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    Lexington: Aliens Part 5

    “What in the name of the Ancestors?” The Shlavka Second exclaimed in a hushed tone as he gazed at the sleek-winged predator through his viewfinder, “It must be moving at ten times our fastest speed!”

    “That…my friend…is our trshln. The predator that even other predators fear.” Shafran Vissak replied with a mournful sigh. Watching as the alien craft drew ever closer, Vissak, raising his voice, ordered, “Power up all systems…arm lasers…divert all power to engines! The trshln might devour us, but that doesn’t mean that we must go easily down his gullet!”

    “So…” Commander Kahj, possessing the smooth forehead that marked him as one of the ‘unfortunate ones’—those contaminated by human augment DNA, exulted, his eyes gleaming with anticipation as he watched from the center seat of his B’rel-class bird-of-prey. “Our g’Hed has finally decided that he cannot hide. Good…let us hope this one proves a worthy challenge. Attack vector! Hold your fire until they fire first—let them see for themselves how small they are—and use disruptors only. I will not waste one of my photon torpedoes on this Qa’ Hom!”


    “Listen closely, pups, and try your best to keep up with what I’m telling you.” Lieutenant Commander G’arv groused as he stopped his impromptu tour group in front of a large structure that thrummed audibly in a steady rhythm. “Although I don’t know why I’m bothering...” He snorted dismissively as he regarded the two Halenoi standing next to Talana. “This is the warp core—where the matter—anti-matter reaction takes place.”

    Gasping in astonishment, Myra exclaimed, “How can you keep all that energy contained? You must use some sort of magnetic fields...”

    His lips turning up into a surprised smile, the gruff Tellarite answered the young flight controller’s question, “We do use magnetic fields and bottles...as well as other means.”

    “But how do you channel all that energy?” Merric inquired, his curiosity overcoming his initial suspicion at last.

    “It’s focused through dilithium crystals...” G’arv began to explain, only to be cut off in mid-sentence by the sound of the alert klaxon.

    “Red alert...Red alert...” Ensign Graeme’s voice called out through the intercom, “All hands to general quarters. This is not a drill. Red alert. His face now a grim mask, the Tellarite engineer directed his next words to the Andorian woman standing next to the two Halenoi. “Get these people out of here now. We have work to do here.”

    “What’s happening?” Merric demanded as Talana grabbed both him and his companion by their elbows, “What’s going on here?”

    “Battle stations.” Talana replied in a grim voice, “Come with me.” Feeling the young pilot resisting her motion, the Andorian science officer snapped, “I don’t have time for this, Mister. Move—now!”

    “Better do as she says...” Myra whispered, her eyes pleading with her friend to not make trouble.

    “All right...” Merric reluctantly relented, “I’ll go along—for now.”

    “Good.” Talana answered back, the grim expression still on her face as she urged the two Halenoi down the corridor, joining the other Lexington crewmembers as they moved swiftly and purposefully towards their stations. “Into the turbolift.”

    The young pilot remarked as the turbolift began its horizontal motion, “You’re still going to hold on to this lie that you’re not a warship? Your people are moving like real soldiers...not like a bunch of scientists and researchers.”

    “Like the Commodore told you...we are primarily explorers...” Talana sighed as the turbolift’s horizontal motion ceased and the elevator began its ascent. “But it’s a dangerous galaxy—and if you’re going out into it you had better be ready to fight.”

    As the elevator doors slid open to reveal the bridge, Commodore Wesley, overhearing his science officer’s final words, remarked, “Let’s hope we don’t have to here, Ms. Zha’Thara. Noting the two Halenoi standing by the turbolift, the commodore raised an eyebrow, “Why did you bring them to the bridge?”

    “If what’s going on is what I think might be happening...” Talana explained, “Then they should see this.”

    “Hmmmm....” Wesley considered, “Perhaps you’re right.” Addressing his English navigator, the commodore inquired, “How long before we reach the Shlavka position?”

    “Not soon enough, Sir.” Lieutenant Lawford replied, “The Klingons have already begun their attack run on the Shlavka vessel.”

    “Magnify.” Wesley ordered as the viewscreen shimmered momentarily before the image of a Klingon bird-of-prey appeared, closing rapidly on the Shlavka saucer that the Lexington had been following.

    His heart stilled as the menacing craft approached, Shafran Vissak, congratulating himself on maintaining a level tone, commanded, “All weapons—FIRE!”

    Red beams of laser energy shot out from the discs at the base of the saucer, striking the Klingon vessel directly amidships as the crew on the bridge cried out in triumph. The Shlavka crew’s cheers of success faded rapidly though as the laser beams were deflected from their target by an invisible barrier.

    “The trshln must have some sort of defensive barrier...” Vissak mused, “Maintain fire and begin evasive maneuvering.” The cagey captain immediately ordered. “Hopefully we can lose him in the belt.”

