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    He still does. :sigh:

    I admit I kind of lost it with him once - kind of hard not to - but it's just not worth it.

    (Side note: If you get banned from Memory Beta, does this propagate to the entirety of all Wikia sites?)
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    Does the novelverse have a clear definition on the oft-used term "sector" and Star Trek Online for "sector block" and "sector"?
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    Star Charts is often used as a reference by novelists, and it defines a typical sector as being a cubic volume of space 20 light years on a side.
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    Memory Beta is way better than the TARDIS Data Core, which seems to be run by people who don't understand the joy of Doctor Who at all.
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    It's been a while since I've read it, but I think it goes further than that, defining the division of space into sectors as being a lattice of cubes parallel to the galactic plane and the perpendicular plane on the line from Sol to the galactic center, with Sol as the origin? Though I never understood how that part was supposed to go along with Sol being within sector 001, since it would technically be located in 8 sectors at once by that definition.
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    I thought of something. In Star Trek Into Darkness Khan tells Kirk about the Io Facility at the coordinates But if everything in the Sol System revolves around something and at different rates, then how can coordinates for anything exist? Be tied into astronomy databases?
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    They could be orbital parameters -- semimajor axis, inclination, argument of perihelion, eccentricity. Although those numbers given wouldn't fit those parameters for Jupiter.
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    Perhaps the top-secret Section 31 base moves, and Khan knew where it would be at that time.
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    ^Dude, if it's in orbit of Jupiter, of course it moves.
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    I read that in a magazine somewhere.

    The magazine was called DUH.
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    If Picard states in First Contact that the Federation in 2373 spans 8000 light years, then roughly how much time does that take at warp 9 to traverse?
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    ^Whatever's convenient to the current plot.
    Throughout the solar system. Not tethered to Jupiter's orbit.
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    ^The point is, everything in space moves, so coordinates can't be treated as fixed locations. The logical approach to defining the coordinates of any object within a planetary system is through its orbital parameters.
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    Isn't that a flaw of Trek's "boxes in space" sector system in general? I figured the co-ordinates were based on that.
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    Sectors are 20 light-years on a side. It takes tens of millennia for stars to move that far. I'm talking about motions within the Solar System, a vastly smaller scale. It only takes Jupiter three hours to traverse its own diameter (it takes Earth about seven minutes to do the same, since it's smaller and faster). If you say that, oh, Vulcan is in Sector 005, that's going to remain true for thousands of years, but if you try to define Jupiter's position based on some kind of fixed XYZ grid, those coordinates will be obsolete in hours.
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    Also in Into Darkness he just gives those coordinate numbers, he doesn't say what system it is in

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    New member of the Federation introduced in Acts of Contrition: Kyppr. Humanoid, with immune systems that are particularly vulnerable to off-world infection. As a result, they rarely leave home, except on official Federation business. A minor, low-key member for about a century, home star in the Beta Quadrant.

    Founding states (2161):

