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    There are legends of a phonautograph recording of Lincoln made in 1863, but there's no evidence for it.
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    Checking the new posts, I noticed I left out the punch line on a Stevens story, the one about the "bad hair."

    Which, when the lady asked the "Apostle of Liberty" for a lock of hair, he took off the wig and said to take it all.

    The trailer is impressive indeed. Day-Lewis voice if anything is neither shrill nor Western enough.

    There was one line in the trail about the power that seemed a shade anachronistic, at least out of context. Lincoln's presidential powers were so great because of the war. It was a unprecedented and unanticipated in contitutional or political theory as the Jacobin revolutionary dictatorship in France. But every bit as necessary as well as ephemeral. The president as the emobidment of sovereignty and/or generallissimo awaited the rise of foreign imperialism. That's why no one remembers any presidents between Lindoln and Teddy Roosevelt.
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    I keep hearing about a new Lincoln movie glad to see it coming to theaters soon.