May Challenge - Arms & Sigils

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by 137th Gebirg, May 9, 2012.

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    Hello all - sorry for the delay in this. As I mentioned in the April contest (many thanks to all who voted for my submission), this was my first win and I didn't know I had to come up with something new for May. So, hopefully this hasn't been done in a while, if at all.

    Been on a big "Game of Thrones" kick lately and, while not as widely discussed in the show, the books place an emphasis on sigils or coats-of-arms, representing various noble houses, bannermen, knights and other classes of characters.

    So, the challenge this month is to pick a character (or group of characters) from any Trek series or movie and come up with a design that that person may conceive if he/she/it were to create their own coat-of-arms. It could be an individual person, or it could be an entire species or civilization. If the latter, I would suggest that it should not be one for whom we have already seen a design created by the talented and prolific Okudas. For example, it shouldn't be an image of a common Bajoran logo with some slight modifications and say it belongs to Kira Nerys. Although, such symbolism could certainly be included in the greater overall design.

    And finally, if so inclined, include the meaning behind the symbolic choices used in the design when submitted. It may earn you bonus points during the final vote. Good luck!
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    Very interesting, unique challenge - looking forward to what this one brings to light :)
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    A great idea, and that is one of the cool things in the book... it's gotten a couple of mentions. The heraldry is so complex that supposedly GRRM once went to the folks to find out what he'd made one of the obscure ones because he couldn't remember! :lol: