Lore after Datalore

Paul Weaver

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Watching Brothers again, and it occurred to me that there was no reason that the Enterprise crew couldn’t have beamed Lore back aboard after Datalore, so it straight into the brig, even deactivate him.

Seems very inhumane that they left him floating, powered, in space for what could have been million of years. Sure they had a very important refit to get to, after all they had launched on a continuous mission beyond the edge of known space just a couple of months earlier so it was clearly urgent they get back to starbase than spend a few hours searching for a sentient being, but they didn’t even consider it.

mind you 35 years on from when I had the VHS of Datalore and I had never considered it. I guess I’m as bad as Picard and co.
A typical season 1 thing to do... something super dark happens and nobody really thinks or talks about it or mentions it further (like the scene in "Lonely Among Us" when they casually mention that the ship's cook has prepared a meal that looks like one of the Selay delegates, lol). One of the reasons why I love the WTF-ness of season 1 sometimes.

But yeah. It would have been easy to beam Lore back. I'd say Data would have come up with a nifty way of detecting Lore easily and quickly and they could have grabbed him and put him in the brig and then warped away. It's no wonder Lore is furious with them when they meet him the next time.
I agree it's weird, but I also wonder if there were pitches between the two stories about Lore where it was revealed he'd been beamed aboard or imprisoned or something. I think "Brothers" made it to script because of the hook of the family reunion (and also it being Rick's baby helped) but I wonder about pitches where he was just in storage on the Enterprise. I wonder if anybody did pitches where Maddox found Lore.
"Datalore" was an interesting setup, for the idea of Data having an evil twin...but "Brothers" took that concept and just ran with it. The episode was arguably Brent Spiner best work during the entire series, and it must have been tough for him, basically doing 45 minutes with two other versions of himself. But in the end, he pulled it off expertly.
Yeah, there's really no good reason for leaving him floating in space. But as someone else said, this was early TNG, so there you go.