Mind Meld Motive (SPOILER)

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  1. JarodRussell

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    Jul 2, 2009
    Spock melding with Pike is another one of those not fully thought through, reversed TWOK references.

    You mean he was going to mind rape him.
  2. YellowSubmarine

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    Aug 17, 2010
    In the prime timeline Spock was willing to risk a great deal for Pike, and it obviously went beyond logic, although it was presented if he was making the logical choices. He felt pretty strongly about Pike. In this timeline he did not have the chance to work with him for years, so it would be weaker, but with all the events that happened some of it would be there. Why wouldn't he meld with him?

    I thought Khan thought that his crew was killed and Spock wanted to reveal it wasn't before driven by his anger he went to cause even more destruction.
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    Go ahead, caller. I'm listening...
    Why did Spock mind meld with Pike?
    1. Curiosity about what it was like to die.
    2. To try to bring some comfort to Pike.
    3. To gather eyewitness information about the attack that was about to become unavailable otherwise.

    Likely, all three reasons and more. Spock is a complex thinker.
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    I had similar thoughts, though I'm not really sure what good it would do.
  5. Brolan

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    With the French nation

    Only if they use it in the next movie. If Spock starts flipping out like McCoy did in the original movies they could use it as part of the plot. With Vulcan gone it may be a lot harder finding Vulcans with the talent to deal with it.
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    Personally, I thought Spock melded with Pike to save a little part of him, knowing he couldn't save the body, he tried to save a bit of his mind.
    With Kahn, I think Spock pulled a crow, transferring the emotion he felt watching Kirk die. Just a feeling based on the look on Kahn's face after it happened.