weapons and apply here. They can very in power.

Directed Beam – Take what you know of the Ancient directed beam satellite or Ori directed beam satellite. They can very in power intensity.

Now for the ships, starting from smallest to largest.

Puddle Jumper – I will be taking the puddle jumper idea and expanding on it. First of all, I like the original design concept of the Jumper better than what they have now. So this is what I’m going to base my design off of. The idea is still the same, a sublight craft capable of Stargate travel. Its main purpose will be to explore planets, and for transportation from city ship to city ship in my “sphere” of city ships I’ll get to later. Here are some of the specs:

- Not powered by ZPM, it will use whatever power source is in use now.
- It will be able to hit sublight speeds only, up to 3/4th the speed of light.
- It will fit through Stargates
- It will have shields
- It will have cloak
- It will have a standard compliment of 24 mini-drones
- It will have low intensity Offensive Pulse Blasters
- It will be thought controlled
- It will be able to sit 8 people comfortably, 4 in the forward section, 4 in the rear
- It will have floating holographic displays that anyone can call up right in front of them
- It will have also support voice control and interactive computer as well as manual control, but primary control will be thought by whoever is in the “primary” chair.

FTL Long Range Fighter/Shuttle (name not finalized) – This puppy is larger than a Jumper and therefore does not fit through Stargates. Think of this as maybe slightly bigger than a runabout size. This one is powered by 1 ZPM and has FTL capabilities and better weapons as well as more room for transport. This one can be launched from the battle cruisers or city ships and will mainly be restricted to travel within the galaxy (though it does support intergalactic capability, but not as fast as larger ships). Because it is powered by a ZPM it can travel to other galaxies, but the hyperdrive generator is much smaller than other ships so it is still limited in that regard. With the ZPM it would take it 1.5 weeks to get from Atlantis to Earth, so better pack some food. It does however have plenty of speed to travel WITHIN galaxies. These ships fit nicely in city ships and battle cruisers.

- Powered by 1 ZPM
- Beefed up shields due to ZPM
- Sublight speeds same as Jumper
- Hyperdrive capable of fast inter-galaxy travel, or slow Intergalactic travel
- Able to Cloak and also able to have shields activated while cloaked thanks to ZPM
- It will have a standard compliment of 124 drones
- It will have a beefed up offensive pulse blaster thanks to ZPM
- It will have 1 directed beam capability, but at half the strength of full directed beam capability of battle cruisers and warships. Still pretty good though.
- It will be thought controlled and here is where the fun begins. With the advanced computers and power of the ZPM it will have the capability to fire and lock on with both the blasters and directed beam doing DIFFERENT things. For example you can be blasting Wraith darts with the blasters and AT THE SAME TIME have the Directed Beam LOCKED ONTO a Wraith Cruiser firing constantly at it, perhaps at its weapons systems. This way you are fighting 2 things at once. One of these shuttles then take on an attack from Wraith darts AND a Wraith Cruiser at the same time.
- This will be able to sit 16 comfortably
- Same computer and holographic support
- It also supports ring type transportation capability and can land easily, very maneuverable.

Warships – Warships are just about what you’ve seen so far in the series, with a few changes. I’ll make a few design modifications. These ships can hold about 500 people, and are not as big as a battle cruiser. Their advantage is that they are small enough for fast maneuvering. They are powered by 2 ZPMs. You could fit 4 warships inside a battle cruiser, or park them outside city ships.

- Powered by 2 ZPMs
- Powerful shields since you can either balance power or split power to let one whole ZPM handle shield power.
- Sublight speeds same as Jumper and Shuttle
- Hyperdrive engines that thanks to the 2 ZPM’s is extremely fast, this ship is capable of reaching Atlantis to Earth in 1 day.
- Able to cloak and have shields enabled
- Can carry 500 people
- This one has a standard compliment of 500 full size drones and 1000 mini-drones
- This one has two full power pulse blasters, one forward, one aft
- 1 full power directed beam weapon
- Thought controlled with same computer support as others
- Same ability to lock on directed beam and blasters on multiple objects at same time
- Ring transporters
- Also able to carry 6 jumpers on board

Full Size Battlecruise – Think BSG cruiser here, but very big. This thing can hold 2000 people on board. It can hold 4 warships OR 16 shuttles and 32 jumpers. The purpose of this thing, large people transport or battle cruiser.

- This thing is powered by 3, yes 3 ZPMs
- Sublight speeds same as others
- It has powerful shields
- Can clock with shields
- It can support 2000 full sized drones and 5000 mini-drones.
- It has 3 full power offensive blasters
- It has 2 full power directed beam weapons, one forward, one aft
- It can lock on with all 5 units on different targets at the same time and continually fire
- Ring transporters
- This thing can also land very easily either on land or water
- Hyperdrive is capable of faster Intergalactic travel, has a very large hyperdrive reactor and with the 3 ZPM’s can literally get to Atlantis to Earth in 3 hours. This is by far the fastest ship the Ancients have.

City Ships – These ships are like what you see now but with some design modifications. These are entire flying cities. They can hold around 5 million people comfortably on each one. These have 10, yes count ‘em, 10 ZPMs each.

