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    Just watched this episode the other day (first time seeing it) and was very impressed on how dramatic and intense that episode was. I thought I had seen all Voyager episodes before but this one slipped past me. To see Tuvok that angry, and out of control was terrifying. Seeing him strangle Neelix the way he did (even though it was just on the holodeck) gives a glimpse of the rage and anger that Tuvok has to keep under control day by day especially having to be around one so annoying and insensitive as Neelix is. It gave us a glimpse of what Vulcans can be like if not for their will power and use of logic to over come their urges that must be kept in check. One of the best episodes I think in the series, and there are a lot of them.
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    This is a great episode and your review of it is perfect.

    As for me, I give this episode 5 points out of 5.

    But one thing I've been wondering for some time: When Tuvok tells Janeway in sickbay that :"You disgust me. All you humans do", is it what Tuvok really thinks about humans, about Janeway and the other non-Vulcans on the ship and is he only hiding it behind his Vulcan control?

    Or was that a "dark side" of Tuvok which showed up, which he normally doesn't have?
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    I had wondered the same thing. If Capt. Janeway believed that was how Tuvok truly felt about her, and the others aboard her ship, it seems to me that it would be difficult for her to work along side him as she does, but than again seeing that he is a Vulcan and can suppress his true feelings, she might not have a problem with it. Still don't see how she could be friends with someone who thinks so little of her and her leadership skills.
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    I've always loved this episode. Perfect casting, and a great message and discussion om the nature of violence. Cliff Bole did a great job directing, too, setting the mood and tone as very unsettling.
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    I’ve just rewatched it and forgot how good it was. Shame Mr Suder wasn’t a background character introduced from the early days, as that would have been even more shocking. Tim Russ’s acting is super in this episode. The disgust he expresses is like Ambassador Suva from ENT who hates the smell of humans and fins the, in similar contempt,
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    We are who we pretend to be...I just wish Dourif had the chance to play The Joker