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    Hola all!

    So, because I'm a dork and have a love of lists that almost matches that of our esteemed KRAD, I decided to go ahead and make a list of Federation Member States. I've been working on it for a while. Right now, the number clocks in at 153 -- just slightly below the 155 number established in Articles of the Federation.

    The list is based on a few key assumptions. To begin with, it assumes that if we see a member of the Federation Starfleet or an employee of the Federation government, then this person's species is probably a Federation Member unless otherwise stated. It's also based on the assumption that *most* of the Federation Member worlds listed in Star Trek: Star Charts are accurate. Because of some wildly contradictory information out there about the aliens seen on the Federation Council in ST4 that background material is in general not be accepted, and those species presumed to be from some of the numerous Federation Members that Star Charts establishes but does not assign a species to. I used as many worlds from the Memory Alpha and Beta resources as I could, and got much of my information from them.

    Special note on Rigel: This list presumes that the various worlds in the Rigel system, described as being unified as the United Rigel Colonies in Star Charts, are all part of a single Federation Member State, the United Rigel Colonies, commonly referred


    AotF - Articles of the Federation
    TTN - Star Trek: Titan series
    STSC - Star Trek: Star Charts

    When known, formal names and notes are included.

    Earth - United Earth - Founding Member - AotF
    Vulcan - Confederacy of Vulcan - Founding Member - AotF
    Andor - Andorian Empire - Founding Member - AotF
    Tellar - Unknown - Founding Member - AotF
    Alpha Centauri - Unknown - Founding Member - AotF
    Aaamazzara - STSC
    Ajilon - STSC
    Albireo - STSC
    Algolia - TNG: "Q-Pid"
    Alonis - Mission Gamma I
    Alpha - inference from TOS: "Court Martial"
    Alpha Proxima - The Brave and the Bold, Book II
    Antede - AotF
    Antos - STSC, Garth of Izar
    Arbaza - DS9: "The Forsaken"
    Arbazan - STSC
    Arcturus - The Entrophy Effect
    Ardana - TOS: "The Cloud Miners", AotF
    Argelius - TOS: "Wolf in the Fold"
    Argo - Homeworld of Aquans - A Singular Destiny, TAS
    Arkaria - TNG: "Starship Mine"
    Arken - inference from TTN
    Atrea - TNG: "Inheritance," SCE: Wildfire
    Aulac - Ex Machina
    Aurelia - Yeasteryear TAS
    Axanar - TNG: "Whom Gods Destroy," ENT, et al
    Bajor - Republic of Bajor (est. STSC) - DS9 novel: Unity
    Barradyne - STSC
    Benzar - AotF, DS9
    Berellia - inference AOTF, Destiny I
    Beta Renner - STSC
    Betazed - DS9: "In the Pale Moonlight"
    Betelgeuse - STSC
    Bolarus - ATTK
    Bre'el - AotF
    Buran - TNG: The Death of Princes
    Bynaus - Native Name: 101100010100110 - TNG: "11001001;" SCE: 10 Is Better Than 01
    Cairn - AotF
    Cait - AotF
    Caldik - STSC
    Caldos - STSC
    Camus - STSC
    Candelar - TLE: Deny Thy Father
    Catulla - aka Cendo-Prae - TOS: "The Way to Eden;" Worlds of the Federation
    Cerberus - STSC
    Cestus - ATfWATfP
    Coridan - People's Republic of Coridan (est. STSC) - TNG: "Sarek," AotF
    Cygnet - STSC
    Damiano - TNG comic: "Perchance to Dream;" AotF
    Deddrai - Starfleet: Year One
    Delb - inference TNG: "The Drumhead"
    Delta - Deltan Union (established STSC) - AotF
    Delta Sigma - AOTF
    Deneb Kaitos - Commonwealth of Denebia - ST:SC
    Deneva - Exterminated 2381 - AotF; Destiny III
    Denobula Triaxa - Inference from Summon the Thunder, The Sundered, A Singular Destiny
    Djana - TOS novel: The Lost Years
    Eeiauo - TOS novel: "Uhura's Song"
    Efros - ST6
    Enif - STSC
    Epsilon Pavonis - STSC
    Evora - AotF; SCE: Past Life
    Galakhi - TOS novel: The Lost Years
    Galen - STSC
    Gemworld - TTN; TNG novel: Gemworld
    Gnala - AOTF
