Michael O'Hare has died.

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    R.I.P - you were wonderful

    (and I would also like to contribute to the 'please no more :(' sentiment... so many wonderful actors from such an amazing show gone too soon...)
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    I'm sorry to hear about Michael O'Hare. I saw O'Hare speak at the San Diego Comic Con B5 panel shortly before the series proper premiered. He was funny and eloquent.

    His performance as Sinclair is one of the things that drew me into BABYLON 5, especially in the pilot. While O'Hare wasn't a spectacular actor, the role and his performance in it was quite different than the typical SF-hero at the time. There was something almost Robert Culp-ish about both O'Hare and Sinclair that I quite enjoyed. Unlike Sheridan, Sinclair was a hero who had yet to arrive, who didn't have all the answers, and had a long-buried rage waiting to be unleashed. Which is why O'Hare played him as a bottled-up character, that was often mistaken for being "wooden."

    I was disappointed to see him leave the show after one season. I very much enjoyed his performance on the series. EDIT: Someone just posted this on youtube:

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    God damn it! Another Babylon 5 actor leaves us. This news is pretty devastating. Please, no more. Let the rest all die very very old people.

    Rest in Peace, Commander Sinclair, Entil'Zha Valen, The One Who Was. :(
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    Now that I think about it, his portrayal was a much quieter and stoic one, similar to Jeffrey Hunter (both of whom, of course, were replaced with much more lively and energetic performances).

    Admttedly, I think I preferred Bruce Boxleitner, but I've sometimes been curious how the series would've played out if they'd stayed with Sinclair the whole way through. I know that he would've been the one who hooked up with Delenn, and Carolyn Sykes and later Catherine Sakai would've assumed the role of the love interest who is presumed dead on an expedition, only to later return alive as a brainwashed Shadow agent (a role that was filled by Anna Sheridan).

    Anyway, farewell, Minbari not born of Minbari. He's gone beyond the rim to reuinite with Dr. Franklin, Zathras, Dr. Kyle, G'Kar, and Zack.
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    Oh dear. I'd better tell hubby. He'll be gutted. He's a huge B5 fan.
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    Rest in peace Mr. O'Hare.
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    Damn it. I really liked O'Hare's portrayal of Sinclair, and wonder what the show had been like had he stayed. It is really sad it seems like the Babylon 5 cast is being picked off one by one. :(

    RIP. :(
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    Honestly, what is it with B5? They've lost so many actors, while the cast of the various Trek series seem to live forever.
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    :(R.I.P i really like him on B.5
  13. Orac Zen

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    What awful news - far too young at 60. I saw him at a con several years ago and he came across as a very genuine and interesting person who had only good things to say about his time on B5.

    Requiescat in pace. :(

    And yes - please, no more, not for a very long time.
  14. Candlelight

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    That is sad, condolences to friends, family and fans.

    Another great actor gone beyond the rim...
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    Bugger. :(
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    Rest easy Mr O'Hare........yeah stop picking on B5...
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    This is terrible. I really liked Michael O'Hare on B5. He played an atypical leading man and his performance was more complex and deep than a lot of people give him credit for. The scene posted by middyseafort, along with his "Vietnam Syndrome" scene with Garibaldi, were the moments that made me decide to follow B5 on a regular basis. While I grew to like Bruce Boxleitner quite a bit, I would have been quite happy if O'Hare had remained throughout.

    RIP, Commander Sinclair. :(
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    Another morning of sadness and reflection for Babylon 5 fans.

    I never got to meet Michael O'Hare, although he did attend an event in Edinburgh - my mother was there and said he was a lovely man, approachable, funny, and he surprised them all by reading poetry.

    I think I may watch some B5 DVDs tonight.
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    R.I.P :(
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    Sad news indeed!