    • 1. United Earth (Earth, Luna, Titan, plus many other colonies): Spawnworld of the Human Horde.
    • 2. Confederacy of Vulcan (AKA Vulcan Confederacy of Surak) (Vulcan, T’Khut, Cor Caroli IX, Sigma Draconis V, Vulcanis Lunar Colony, Trilan, Nisus): Vulcans. Copper-blooded humanoids of the "Vulcanoid" sub-type.
    • 3. Andorian Empire (Andoria [Fesoan, Twin Moons of Andor], Alrond, Cimera III, Syrinx III, Threllvia IV, Weytahn): Andorians (racial variants include Talish, Aenar). Blue-skinned people with pale hair and antennae. The Andorian Empire withdrew from the UFP in 2382, but returned in 2385.
    • 4. United Planets of Tellar (Tellar Prime [Kera and Phinda], Brantik, Hakon, Maeglin; strong cultural and economic ties to non-member colony Kharzh’ulla): Tellarites. Robust porcine humanoids.
    • 5. Alpha Centauri Concordium (Alpha Centauri III, IV and VII): Independent Human state.
    • 6: Confederated Martian Colonies (Mars): Independent Human colony, large Tellarite colonial population, others.
    • 7: Vega IX: Independent Human world.
    • 8: United Worlds and Colonies of Rigel (Rigel II, III, V, VI, VIII, IX, X, XII - possibly IV, eventually?): Jelna, Zami, Chelon (natives), Xarantine, Ithenite, Coridanite, Human, Orion, others (colonists), collectively: Rigellian.
    Prior to the 2260s, these states have joined; the Federation as of TOS and Vanguard, basically:
    • 9: Alpha Proxima II: Human colony that became powerful or populous enough to get Council representation.
    • 10: Arcturus (The one at the real Arcturus, where Arcturians are from, not the other Arcturus on the Triborder, which is a seedy, non-aligned trade world)
    • 11: Plutocracy of Ardana: Ardanans. Apparently a strategic member, not really playing by the rules. After the controversy concerning its class divisions in the 2260s, it pulled out of the Federation, but eventually came back.
    • 12: Argelius: Argelians, humanoid pacifists, sometimes empathic. Joined in the 2240s-50s. Courted for strategic position and popularity as a shore-leave planet.
    • 13: Arken: Arkenites. A former Andorian subject world; Arkenites are stoic, bald, pointy-eared people who were being courted as members as early as 2162.
    • 14: Aurelia: Aurelians, bird people.
    • 15: Axanar: Axanar, long-lived reptilian methane-breathers.
    • 16: Cait (Cait, Kirisha IV): Caitians; cat people. They apparently leave and come back on a whim (presumably people call up the Caitian Councillor and ask him/her “will you be attending today, or have you left again? You’ve left? Okay, see you the session after next”).
    • 17: Cygnet (Cygnet XII, Cygnet IV, Cygnet VIII colony is joint authority with Earth): Matriarchal, emotionally demonstrative humanoids with skin that can be white, beige, purple, mauve, etc.
    • 18: Deltan Union (Dhei AKA Delta IV [Cinera, Seyaan], Brannik IV): "Deltans" (Dhei-ten); Sexually mature people who have been inward-looking for the last few centuries, turning their back on their era of colonization; still feud with non-member Carrea over those old holdings.
    • 19: Denobula (Denobula, Teerza Prime, Fellebia (implicitly), Matalas (implicitly)): Optimistic, patient humanoids with ridged faces. Courted as early as 2162, resisted at first due to differing positions on genetic augmentation.
    • 20: Icor IX: Icorians, purple humanoids.
    • 21: Ithen: Ithenites, little bronze humanoids in fezzes. Active in the local trading/shipping community since the 2150s.
    • 22: Izar: A primarily Human colony prosperous or populous enough to claim Council membership.
    • 23: Makus III: Makusians, tall brown humanoids with floppy ears.
    • 24: Ramatis III: Ruled by a deaf royal family. Federation colonies existed in the Ramatis system as early as 2260s.
    • 25: Regulus (Regulus II, III, V, moons of Regulus VI): Mixed-race colonies.
    • 26: Risan Hedony: Ris(i)ans. Joined in the late 22nd Century.
    • 27: Sauria: "Saurians", goggle-eyed reptilian humanoids. They have many, many trade partners.
    • 28: Scoridia: These people remain a mystery, but are said to be members.
    • 29: Tiburon: Flap-eared humanoids known for their technological and medical breakthroughs, despite or because of a schizophrenic relationship with science.
    • 30: Trill (Trillius Prime, Sappora VIII, Shal Tul). Secretive but relatively influential member.
    2260s: Something tells me Kirk and Co Have A Lot To Do With This Part
    • 31: People’s Republic of Coridan (Coridan Prime, others). Coridanites. Membership: 2267.
    • 32: Janus VI: Horta, plus Human mining colonists.
    These members have joined by the period of 2270s-2290s
    • 33: Aaamazzara: Aaamazzarites. Apparently, bee-people who spin their own clothing and building materials.
    • 34: Efros: Efrosians, tight-knit, enigmatic humanoids from an icy world.
    • 35: Kashet: Kasheeta, dinosaur people.
    • 36: Kazar: Kazarites, ecologically sensitive furred quasi-humanoids.
    • 37: Kyppr: Isolationist, implicitly for medical reasons.
    • 38: Pacifica: "Selkie", aquatic people. Pacifica (located deep in the Taurus Reach) was supporting offworld Federation-aligned colonies in the 2260s.
    • 39: Zaranai: (AKA Zaran II): Fluorine-breathers (only not really, see Ex Machina).
    • 40: Huan: Huanni, emotional, ethereal purple people.
    • 41: Vestios (Vestios Prime, Vestios II, Vestios V): Vestians.
    Early 24th Century: By the time Picard is on Stargazer, these members have joined:
    • 42: Atrea IV: Atreans, humanoids with large sculpted ears.
    • 43: Betazed (Betazed, Darona): Betazoids, mind-reading Humanoids. Began working in and with the Federation around the 2290s.
    • 44: Bolarus (Bolarus IX, Myrmidon): Bolians, blue, bald people. They were apparently first courting membership in the 2260s, begin appearing in Starfleet in the 2270s-80s. By the 24th century, a major economic power within the Federation.