    “That one has courage.” Commander Kahj grunted approvingly as he stroked his goatee. “It shall be my pleasure to battle and drink bloodwine with him in Sto-vo-Kor.” His eyes gleaming with predatory anticipation, Kahj ordered, “Let us make a quick end to this—fire disruptors.”

    Exhaling deeply as he saw twin beams of green light lancing out from the wings of the predator, Vissak turned to his loyal Second. “It has been an honor serving with you my friend. Do not worry, we shall meet again at the Great Hunt.”

    “It will be an honor...” the Second replied, choking up, “...to call you Huntmaster.”

    Holding their breath as the twin beams impacted, Vissak and his Second never felt the tingle as their bodies discorporated in a golden shimmer.


    Watching as the Klingon ship prepared to open fire on its hapless prey, Wesley tapped his intercom. “Transporter room. Lock on to anyone you can from that Shlavka vessel and beam them aboard. Security to Transporter Room One on the double.” Addressing Talana, who was now the acting first officer, the commodore ordered, “Raise shields immediately after the transporter chief has reported that all survivors have been beamed aboard and raise that Klingon scout.”

    “Aye, Sir.” The blue-skinned Andorian moved at once to comply with her commanding officer’s orders as Merric opened his mouth to protest. Turning rapidly to the young Halenoi, Talana silenced him with a glare, “Now is not the right time.”

    “Hailing frequencies open, Sir.” Ensign Graeme reported from her position at the communications station.

    “Thank you.” The Commodore replied as he rose from his chair. Squaring his shoulders, Wesley spoke in a level and firm voice directly at the viewscreen as he delivered his ultimatum, “Klingon vessel. This is the USS Lexington, Commodore Robert Wesley commanding. You will immediately cease your attack and withdraw from this system or we will take defensive action against you.”

    Almost immediately the viewscreen shimmered as the Klingon bird of prey in the viewscreen was replaced by an image of the human-augment genetic descended Klingon commander. “Lexington. This is Commander Kahj. It is you who will withdraw from Klingon space at once or we will attack.” Making a slashing motion, Kahj cut off communications with the Federation starship as he ordered, “Weapons officer, target the Lexington. Helm alter course to 189 mark 7. Execute.”

    “Klingon vessel has altered course.” Ensign Bathory calmly reported from her position at the helm even as she licked her lips in anticipation at the coming battle. Phasers are charged...photon torpedoes ready.

    His eyebrow raised in concern at the apparent eagerness of his young pilot to engage in battle, the commodore addressed his acting first officer, “Have all the Shlavka been beamed aboard?” Nodding his head somberly at Talana’s silent shake of her head, Wesley sighed, “Understood. Raise shields...standby weapons. Hold your fire until they’ve committed themselves.” Watching as the Klingon vessel grew larger and larger in his viewscreen, the commodore ordered as the first beams of light lanced out from the enemy ship, “Fire all phasers! Helm...pivot 38 degrees and fire photon torpedoes as he passes.”

    Barely holding on as the ship rocked under the impact of the Klingon’s disruptors, Merric and Myra watched in rapt fascination as the Lexington, once the target, now became the hunter. “Photon torpedoes away!” Aliz called out as orange globs of energy shot out from the underside of the starship’s saucer. As one of the globs impacted on the rear of the attacking bird of prey, the young Hungarian called out, “Direct hit...rear shields down...engines damaged. He’s moving away at reduced warp.”

    “Very good.” The commodore acknowledged with a grunt. “Secure from General Quarters. “Mr. Lawford...you have the conn. I’m going to see to our new guests. Ms. Zha’Thara...escort our guests to their quarters for now.” Addressing the two Halenoi officers, the commodore remarked, “You two doubtless have a lot of questions, but I’m afraid that for now they’ll have to wait. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but right now I must insist that you go with the Lieutenant Commander—we’ll talk more later.”

    Seeing that her hot-headed friend was about to object, Myra shook her head once as she placed a hand on his shoulder, “Not now, Merric. Please...”

    Nodding her head at the Halenoi woman in silent thanks, Talana gestured towards the turbolift, “If you’ll please...”


    Striding into the transporter room as soon as the door slid open, Commodore Wesley nodded his head approvingly as he saw that Lieutenant Mtolo and two of his security troopers standing careful watch over the four Shlavka survivors. Seeing that one of the Shlavka was lying on the deck being attended by a pair of blue shirted medtechs, the commodore inquired, “Problems, Lieutenant?”

    Shaking his head, the Zulu security chief responded with a toothy grin, “Only for a moment. That one saw us and reached for his weapon, so Petty Officer Walters stunned him. After that, the one wearing the gold baldric over there...” the lieutenant explained, gesturing at one of the Shlavka, his skin slightly less green than his fellows and with eyes that appeared alert and experienced, “...shook his head and after that...no problems at all. We disarmed the rest and they’ve been standing quietly ever since.”