    Goren - STSC
    Grilasdixraksirvek - aka Antares - War/Peace
    Gullrey - TOS novel: The Great Starship Race
    Hakton - STSC
    Halii - inf TNG: "Aquiel"
    Hamal - TOS novel: The Wounded Sky
    Hanolan - STSC
    Hermat - AotF
    Huan - AotF
    Inferna - STSC
    Ithen - "Journey to Babel"
    Izar - ST:SC; ATTH
    Janus - AotF
    Jilon - STSC
    Jotunheim - TOS novel: From the Depths
    Kaleb - STSC
    Kazar - Presumption: TMP, TNN
    Kerovi - VOY novel: Old Wounds
    Klaestron - STSC
    Koa - AotF
    Kobheeria - DS9: "Duet," "Second Skin"
    Korvat - Destiny I, STSC
    Krios - Shares name with a Klingon subject world - AotF
    Ktar - War/Peace
    Lembatta - AotF
    Lorillia - STSC
    Makkus - NF: Excalibur
    Mars - United Martian Colonies - Section 31: Rouge; Genesis Wave I
    Medusa - TOS: "Is There No Truth in Beauty?", A Time to Be Born
    Megara - STSC
    Menk - Commonwealth of Menk and Valkis - ST:SC
    Merak - STSC
    Mestiko - inference from Mere Anrchy; Insolence of Office
    Mira - STSC
    Napea - inf TNG: "Eye of the Beholder"
    Nasat - AotF, SCE
    Nehru - STSC
    Ona - aka Ontail - ATT Be Born
    Ophiucus - STSC
    Oriki - Vulcan's Heart
    Osadj - SF:Y1
    Pacifica - inference from TTN, TNG: "Conspiracy"
    Pahkwa-thanh - inference from TTN I
    Pandril - AotF
    Pangea - inference from AotF, W/P, A Singular Destiny
    Peliar Zel - TNG: "The Host"
    Penthara - STSC
    Penzatti - TNG novel Vendetta
    Pree' - STSC
    Qualor - STSC
    Ramatis - Destiny I (exterminated)
    Regulus - "Fascination;" inference from Destiny III
    Rhaandarel - Ex Machina
    Rigel - United Rigel Colonies - AotF
    Risa - Risian Hedony - TNG: "Captain's Holiday;" ST:SC
    Ronara - STSC
    S'ti'ach'aas - TTN: Orion's Hounds
    Saltok - STSC
    Sauria - ATT Kill; Greater Than the Sum
    Selene - TTN: Sword of Damocles
    Sigma Iotia - aka Oxmyx - SCE: Fables of the Prime Directive
    Skorr - TTN: Presumed
    Ssan - TOS n: Shadows on the Sun
    Sulamid - AotF
    Ta'Trosha - Exiles
    Talos - inference from Burning Dreams
    Teneebia - STSC
    Tessen - STSC
    Tiburon - AotF
    Triex - AotF
    Trill - AotF; Trill Unjoined
    Tyrellia - STSC
    Ullia - S31: Rogue
    Umoth - STSC
    Valzhan - Where Time Stands Still
    Vemla - Spartacus
    Verdanis - STSC
    Vestios - Burning Dreams
    Vobilin - SF:Y1, ST New Worlds
    Vorgon - Exiles
    Zakdorn - AotF
    Zalda - AotF
    Zaran - STSC
    Zibalia - inference from Destiny I

    Let me know if you find something wrong!
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    Wow! Sci, I am very impressed - I'm bookmarking this page, it could come in very handy for future reference :D
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    there's a goof where you put TNN not TTN on Kazar, you spelt Rogue as Rouge, you missed the second a from Anarchy in 'Mere Anarchy' and i think you should say IaMD also implies Denobula as a UFP member, since Phlox said about Earth, Vulcan and Denobula being united in a Federation in the 'other' (normal) universe or something similar.
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    I'm looking forward to updating my UFP aliens site when the new movie comes along!

    I haven't seen too much contradiction. I generally go with FASA's "ST IV Sourcebook Update" unless the novels have clarified something.
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    I think that's a reckless assumption to make. We know of several Starfleet personnel who aren't from member worlds: Worf, Nog, all Starfleet Bajorans pre-2376, Tasha Yar (Turkana IV was a UFP protectorate, but not a member), and arguably Data (since there was no civilization of androids with a seat on the Federation Council). And Icheb was accepted into Starfleet Academy despite being from a world on the other side of the galaxy. So representation in Starfleet can't be taken as evidence of UFP membership, not by itself.

