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    When I normally have a math type question I post them in this forum so this may sound misplaced, but give it a shot.

    I am playing a video game where there are different soldiers that have different attacks / heath / etc. My army can only be so big maxed at a number X. Each soldier takes up a different amount of that army, Y.

    How do I figure out what the proper mix of soldiers is to maximize my attack and health without just randomly trying different configurations?
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    First, use Excel, it is much easier, and then you can play with the numbers as much as you want.

    Decide for yourself how important health is vs attack. Generally I would rank 1 point of health = 1 point of damage, however that can vary with mass. Meaning a single unit with high health will continue to do max damage until dead. A group with low health will see the damage reduce as each unit is killed. Without seeing the game, it's hard to say which will be better.

    Most games will also rock/paper/scissors, so your choices may have a bonus against certain units.

    So, you will have a chart that will show:
    Unit; Cost; Recruit Time; Damage; Health; Total of Damage + Health; Ratio of Total:Cost

    Find the unit that gives the best ratio, keeping in mind your production rate (cost and time.)

    This will be the body of your army. Space left over fill with the next best smaller unit.

    All that said, bonuses against certain other units and movement speed, range, and attack speed will also factor in.
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