MLB Offseason: All Rise for the Judge

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Randy Rosenberg is vying to be the next Joe West.

What an asshole.

From what I can tell, Rosenberg is primarily a minor-league (AAA) umpire who officiated four major-league games in 2022. MLB and the World Umpires Association often use Spring Training to audition umpires for promotion to regular major-league rotation, and I'd say this little display torpedoed Rosenberg's candidacy. (Or he'll be on the World Series crew this year, given the WUA's love of scorchingly stupid shit like this.)

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  • Andrew Toles hasn't played for the Dodgers since 2018.

  • Since then, he was found homeless and has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

  • The Dodgers give him a new contract each year so that he can keep using the health insurance.
The Los Angeles Dodgers have signed Andrew Toles to a new contract even though he hasn't played Major League Baseball since 2018, and it seems unlikely he will ever play again.


A surprisingly decent act.
Shohei Ohtani is expected to earn $65 million this season -- $30 million salary, $35 million endorsements -- which is an MLB record. Max Scherzer ($59.3), Aaron Judge ($44.5), Justin Verlander ($43.3) and Mike Trout ($39.5) are next on the list.
Volpe's wearing #11 for the Yankees.

He actually called up Brett Gardner and asked permission to wear the number, which Gardner immediately gave.
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