    • 45: Dedderei: Dedderac. Black and white striped slight-framed Humanoids.
    • 46: Gnala: Gnalish. Lizard-like, like bipedal iguanas. Rather isolationist by Federation standards.
    • 47: Grazer: Grazerites. Herbivorous, apparently horned Humanoids. They graze, presumably.
    • 48: Pandril: Pandrilites, big blue bulky Humanoids.
    • 49: Peliar Zel: Its two moons are not members, and cause headaches for the planet. Peliar, beige-yellow thick-skinned beings with nice hats.
    • 50: Pentam V. Pentamian. First contact was in the 2260s.
    • 51: Pythagos Clans: Inhabitants unknown.
    • 52: Tandar (Tandar Prime, Pyrellia, Kemsar): Tandarans, humanoids with a lot of interest in time travel.
    • 53: Threllvia: Unknown inhabitants.
    • 54: Alonis: Alonis. Telekinetic aquatic people.
    • 55: Pahkwa: Pahkwa-thanh, dinosaur people.
    • 56: Antede III: Antedeans, fish people.
    • 57: Benzar: Benzites, meticulous, disciplined amphibian people.
    • 58: Cairn: Telepathic Humanoids that speak in images.
    • 59: Delta Sigma IV: Bader and Dorset colonists.
    • 60: Lendrin: Race where females and young bond very closely.
    • 61: Evora: Evorans. Emergency war-time protectorate, fast-tracked.
    • 62: Ona (AKA Ontail): Ontailians, octopus-sloth people. An emergency war-time member that doesn't really get the whole "united federation" thing.
    • 63: Third Republic of Bajor (Bajor, Andros, Dreon VIII, Free Haven, Golana, Prophet’s Landing, Valo, Velestral): Bajorans.
    • 64: Koa: Koas, spider people.
    Other Members as of 2385 (membership dates unknown, scattered all over the place but mostly 24th Century)
    • 65: Andros III: Androsians. Hair-dying cyclopean Humanoids.
    • 66: Antares VIII: Its native name is very long and complicated. One of the most distant member worlds.
    • 67: Antos IV: Antosians.
    • 68: Arbazan: Arbazan. Sexually conservative Humanoids.
    • 69: Arvada III: Former colony, now full member.
    • 70: Asarion: Asarion. Gender-shifting refugee settlers.
    • 71: Beta Antares (Antaran homeworld?): Ships are built here. Membership prior to 2311.
    • 72: Bilana III: Bilanan. Grey-skinned craggy-faced humanoids.
    • 73: Bre’el IV: Bre'ella. Overly stiff and formal humanoids.
    • 74: Bynaus: Bynars, a diminutive cyborg race.
    • 75: Caldos II: Former colony, now a member world.
    • 76: Candelar IV: Candelarian. Backwater charity case from Deny Thy Father. Membership: 2350s.
    • 77: Carnegie: Multi-species world, known for contributions to holography.
    • 78: Cestus III: Colony with Council representation.
    • 79: Damiano: Damiani, three-sexed horned people. Membership: Protracted admissions process, 2340s-2371.
    • 80: Delb II: Delbians, humanoid.
    • 81: Deneva (Denevan Diaspora, Ingraham B): Majority Human colony, promotion to Council unknown.
    • 82: Draylax: Draylaxians. The Romulans well and truly trashed it; presumably it rebuilt.
    • 83: Elas
    • 84: Troyius (assuming they have separate representation).
    • 85: Gallima: Gallimites, people with transparent skulls. Membership is unknown (contacted as early as the 2250s).
    • 86: Gemworld: Artificial crystal planet with six races living on it; Lipul, Elaysian, Alpusta, Frill, Yiltern, Gendlii. Rather isolationist and distant.
    • 87: Hekaras II: They imposed a speed limit on us.
    • 88: Hermat Directorate (Hermat, Amphibalus III): Hermats, which believe it or not are hermaphrodites.
    • 89: Inferna Prime: Dark-skinned, orange-eyed people.
    • 90: Iotia: Iotians, who are now all Chicago gangsters.
    • 91: Ktar: Ktarians. With the Federation, but Maquis sympathisers. Seem in general a politically unstable people.
    • 92: Lorillia: Lorillians, Humanoid people who breathe different atmospheres as children (somehow). (Unlikely to be members prior to 24th Century; see post below).
    • 93: Magna Roma: Romans... IN SPACE! Even more so than the Romulans.
    • 94: Medusan Homeworld: Medusans. Non-corporeal, the only known non-corporeal member race.
    • 95: Meldrar I: Apparently non-humanoid people, based on snippets in Avatar.
    • 96: Napea: Napean. Swollen-headed empathic humanoids.
    • 97: Nasat: Nasat, cowardly pillbug people.
    • 98: Ochat: Ochati. Grey-skinned.
    • 99: Oriki: Oriki. Meerkat people. Membership: 2340s or 50s.
    • 100: Parnasi: Influential in their sector, three of them form a single entity. Part of the 2370s secessionist movement.
    • 101: Rhaandarel: Rhaandarites, a long-lived rule-abiding people. Membership: unknown, likely late 23rd Century.
    • 102: Selene: Seleneans. Quasi-humanoid at best, but shift to a humanoid form around other Federation members.
    • 103: Sulamid: Sulamid, tentacled things.
    • 104: Tessen III: "Tessenite", unknown if this is a species or not.
    • 105: Triex: Triexian. Three-legged, long-necked pink people. Either an Edoan colony or themselves the people from whom Edoans descend. Whether Edos is a member is unclear.
    • 106: Tyrellia: Tyrellian. No atmosphere, which doesn’t bother them, apparently. There were five on the Enterprise-D at one point.
    • 107: Valzhan: Valzhan. Amber noseless people.
    • 108: Vobilin: Vobilite, red, tusked people. Membership: early on.
    • 109: Xindi Diaspora (New Xindus, Azati Prime, etc.): Membership: at least the 2350s.
    • 110: Ysa: A major part of the secessionist movement, in the 2370s.
    • 111: Zakdorn (Zakdorn, Qualor II): Zakdorn; fussy, beaurocratic people.
    • 112: Zalda (Zalda, Ricktor Prime): Zaldans, brutally truthful people. Membership: Originally said to be 2280, later retconned to circa 2330s-40s. Maybe Piniero meant to say “half century” when she said “century”?
    • 113: Zanri: Inhabitants unknown. Membership: at least 2377.
    That's 113 named members out of an established 155, not including former members Kerovi (left, 2378) and Selelvia (kicked out, 2376. Shoulda listened to Gimli on that one, guys).