    I don't think that's the right name. I'd assume that Algolians are meant to be from Algol.

    First off, presumably Cogley's reference to "Alpha III" is shorthand for some fuller name, possibly Alpha Centauri III. Second, Cogley wasn't citing Federation members, he was citing historical documents defining human rights. He also cited Hammurabi, but I don't think ancient Babylon was a Federation member.

    Probably an alternate name for Proxima Centauri, which is part of the Alpha Centauri trinary and thus presumably part of the same member state.

    Why are you treating these as different?

    Actually The Entropy Effect (no H) established Arcturus as a neutral world between Federation, Klingon, and Romulan territories. Which really doesn't make astronomical sense, seeing as how it's only 37 light-years from Earth. It was TMP that claimed the Arcturians as Federation members, though the portrayal of that species in behind-the-scenes material was rather implausible.

    The name of the Aulacri's homeworld has not been established.

    That's an odd one for SC to include, seeing as how Camus II was portrayed onscreen as a dead world whose only occupants were archaeologists.

    We know that Catulla was not a UFP member as of "The Way to Eden." The Encyclopedia conjectured that they were applying for membership, but that's purely speculative.

    In TAS, Cerberus was a colony. Presumably colonies don't count as distinct members. It's possible Cerberus could've grown to become a member world in the century since, but we have no evidence of that.

    I've seen it suggested that the Krios from "The Perfect Mate" was the Klingon subject world from "The Mind's Eye."

    If you mean the Ktarians' homeworld, that's called Ktaris.

    IIRC, the Megarites weren't Federation members as of Ex Machina. They could be a century later, though.

    Ophiuchus (there's where that extra H goes) is a whole constellation. "Mudd's Women" referred to a planet called Ophiuchus VII, but Harry Mudd may have been shortening a longer name. (And he mispronounced "Ophiuchus." It's "oafy ookus," not "Oh, fie, a cuss.")
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    Hmm, would anybody be willing to cofirm Pakwa-than? That's one I've been wondering about ever since we met Ree in Taking Wing.
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    Just enough time for a few quick responses....

    But Earth is, and Cogley was citing historical precedents for Federation law. As such, it seemed a logical inference that he wouldn't cite historic law of a non-Federation world.

    Probably because STSC called it "Arbazan," and, because of the sheer number of names I was dealing with, I didn't actually recognize that it's nearly identical to the planet from "The Forsaken" and thus more than likely the same world until you just pointed it out to me! :) Thanks.

    I'm told that A Singular Destiny features both Krioses and has one being a Federation Member and the other a Klingon subject world.

    It was called Ktar in A Time for War, A Time for Peace. Possibly this is an Andor/Andoria thing?
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    No, he wasn't.

    He was speaking of the universal principle of individual rights. He never said a word about the Federation.

    Besides, ancient Israel, Babylon, Rome, England, and the United States are not whole planets, but nations. Who's to say "Alpha III" wasn't the name of a colony of another civilization rather than a separate world? It's too vague a reference to draw any firm conclusions from it. (Although I still think it's probably a reference to Alpha Centauri III, given the historical progression.)

    Actually we don't know of a world called Arbaza. We know there's an Arbazan species, but Vulcans aren't from Vulca and humans aren't from Huma.
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    Doing the Federation's dirty work
    How is Talos in the Federation? I'm pretty sure they are not, and Memory Beta agrees with me.
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    ^ there was talk of them applying for membership in "Burning Dreams"
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    It should be noted that the greatest source of information regarding the Alpha Proxima system comes from KRAD's story in The Brave and the Bold, and it seems there that it was not the intention of the author for there to be any connection to the Alpha Centauri system.
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    Bynaus is not a Federation member and this was explicitly stated in SCE: Belly of the Beast. The exposition when introducing the Bynars stated that while they were not Federation members they had agreed to abide by the rules and regulations therein for the duration of their stay on the da Vinci and there was also no mention of them being Federation members in "11001001" otherwise there would have been no need for them to steal a Federation starship, they would have probably had a Galaxy-class of their own.
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    That doesn't follow. The city of Cincinnati is a member of the United States, but that doesn't mean City Council has its own aircraft carrier at its disposal. You're making the common mistake of confusing the Federation, a multi-state government, with Starfleet, the military organization that serves that government. Federation member worlds no doubt have thousands of starships, but they're civilian vessels. Galaxy-class starships are Starfleet vessels, not available for public use, and there were only 4-6 of them in service at the time of "11001001" anyway.

