Linda Park "Yolk" magazine pics: link to raw scans

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    Re: Linda Park "Yolk" magazine pics: link to raw s

    Because Jolene's breasts are larger, therefore she must be sexier than Linda. It's only the boobies that matter on a woman--the motto of UPN's target demographic. Not the face, nor the eyes, the smile, the flat tummy, the shapely legs, the cute fanny and the confident attitude. The totally of a woman's appeal is her cup size.

    Jolene isn't ugly, but she doesn't need the padded boobage in the costume, the ugly wig to conceal her long beautiful hair, and the overzealous application of lipstick and eyeshadow from the makeup department. All that artifice detracts from Jolene's attractiveness. Still, as a heterosexual woman who looks at these pictures of Linda with a less hormonal eye than you gents, I find myself wondering why Linda wasn't cast as "the sexy one." Linda's every bit as alluring than Jolene in my humble opinion. She's prettier. Then, I remember B&B's mindset. Boobs, boobs and more boobs. I have a big set myself, but it never guaranteed me a date on Saturday nights. Some men actually find other aspects of a woman attractive. Even my husband, a notorious boob man, has done a turnabout in his weekly Wednesday night ribbing of me about Jolene. Now it's Linda he drools over. That bastard put the picture with Linda's pierced belly button on my desktop when I was asleep.

    Sometimes I wonder if Bermaga was simultaneously bewitched by Patty Duke walking along the boulevard saying, "boobies, boobies, boobies" in the now infamous Valley of the Dolls and adopted that motto for life. :rolleyes:

    Trip and Hoshi=the sexy ones. :eek: ;) :lol: :p No wonder they're the only two who've gotten some action. BTW, Realist, close your mouth or I'll tell your wife you're staring at Linda's goodies. Shame, shame, shame......
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    Nov 7, 2001
    Hold still, Jim.
    A gigantic one, anyway. ;)
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    ARRRRGGGHHHH!!! Sam! wags finger reproachfully :eek: Better a big head than two giantic fake honeydews tied to a twig.
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    Apr 4, 2001
    Is that supposed to refer to Jolene? Because it wasn't so long ago that you really, really loved T'Pol, and leapt to her defense at every opportunity -- especially in response to any disparaging comment about her breasts, which you insisted were irrelevant regardless of size or relative fakeness. Fickle, fickle, MR. :p
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    I still love T'Pol. :) I'm not judging the character or actress negatively for sporting two obviously fake breasts. I'm judging Bermaga negatively for treating the character as if those boobs are the totality of her appeal, i.e. for taping those honeydews to Jolene's chest and oversexualizing her. The boobs aren't the totality of T'Pol's appeal, but I swear that Bermaga thinks they are. And Hoshi does deserve to be treated as "the sexy one" from time to time. Why aren't any of the male crew members dreaming about her? Trip? Hoshi's potential appeal is being neglected. You don't agree with this, Realist? Tsk, tsk, tsk...... :lol: Me thought Realist love big head girl.

    I'm just hoping, praying, fervently praying that this upcoming illness of T'Pol's--instead of being a story that plays out over a long period--isn't used as a crutch to romantically bond her with big strong Jon. I believe Wichita referred to it as turning her into a "puddle of goo" for plotline purposes. I don't want to see T'Pol's honeydews heaving on Jonathan's chest. If only Bermaga would put a bloody jacket over that catsuit it would be half the battle. Jolene's lost so much weight that I'm starting to wonder how she keeps from tipping over. She is getting alarmingly thin. Hoshi's got the better bod. A Night in Sickbay proved it.
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    Apr 4, 2001
    Whatever you say. The "stick with two honeydews" comment sure did seem more insulting to Blalock than to B&B, though -- particularly inasmuch as the alleged padding (if it exists, which I question) is on top of the surgical implants Jolene chose to have. Apparently, B&B aren't the only ones who think boobs are important to her appeal.

    Oh, you know I do. I was just calling you out on the inconsistency of your comments and attitudes, not disagreeing with your (latest) preferences. :p

    Really? You wouldn't like that? Gee, maybe you should post about it every once in a while. ;)

    So do the photos at that site above. Did I mention that I liked those? *pantpantpant*

    Though Jolene has a nice bod, too, except for the fake knockers. And she doesn't look too thin. Boy, women just love to say that, don't they?
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    Alright, maybe the honeydew remark was unnecessarily articulate, but the padding exists. Jolene copped to it on the Howard Stern show, as well as the implants. Why pretty young ladies feel the need to mutilate their bodies is beyond me. Maybe casting agents and producers convince them it's necessary to succeed in "the biz." Surely not. Jolene doesn't need the big gazongas to be pretty. Just let T'Pol grow out her hair, take off that ridiculous pink lipstick which highlights her big lips and put her in some decent clothing.