    Colonies that may well have Council representation (seeing as Vega, Deneva, Izar, Cestus III and Alpha Proxima II are full members):
    • Aldebaran (Aldebaran III, IV)
    • Archer (Archer IV, IX),
    • Berengaria VII
    • New Paris
    • Tau Ceti (Tau Ceti Prime, Tau Ceti IV - Kaferia (Tau Ceti III) is likely never a member, just an ally),
    • Terra Nova
    • Sirius IX
    Very likely members:

    Canopus Planet
    Guidon Pontificate

    Assuming we accept all of those listed so far as members, it brings us to 132. Still room for another twenty or so!

    Additional possible members include:

    Betelgeusian Argosies
    Casperia Prime
    Deneb Kaitos
    Lembatta Prime (definitely UFP, but whether homeworld or colony is unclear).
    New Halana
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    The Deltans' true name is Dhei-ten, not Dhei-tan.

    Lorillia seems to have been a member as of Destiny, but Serpents Among the Ruins implies that they were separate as of 2311, since Klingon ambassador Kage lists them among the species he's negotiated with (along with Tholians, Vedala, Lissepians, Otevrel, and unnamed dozens). Although it's possible they could've joined between the time he negotiated with them and the time of that book.

    And who are the Talish, the racial variant of Andorians? I don't remember that one. Where's it from?
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    Oops. Thanks; I'll correct it.

    Good catch. I might edit in a "likely 24th century" note.

    I know it originates elsewhere (though I'm not sure where), but it was used a couple of times in Paths of Disharmony. Unlike the Aenar, they're apparently part of the mainstream Andorian, one of presumably many variants. The book mentions lengthy antennae, so maybe they're supposed to represent the early TNG Andorians?
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    I'm pretty sure that the S'ti'ach are members. Orion's Hounds explicitly says that Ambassador Alexander (from Platonius) convinced them that they could participate in the Federation as equals despite their short height.