    It would be more accurate to say that if Bynaus had been a UFP member, they could've requested that the Council assign a Galaxy-class starship to their needs.
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    In fact no such thing was ever explicitly stated in The Belly of the Beast or elsewhere, and another S.C.E. story, 10 is Better than 01, explicitly stated that Bynaus was a member. :)

    I think I see the source of the confusion. You're probably remembering this bit from Fatal Error: "The Bynar pairing weren't even Starfleet, they were civilians, part of an exchange program—although they had agreed to abide by all Starfleet rules and regulations." That just meant that 110 and 111 weren't Starfleet personnel, not that Bynaus wasn't a member of the Federation (though my use of "exchange program" might've been misleading). After 110 changed his name to Soloman and decided to stay on the da Vinci, he formally enlisted.
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    I stand corrected, oh fount of all knowledge *bows deeply*
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    He's not a fount of all knowledge, he knows very little about cheese for example...

    ...well, unless it's Klingon cheese, and then he could provide a list of several pleasant and many deadly varieties from points all across the Empire. ;)

    No, but seriously now. Of Kieth, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in this BBS, his was the most... encyclopedic.

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    And I'm sure that there are plenty of foreign citizens serving in the United States Armed Forces. Nonetheless, it's safe to presume that the majority of officers and non-coms in the US Armed Forces are citizens of US states. So if I read in a novel that United States Navy Lieutenant James Smith was from Iowa, I'll probably assume that Iowa is a member of the Union unless it's stated otherwise.

    Worf may have been born on Qo'noS, but he later became a Federation citizen. His legal residence prior to joining Starfleet was Earth, so presumably he's a citizen of United Earth (as a division of the Federation) in addition to being a Klingon citizen.

    Just kibbitzing here, but, Nog's lived on DS9 for most of his life, and DS9 was Bajoran property under Starfleet administration before Bajor became a Federation Member State. (Has the DS9 Relaunch established whether or not ownership of the station transferred from the Bajoran government to Starfleet?) So, presumably, Nog was either a resident alien under Bajoran law (no pun intended) or a Bajoran citizen. If he actually had Bajoran citizenship, it's entirely possible that he gained Federation citizenship upon Bajor's entry into the UFP.

    I think that's extremely questionable. Why would Data's being of a different species mean that he'd be denied citizenship of the colony he was constructed at? If we're going from the presumption that a sentient android is equal under the law, then, logically, his construction would be regarded as the legal equivalent of birth, and he would have the same citizenship as anyone else born on Omicron Theta. Memory Alpha indicates that Omicron Theta was an Earth colony, so presumably Data would, legally, be a citizen of United Earth and therefore receive his representation on the Federation Council through the Federation Councillor from United Earth (from at least 2376 to 2380, Matthew Mazibuko), just like any other Federate born on Omicron Theta.

    Awesome sauce. Thanks!

    I see what you're saying now. Good point -- you've convinced me. It definitely looks like he was arguing with regards to the evolution of Human law, which indicates that Alpha III was probably originally a Human colony like Mars. I'm not quite willing to conclude that it's shorthand for Alpha Centauri III, but I'm now disregarding my presumption that Alpha III is a Federation Member in its own right -- it could easily be a longstanding colony of United Earth, for instance.

    I'm not willing to make that assumption unless KRAD says so himself. Having said that, I had gotten the Federation Membership status from Memory Beta's list of Federation Members, but the actual Alpha Proxima article cites no reference to it being a Member in its own right, describing it rather as a colony. I'm afraid that I don't have The Brave and the Bold with me -- can anyone confirm Alpha Proxima's Membership status? I'm removing it from the list until/unless I hear otherwise.

    I was planning on listing it under "Arbazan" since that's what STSC calls it. My general rule is to accept something that Star Charts establishes unless a novel contradicts it.

    Fair enough. My general rule is to assume that if a member of a species is in Starfleet, his world is probably a UFP Member, but, as you note, The Entropy Effect establishes otherwise, so off the list it goes.

