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    Mar 22, 2010
    Here is a nice link: SPACEPORT MAGAZINE

    Comparison chart

    Odd origin?

    ET contact pathways

    I've often wondered about looking for the paths of focal lines that might allow for an image of our system to stand out from afar.

    One thing that makes me scratch my head just a tad is how there is a warm spot for higher energy particles "in the direction of the constellation Ursa Major:"

    There also seem to be planets nearby:

    Heck of a way to say hello?

    That system has some impressive names "Chalawan" for the star and Taphao Thong and Taphao Kaew for the planets.

    "Simulations suggest that the inner part of the habitable zone of 47 Ursae Majoris could host a terrestrial planet in a stable orbit"

    Russian HLLVs

    Real flying Saucer?
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    Mar 22, 2010
    Recent advances in computer simulations may make for cleaner skies:

    James Oberg space expert

    A lovely video--that being the:
    Visualization of a contra-rotating, open-rotor simulation created using the Launch Ascent and Vehicle Aerodynamics (LAVA) software framework

    Shades of the USS Franklin's Vodeberg tilings

    Stacking the moon

    Black Holes

    India space


    Bekuo spaceship&f=false

    Space simulator

    Supernovae video

    Molecule ghosts

    Atom circuits

    Dust devil
    You are here

    Our Uncles

    Gamma ray beam

    SLS facebook


    Darpa spaceplane

    Hermes spaceplane book

    Pro-HLLV group

    Asteroid mining
    Skylab auction

    Power beaming

    Depot study

    Humans to Mars

    Deep Space Hab

    zero point

    Space circus

    ISS: The end--or the beginning?

    The moon
    Oak Ridge

    Dream chaser

    Space X and Blue Origin


    The Iridium story
    Moon tech

    Internal combustion engine for space
    Antennas of different shapes

    Docking port ideas?

    Kill Delta?

    New dwarft planet

    Life's odds
    Deep space dreams

    Pulse Orion on SyFy

    Cool Mars photo

    Planetary Defense
    Math art

    New Booster

    Ice giant mission

    SLS to Mars

    wet stage tanks
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    Mar 22, 2010

    SLS movie

    SLS to Comic-con

    SLS to Mars

    China's HLV

    ISS solar

    Burn test Saffire

    Asteroid ship
    No secrets in space now


    ]the Air Force had “bent over backward” to give ULA an advantage for a competitive launch contract.

    Space X fees
    Falcon heavy news

    Space X graphics

    Spaceplane call renewed


    Launch talk and trajectory sims

    Moon lander shapes

    A guide to moons


    New spaceport new research:

    Uh-Oh--maybe Ares I and Athena aren't dead after all.

    The return of THE STICK well--son of the stick

    Payloads getting heavier:

    Trump anti-space

    2001--could it be done?

    Proton Light

    Space X launch manifest
    But watch for new-space cool-aid

    Step towards space solar power

    Ceres--even better for mining?

    Here is something I have been hoping for for a long time

    I love it. Now we know the sound of trek computers chugging away wasn't primitive--but predictive after all.

    "Click click--working!"
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    Mar 22, 2010
    Here is some information about a manned Venus airship:

    The pdf:

    cis-lunar stations

    SLS fuel tanks

    Sea Serpent

    The big dish

    Sail design

    Spaceplane art


    Soyuz problems?

    A new field of research:
    Epicatalysis could enable a number of new applications, including chemical streams enriched in high-energy or desirable reactants; lower operating temperatures for chemical reactions; novel forms of alternative energy, and options for green chemistry.

    Deep music

    Cheap microscope:

    Water Computer:

    atmosphere as lens

    Light discovery

    Venus plane

    Moon first?

    Hydrogen metal at last?

    Space USA

    Moon-mars plans

    Vortex laser
    Maybe of use to...
    Small vortices:

    Asteroid mining
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    Mar 22, 2010
    The ITS tank interior for Musk's Mars lander

    Shuttle II
    Shuttle 2 art

    Super heavy lifters

    Venus/ solar probe chip

    SLS endorsed

    Tornado hits SLS facility

    How to slow a solar sail

    Saturn V lamp

    Spacehab contest

    The push for space

    Vortex materials...

    Laser advance

    The array can also be scaled up in size to create high power lasers for industrial and defense applications, he noted. “A fundamental challenge in high power lasers is heating and with the predicted efficiencies of our BIC lasers, a new era of laser technologies may become possible,” Kanté said.

    Silicon based life form?

    Carbon sea

    Why space matters
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