    My latest preferences? Opinions can change, my dear Realist, and I'll kvetch about T'Pol and Archer's scintillating chemistry to my heart's content, so :p :p Jolene has gotten thinner, though. Those bones jutted out of her poor back in Archer's horny dream. Ouch.... :( Wouldn't you have rather seen Trip having a prolonged dream which featured the lovely Hoshi's bare essentials, Realist?

    I thought so. :lol: I'm still ratting you out to your wife for staring at Linda's goodies.
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    Aug 14, 2002
    Jolenes huge lips annoy me a lot more than her breasts do. They don't seem quite so bad in normal photos of her though, just when she's all done up as T'Pol.

    But this isn't a Jolene thread so back on topic for me.

    WOW!!! Those photo's of Linda sure are pretty. Especially the ones from Worf999 friend's site. That little lacy black dress she's wearing on pg 4 is cute (and I normally hate all that lacy stuff - don't even get me started on bows and such).
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    Off topic -- Did you ever read "The Realist"? I met the guy, Krassner, once.
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    Linda is looking more lovely every week!
    B&B give THIS woman the catsuit! (But Jolene can keep on wearing hers tho)
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    Apr 4, 2001
    No, and in fact the damned username has caused me no end of trouble. People always like to throw it back in my face when they disagree with something I say -- "as a realist, you should realize," blah blah blah. Fact is, I thought about a name for about .0024 seconds when I was registering, and put down the first thing that popped into my head. It wasn't supposed to be some great pronouncement. On another day, I could as easily have been The Blithering Psychotic. :p
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    Re: Linda Park "Yolk" magazine pics: link to raw s

    As if things couldn't get hot enough in Melbourne, you guys show me these pics ;)

    She looks stunning. :eek:
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    Re: Linda Park "Yolk" magazine pics: link to raw s


    *Ahem* She looks rather nice, dont you think? :D

    [edited for screen wrap]
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    Oct 26, 2002
    Thanks for this link!

    This is the better Christmas gift ever! (except for the REAL Linda Park of course)
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    Nice pics. Never heard of "Yolk" though.
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    Re: Linda Park "Yolk" magazine pics: link to raw s

    Nice reason to drop in to post, so glad you shared. ;)


    Nice pics. Hoshi's a cutie!
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    Re: Linda Park "Yolk" magazine pics: link to raw s

    Because those pictures obviously had a hell of a lot of work put into them. It's a lot easier to make someone look good in photos than it is in film.

    Am I the only person who thinks Blalock isn't as well endowed as everyone else imagines she is? Seems pretty average to me.
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    Re: Linda Park "Yolk" magazine pics: link to raw s

    Exaggeration is the sincerest form of inaccuracy.
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    Jan 11, 2003
    Heard on a farming colony

    "My God Ragnol. We've got to help these poor people!"
    "What is it my sweet?"
    "Have you seen those poor girls? They're starving on their homeworlds!" Let's put together a food bank for them."
    "My love you are the ever compassionate one."
    Jolene's mammaries have inflated and deflated throughout 1 and 1/2 seasons. She even had fake nipples in one scene. This is proof that they are fake. Implants are fakes too. Jolene is not pretty. She is plain and that is ok.
    We don't comment on their stick thinness to disparage them but to encourage them to partake of nourishment so that they may live. Neither of them will ever conceive a child without 15% body fat or more. I want Jennifer Lopez to do several episodes so that fans may see what a decently proportioned healthy woman looks like. She's beautiful, isn't she?
    The fake nipples and the body rubbing scenes were done to piss off fans who said the show was sexless. Did you notice Hoshi got to leave with the dog one time? This is hate pure and simple. This is pissy childish Peter Pan hate. from Bermaga.
    Sexuality on Star Trek isoften portrayed by these losers as wierd, perverted, mean or so alien that no human could relate to it. Picard cannot find enough hormones to take Crusher to bed. One species inseminates a fibrous husk. Odo melts his body into Kira's and I guess she gets an orgasm from it. Tasha Yar wants a machine not a man. Vulcans are so stupid that rape is their only option. Archer has misplaced his hormones somewhere back in Kansas and can't find them. Are we suprised that this has not changed?
    Female fans thought the Cardies and the Vulcans were sexy. Bermaga gives us wierd crap about both races to "decontaminate" the fan base of this hideous idea. The only woman permitted even for a time to look normal was Troi.
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    Re: Heard on a farming colony

    Are there bigger pics of those scans?