    Memory Beta lists it as Aulac. I'll use that as a provisional name but note that it hasn't actually been established yet and is therefore subject to change once a novel establishes it.

    Awesome sauce, it's off. Thanks!

    The Memory Beta article indicates that its being a Member is supported by both the Encyclopedia and Worlds of the Federation, so I think we can probably keep it.

    Other than it being listed as a Member by Star Charts.

    I would presume that the name was later transferred to a single system and its planets (the same way "Indian" was transferred from residents of India to residents of North America) for whatever reason. Star Charts says it's a Member, and there's no reason that colony couldn't have grown into one.

    I don't know if it's been confirmed, but it's been established that there are "only 100" or so Pakwa-than serving in Starfleet. I don't see why that number would be perceived as being unusually low if the Pakwa-than weren't Members. Deanna also describes the Pakwa-than as having greatly enhanced the state of Federation medicine in Taking Wing, if I recall correctly. So I would infer that they are (subject, of course, to later novels' clarification).
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    See, my own take on TMP aliens is that several had joined the UFP between TOS and TMP, and that many had repesentatives serving in Starfleet, perhaps starting off as exchange officers (and then "Ex Machina" has a subplot about Dr Chapel's role in assisting the new UFP races recruits adapt to Starfleet life on the Enterprise).

    When I chatted to TOS/TMP makeup man Fred Phillips in 1983, he mentioned that the expensive alien ambassadorial costumes were ordered up because there was a plan to have Nogura addressing a "Journey to Babel"-type banquet in which they are told of the gigantic cloud heading for Earth. That idea didn't progress because Robert Wise found most of the masks wanting, and relegated most to background scenes, where little detail would be evident.

    To my delight, a fun character in "The Lost Years", described as an Arcturian, has the same physical description and voice patterns of the alien McCoy meets in the bar in ST III. If you put that guy and a TMP cloned Arcturian next to each other, they have remarkably similar noses. Adding to that, a humanoid female is wearing the leather TMP Arcturian outfit in ST IV's council scenes.

    I'd love to see a future novel address the Arcturian cloning issues in light of canonical comments that have arisen in TNG, and all the anti-genetic-tampering from DS9.
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    Assuming is dangerous. In the absence of evidence either way, it's better to assume nothing.

    Which may also be true of any other Starfleet officer from one of the species on your list. The point is, just because a Starfleet officer belongs to Species X, that doesn't mean that Planet X is a Federation member. The X-ite in question could just as easily be an immigrant or the child of immigrants. What if the Navy lieutenant from Iowa were named Hiroki Nakahara? That wouldn't be evidence that Japan was part of the US.

    But he entered Starfleet years before any of that happened. And the same point applies: the presence of a Ferengi in Starfleet is not evidence that the planet Ferenginar is a Federation member.

    Again, the point is not about the individual's citizenship, but about whether the individual's presence in Starfleet implies a whole world that's a UFP member. Which it doesn't.

    Yes, exactly. Colonies are not distinct member worlds and thus don't belong on the list.

    The problem is that the stated number of UFP members is just so damn small, considering. The total list of worlds and species we've seen affiliated with the UFP in some way is far greater than the 150-odd membership figure that's been cited. So there must be plenty of worlds that are UFP colonies, protectorates, or allies but not full members. So I'm reluctant to add worlds to the list of full members too casually.

    I refuse to believe that there would be a planet whose full name is "Alpha III." That's just silly. It would have to be Alpha Something III. Unless it's a reference to a space station or something rather than a planet in another star system.

    The thing is, the only star in reality -- the only thing in all of astronomy -- that's called Proxima anything is Proxima Centauri, aka Alpha Centauri C. It's a unique designator (as it would have to be, since it means "closest," and there can only be one closest star). So what else could "Alpha Proxima" be except Proxima Centauri? There aren't any other Proximae to choose from.

    Unlikely, since there are plenty of other stars in the Ophiuchus constellation. Most likely it's just a shorthand. Easier to say "Ophiuchus Seven" than "Epsilon Ophiuchi Seven."

    Ultimately, it's just one more case the TOS writers slapping together spacey-sounding names at random without rhyme or reason. Pet peeve of mine.
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    It is a categorical fact that in the next 300 years, nothing else will ever be named "Proxima".