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    Sep 13, 2011
    I bought the series on iTunes Saturday and finished yesterday. I was with the season up till the final episode. I can appreciate them going a less predictable route but I can't get on board with the series ending with no catharsis, update or coda for David's actions (all the people he murdered willy nilly) and how the supporting cast ended up differently in the new timeline.

    I grew to care about David, Amy Haller (missing completely from S3), Ptonomy, Cary & Kerry, Lenny, Farouk, Clark from Division 3, and Oliver. I liked Syd in season 1 but season 2 and 3 made her so annoying and unlikable.

    I would've settled for something simple. Such as all our cast of characters being students and staff at the Xavier Mansion. David is frequently in and out of psych hospitals in the comics (when writers remember he exists), you could even have Xavier meeting him there and asking how his treatments are going. Bring the series full circle.

    All in all, I will say I think season 1 is the best this show had to offer. As well as the kick ass music tracks each episode of the series brought.
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    One thing that's been bothering me...

    As part of the premise of the show, the backstory of the original version of the show's timeline, we are told that Xavier defeated Farouk and drove him out of his body.

    But when we get to the end of S3 Xavier seems kind of unskilled in the area of psychic/astral plane combat. How did this guy beat Farouk in the first place?