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    The correct pronoun for Adira is they. They literally say on it screen.
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    Bisexual cis male here, and I’m so grateful for the positive and meaningful representation ‪‪I see on Discovery! It adds a dimension to a franchise about Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations that it had been lacking previously, and helps represent the real world more fully, and richly. And it’s awesome to see other LGBTQIA+ here sharing in the love!

    While not from Discovery, it was in part other stories that featured characters I love that helped me to confront the internalized homophobia and biphobia that had kept me from accepting all of myself for a huge part of my life. I’m more than happy to see that Trek, a franchise I’ve loved for most of that life, is providing the same experience for people struggling with their identities, and ‪‪I love the characters that have told those stories on Discovery so far. I’ve grown a great affection for Stamets, Culber, Adira and Gray, and care about what happens to them. ‪‪I can’t wait to see where the story in season 4 takes them all in a couple weeks!
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    The only thing I care about in S4 is how they make Gray visible, and what's gonna happen to him and Adira. If the anomaly is the graviton ellipse from VOY, that'll be interesting, but for now, I don't care about the rest of the story. Those two could be the main characters, with Stamets and Culber, cause that part of the story was much more interesting than the rest in S3.
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    It's good to see ST finally practice what it's been preaching since the 60s. It's also heartening to see the series finally hit its stride as a quality program.
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    waaahhh it's all wonderful and I'm so happy it's a part of... well, ok I've always assumed queerness was part of the universe, but it's part of what they're actually showing us through the screen, and that's delightful.

    Star Trek has always been important to me. I'm autistic, and the token autistic-coded-but-not-explicitly characters on each show (Spock, Data, Seven, etc) have always made me feel seen — and though Tilly is also not explicitly autistic, Mary Wiseman has shown delight in folks reading that from the character.

    I'm trans, and the various bits of trans representation in previous shows (TNG: Outcast, ENT: Cogenitor) have been... uh, rough. Adira and Gray not only being trans in-canon, but played by trans actors is... it's huge. it shouldn't be, but it is.

    and speaking of the Tal symbiont, I'm part of a plural system. the Dax symbiont touched a little bit on this, sure — but oof, DSC: Forget Me Not? we sobbed through half of it. just terrifically gorgeous and accurate and something we'd never seen on tv before. systems get... a pretty bad rap in media, with things like Psycho, Legion, Split, etc... and this tremendously positive depiction is a gift. (waiting to see how Rios in PIC shapes up — easy to read that holographic crew as the manifestation of a system)