- Powered by 10 ZPMs, some are dedicated to certain functions.
- 3 ZPMs are dedicated to shield strength, 2 ZPMs are dedicated to powering the entire city, 2 ZPMs are dedicated to offensive and defensive weapons, 2 ZPMs are dedicated to sublight and hyperdrive, 1 ZPM is used for all other remaining uses.
- Incredibly powerful shields, the most powerful shields of all Ancient ships, the reason is because 5 million people could be living in the city and you want it to be safe in space and on land. Inside the shield artificial gravity as well as an atmosphere are created so you can live and work inside the bubble but outside of the city buildings.
- Capable of the same sublight speeds as other craft, so very fast there, and can very easily land and take off of planets.
- Hyperdrive, but not as fast as battle cruisers, it has Intergalactic capability, but takes one with 2 ZPMs to reach Atlantis to Earth in 1.5 weeks. Battle cruisers can scout out ahead of the city this way you see.
- Each city has 2 full power directed beam weapons, one at the top spire and one at the bottom spire (you see in my design I’ll have a top spire as well as a long pointy bottom spire which have multiple functions)
- The shield that encompasses the city emanates from the top spire and the bottom spire, but also has a secondary backup.
- There are also 3 full power blaster units
- There is another defensive unit I haven’t described yet, a projectile and energy “disrupter”. This defense weapon automatically detects incoming projectile weapons or energy weapons and disrupts them before they hit the city. If lets say a missile is coming towards the city this disruptor fries the electronics in it and disarms it. If an energy pulse is on its way to hit the city the disruptor literally nullifies the energy and makes the pulse disappear. It can only concentrate on so much at one time though, but it is automatic, it detects the incoming fire and disarms immediately and alerts everyone that we are under attack.
- Ring transporters, transporter closets and even beam transporters are standard on city ships.
- There are large bays capable of keeping hundreds of shuttles and jumpers in storage.
- The city is designed so that you can fit 1 battle cruiser in each of the “slots” of the city around the perimeter. Each city ship can support 4 battle cruisers docked around it this way. OR it can support 8 warships docked.
- City ships also have 1 Stargate in a very large room that allows them fly about 12 jumpers in at one time.

The City Spire Ship – This puppy is MASSIVE. The whole idea here is to allow multiple city ships to dock up with it, 8 total, to form a large city dome. So imagine 8 city ships with 5 million people each docked with a center spire. This center spire is literally a very large spire on top, very large spire on bottom (making it so that the spires go up and beyond the distance of the city ships) and the middle flares out to docking bays for each city ship.

- Powered by 9 ZPMs
- 5 ZPMs handle the shield, 3 ZPMs for propulsion, 1 for power and everything else
- Here is where it gets fun, it has 5 ZPMs for a shield, the shield emanates from the top and bottom spire and covers ALL 8 city ships to put the whole thing in one huge bubble. This way the city ships don’t need their shields up. The center spire creates one huge bubble that everything is inside. Jumpers can fly from the center spire (where it can hold about 200 jumpers) and can transport people from city to city if needed, or cargo. Inside the huge bubble an atmosphere is created, yes, this means breathable air and even an ozone layer and everything. This literally is a synthetically generated planet atmosphere inside the bubble.
- It has its own propulsion which is slower, but with the 3 ZPMs for hyperdrive it can still get to Atlantis to Earth in 1.5 weeks. Though, you can tie in the city ships propulsion the whole thing can move much faster.
- The center spire has 2 directed energy beams, one on the top spire and other on the bottom, it also has 2 pulse blasters, one on bottom and top. Of course the city ships can also be firing if there is a big attack.
- The spire can be flown as a regular ship without city ships attached, but it lacks much room inside, it is mostly storage bays for jumpers and shuttles and can compliment about 500 people, its purpose is to be the center connector for city ships.

City Spheres – Yes, it gets EVEN BIGGER, if you can imagine. Think of this like planet size. The basis is that you can take these 8 city ships connected to a center spire and now connect spires to other spires with well, their spires. I haven’t quite worked out yet how the connection will take place and how it will all work. The idea is to perhaps each center spire to each other in a vertical configuration, one on top of the other, and then also work sideways by connecting city ship to city ship. Now, this would actually create a square, not a sphere. So I need to figure out how to make it a sphere, cause ultimately that is what I want. The idea is again to also allow the entire thing to create a big shield bubble that you can live inside, hell, you could even fill empty areas with water and have oceans, heh. I don’t know yet, but this would be the largest of the whole thing and you’d basically have an entire Planet flying around space.

So to summarize, you have a City Sphere, which breaks down into a City Spire of 8 city ships, which break down to a City Ship, which breaks down to a Battle Cruiser, which breaks down to a Warship, which breaks down to a Shuttle, which breaks down to a Jumper, and they can all connect with each other up the chain.

This is my idea. One day I may get a 3D model program and work this all out, but its not a priority right now, just a thought.

Any feedback?
A bit wanky, but fun stuff that could be used in a fanfic. I don't get why the battlecruiser has a beam weapon pointing aft given SG-verse ship maneuverability, nor why they would use ring transporters instead of the transporter closets though.
To me, the (Tiara class?) ships the Ori used should have been the Ancient ships--and the ships we see the Ancients actually use---well, they looked a bit like glass cathedrals--them and the NuBSG resurrection ship--those would be better for the Ori religious nuts....and the Battle Fleet Gothis ships looked more Ori.