    “Good.” Wesley replied, at once reading the situation. Approaching the elderly Shlavka, Robert introduced himself. “I am Commodore Robert Wesley and you’re aboard the Federation starship, Lexington.”

    Tilting his head slightly to the left as the gray haired Halenoi-looking man approached, Vissak, still astonished at how the man was apparently addressing him in flawless Shlavkan, answered back, “How...who...I am Vissak of the Rizhat Clan. I am...was...Shafran of Shlavka Commonalty Infiltration Vessel randa 2.” His eyes flashing with pride, the elderly commander declared, “You might have destroyed my ship and killed most of my crew, but do not think that I will silently stretch my neck out to you Halenoi...

    “We did not destroy your ship.” Wesley responded, shaking his head, “Nor are we Halenoi. I, Lieutenant Mtolo, and the others here come from a race called humans—but we are just part of a much larger society consisting of many different races from many different worlds.”

    “Liar!” The Shlavka standing next to Vissak snarled, stepping forward before halting as Mtolo raised his phaser in warning. “It’s all a Halenoi scheme...”

    “Perhaps...” Vissak whispered as he laid a restraining hand on his Second’s arm, “But for now let us move carefully...like the secor stalking his prey.”

    Nodding his head in sullen acquiescence, the angry Second murmured, “Of course, Shafran.”

    His eyes now fixed on the Halenoi appearing man standing before him, the elderly Shlavka demanded, “If you are not Halenoi and you did not attack us—who did?”

    “They’re called Klingons...” Wesley answered back, “...and if they are here, then both your people and the Halenoi are in extreme danger.”

    “More lies.” The Second sneered. “We can deal with these Klingons...”

    “Maybe...” Robert replied, maintaining as diplomatic a facade as possible, “...maybe not. But...there’s something you might want to consider...that Klingon ship that destroyed yours...that was just a scout ship—one of the smallest and lightest armed vessels in their fleet. They’ve got much bigger—and far more dangerous—ships than that. Just one of their battlecruisers can destroy the entire inhabited surface of your world.”

    As the image of that sleek deadly predatory ship that he had spied so many years ago flashed through his mind, Vissak nodded his head, “Remember...Second...the trshln. Perhaps we have encountered our trshln.” Turning his attention back to the commodore, the elderly Shafran announced in a formal voice, “We are your prisoners to do with as you wish...”

    Shaking his head, Wesley replied, “You’re not our prisoners, Shafran. You’re our guests. Your injured will be cared for and you will be assigned quarters until we can return you to your people. However...” the commodore added, “...I am afraid that I must insist that you and your people remain confined to quarters except when permitted out and even then—you will be escorted.”

    A sly grin crossing his features, the wily Shlavka responded, “A wise precaution, Halenoi...or whatever you choose to call yourself.”

    “Come with me.” Wesley requested, crooking his finger, “We have a lot to talk about.”

    “It would appear we do.” Vissak flatly replied as the alien commodore and the dark skinned Halenoi escorted him out of the tiny room where he and his people had been held. “Beginning with how we arrived on your ship.”

    “That...” Wesley replied, flashing a sly grin of his own, “...I’m afraid has to remain for now our little secret.”
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    Re: Lexington: Aliens Part 5

    Whatever the problem was, I got it fixed. It's a bit shorter than I'd like, but I wanted to get something up this weekend for everyone.
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    Re: Lexington: Aliens Part 5

    So now you got the Shlavka and the Halenoi on board. Now that's either going to end with a lot of cut throats or it will be the beginning of the healing process between these two distrusting species.

    And something tells me we haven't seen the last of the Klingons.
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    Re: Lexington: Aliens Part 5

    Well, now...this could be interesting. I have to wonder if the Klingons are trying to chase the Shlakva out of the system to claim it themselves, or if instead they've got some kind of other problem with the Shlakva that they aren't revealing yet.

    I hope maybe soon we'll get to see why the Shlakva decided to go after the Halenoi in the first place!
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    Here and now.
    With both the Shlakva and Halenoi on the Lexington I'm betting we'll have an interesting (and possibly violent) confrontation at some point between the two groups.

    As to the Klingons, they really don't need much reason to be provocative. They tend to claim any space in which they find themselves for the empire, whether the claim is justified or not.

    It would seem that the Slavka and Halenoi are about to get a crash-course in the good, the bad and the ugly of the galaxy beyond their borders.
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    I agree. With enemies sharing the same space and the Klingons on the brim, this is a very sticky situation. Wesley is going to summon all his diplomatic skills to deal with with one.
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    Wesley already summoned his diplomatic skills-they're called photon torpedoes. Look how well the negotiations with the Klingons went!:lol:

    Seriously, this has such a TOS feel to it that I'm probably going to read it all of the way through after its done just to wallow in it.