Leonard Nimoy's Health

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    I wish him the best, but as stated, time spares no man.

    On the other hand I just saw "Shatners World" on stage.

    He did 2 hours non stop, by himself. He was singing and dancing and at one point he picked up his office chair and was waiving it over his head.

    not bad for an 82 year old.

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    I'm stating the obvious of course, but if any of us are lucky enough to become octogenarians, our state of health will be a combination of genetics and our current/antecedent lifestyle. Infirm or sprightly - who knows?

    Still, it's going to be very, very sad to see my heroes inevitably passing away. I wish Mr. Nimoy the very best.
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    All the chances I had to see him when he came to Toronto, now all about to be gone.

    Be as well as you can, Mister Nimoy, and remember, this fan will always love you and love what you did in your career.

    My sister smokes, and I'd wish she'd quit. I hope that you get your girlfriend to do so.
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    Gil T.Azell
    Leonard Nimoy has COPD

    I'm very surprised this has not been discussed here? (in all the searches I've done)

    Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy has revealed that is suffering from lung disease

    Heres hoping he lives long and prosper's
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    Re: Leonard Nimoy has COPD

    There you go. :)
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    Same here.

    We need to recall that for anyone fans of people with active, adult years in the 1940s - 1960s, chances are, they are well into the so-named twilight years, or have already passed on. Fans--far younger--will see it as "so many people going," but again, many of our childhood heroes were already in their 30s, 40s or 50s when we were barely out of diapers.
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    Both Shatner and Nimoy are three months older than my dad. I think this may have something to do with how well I've related to them over the years, as entertainment-based father figure avatars. It's difficult to accept just how close I am to losing not one, but all three. On those days I will be very sad.
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    Nimoy has always been an inspiration to me. I think it is great he is using twitter to warn people about the dangers of smoking. I hope he's around for many more years to come.
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    Just saw Leonard Nimoy on Piers Morgan. He sounded like his usual self and looked pretty good, a far cry from the sickly man in the wheel chair that we saw in the pic when this was first announced. Hopefully the interview will pop on the 'net in the next day or so.

    He says that he carries around a machine that extracts oxygen from the air and he finds that he needs to use it a few times a day whenever he can't catch his breath.

    [Edit] Here's an article and a clip.
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    Such a machine is called a concentrator. My mom has one, for added oxygenation as she sleeps. The vagaries of age. :(
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    Didn't Nimoy give up the Star Trek Convention circuit a year or two ago? I wonder if COPD was the reason for his decision.
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    For years, now, he's always been kind of clearing his throat, like he was coughing up a little phlegm, or something, during interviews. I'm not surprised that he needs extra oxygen, these days, from all his past smoking. He should do anti-smoking ads, or something, now that people are thinking about his health and all that. I hope he lives for another decade, but still ... living well into one's 80's after having been a famous celebrity for most of their lives is more than many can look forward to. I wish him The Very Best.
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    Quoted for the motherfreakin' truth.
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    I have a friend, whose wife has had COPD for over 10 years now, so I guess that it's something that you can live with, or even fight, if you've a mind to!
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    The last time i talked to Leonard was at Walter's Star Event in 2012, he seemed in good health then, sad how these things can happen. :(
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    It sounds as if he's tackling the problem with cautious optimism, much as we'd expect of him.
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    Feb 8, 2014
    Best wishes to him; hope he has a full recovery.
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    Jan 26, 2014
    It will be a Sad day indeed when these gentlemen leave us.