Last Resort was Awesome.

Discussion in 'TV & Media' started by Guy Gardener, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Program has just started, I believe. Been about 10 months since it was first tried, but so far, so good. Just a couple boats tried so far, both Ohio-class. Generally gone along without any problems, and they're increasing the program.

    So far, just the BN/GN subs, and not any attack subs at this point. More room to make accomodations for berthing, shower/head use, etc. Like gays in the military, expect this to be another issue that got a lot of play, but really just wasn't a big deal when actually implemented.

    And they implied that the Colorado was in that pilot program in the show. The XO was doing a weekly "everything going well, no one's tried to be creepy or assault you?" debrief. So they're awknowledging that they are new to the program, which is a nice way of not having to have an ALL male cast.
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    What does that even mean? Nobody would make an expensive drama for daytime.

    Having a few female sub members isn't magically going to turn a military show into a female-skewing show. ABC should never have greenlit this premise. On FOX, sure, it might have worked there. And FOX could use a big, bold show this year because their whole lineup is a snooze.

    For another example of what I mean, look at Elementary, which did well. People jumped all over it for stuff like a female Watson, but everything it was blasted for had a purpose behind it, namely, the CBS audience would like it. That kind of discipline is why CBS has been so successful.

    The moral of the story is, networks have established audiences* and if they want their shows to succeed, they can't forget their core audience. The networks may have been interchangeable once, so that a show that would work on one would work on them all, but that is definitely not true anymore. Especially when they are shooting for an audience they don't have that is all watching something on a rival network at the same time.

    A show's actual quality is beside the point. The quality that matters is: will this network's audience like it?

    *Well except for NBC which is lucky to get anyone.
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    Thought it was pretty damn good. The action on the sub was really intense, and the idea of these guys being targeted by both the government and their own Navy is a really cool and compelling one (maybe one of the best since Lost).

    Unfortunately the prospect of spending most of the series on this island isn't grabbing me as much. I'd rather see the crew constantly on the run (ala BSG), since that's when the episode was at it's most exciting. Plus it just feels like a more unique setting than yet another tropical island.

    And all the constant cutting back to DC was a distraction too. I'd much rather keep whatever's going on there a mystery, and have the audience be as much in the dark as the crew is.
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    I really liked it, far more than I expected.

    The hour started off rather badly as a low-budget 'Crimson Tide' knock-off, but once the actual drama started it got ALOT better.

    Yes, there were many inaccuracies, I'm sure - but the show has balls. I just hope they can keep going and not chicken out on what they have started. Not every episode needs to be as good as this one or as action-filled, but there better be some repercussions to nuking Pakistan and the world-wide(?) announcement from the sub captain.
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    I must have watched a different episode from most other people because I thought that was awful. Maybe it's because I'm in the Navy (granted not on a sub) but so much what I saw was incredibly un-Navy like. Throw in all of the implausibilities, both discussed in this thread already and those too long for me to bother listing, I found absolutely no appeal in this, which is a bloody shame because the show is set on a sub starring Andre Braugher and Robert Patrick. I won't be bothering with this anymore.
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    I was initially turned off by the inaccuracies. Some of which I found glaring even knowing that there was no way that the Navy would provide any advice to a show about a sub turning on the U.S. even in the face of a possible coup.

    Once I managed to try my best to ignore it or simply believe that the show is set X years from now after the Navy changed every policy in the books for no good raisin, I actually liked it a lot. Shame the ratings don't foretell a long future.

    I will admit that I do think it possibly would have been better as a limited series with a fixed amount of time to take the story to its end.
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    At least it will end in on a high note.
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    I had a friend who had a T-shirt that read: "Nuke the gay baby whales for Jesus."
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    Despite it being implausible and inaccurate I still enjoyed it mainly due to the acting and direction. I think it would've worked better as a 2 hour episode since it all seemed so rushed. To me this is like need to turn off the brain and just soak it in and enjoy the ride..and don't think about it much or the implausibilities and inaccuracies will drive you nuts.
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    Yeah - I enjoyed it, and the implausibility of the plot didn't bother me (I mean, that is kind of the point of it being a story) - but they definitely should've had a naval consultant give it one more looking-over. The breaches of discipline and protocol were so glaring they pulled one right out of the story. I often had that problem with modern Trek, too.
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    Eh--I quickly lost interest in this series. It had a promising start with a solid pilot but this second episode reminded me why I was hesitant about the show to start with--Braugher is the only good and compelling actor on the show, the rest of the cast is bland esp the steroetypical female officer trying to prove herself to the crew and that annoying character that developed the Perseus system on the sub, and probably its biggest problem is yet another government conspiracy bogging it all down and the writers telling similar military stories I've seen before--internal dissent, crewmembers blind loyalty vs thoughtfulness etc.

    This season of tv has been awful so far with the few new shows I've sampled being mediocre to awful(Revolution, Vegas, Last Resort, Park Avenue) and returning shows being tired(Supernatural and Fringe). I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer for something to possibly come along with the winter premieres of stuff like Cult.
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    Oh, the invisible helmet from Clash of the titans... I mean classic myth.

    80s movies are already almost like classic myths.

    The thing about the girl officer trying to prove herself... Look at well she hides being Australian.

    So does the barmaid, but we're used to her passing.

    After sleeping his way through 5 seasons of Felicity I am literally amazed by how COMPARATIVELY vibrant Scott Speedman is.
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    The premiere was enough to bring me back for Week 2. Andre Braugher does his best with a character that really makes some odd decisions as the episode goes on. I'll give it the time to develop.
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    I'm really enjoying the show so far. A nicely audacious premise, with plenty of chewy subplots and character dynamics to play with. I wish it wasn't on at the same time as BIG BANG THEORY and VAMPIRE DIARIES, though. My DVR can only handle two shows at a time . . . .

    (I may have to ditch VD and catch up with it on the reruns . . . .)
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    I thought last night's ep was excellent.
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    Does your cable or satellite provider have a Primetime On Demand channel? On Time Warner Cable the networks have the previous few weeks of episodes of most of their major shows available with little or no commercials the day after they air. Might be worth checking the On Demand listings to see if you have that.

    As far as this episode goes, I thought it was another strong showing. When they said the special forces team was coming in, I did not expect that twist that it would be the Russian Spetsnaz. That certainly complicates things with other world powers getting in on the action, and leaves the door open for a greater variety of interesting plotlines in the future.
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    Loving the show. The tension and character interactions are all working for me without being too contrived. The SEAL sniper is flirting with cliche, though.

    The only thing I didn't like initially about the pilot was the geek girl rattling off technical specs on submarines and other weapons platforms to her boyfriend and random thumb-heads at bars. If she truly is "in-the-know", she wouldn't be spouting a lot of that stuff, especially in mixed company, as it could easily waft into classified-land when it comes to capabilities. I understand it was pure exposition for the audience who didn't have the first clue what a lot of the jargon meant - it just seemed a little abrupt and ham-handed to me. She seemed a lot more subdued in the 2nd ep, and not a very big player (at least, at present) and, ergo, more tolerable.

    I have to laugh - once the pilot got rolling and I saw Bruce Davison as Admiral Shepard, the first thing that went through my mind is "he's GOT to be in on the conspiracy". Then once geek girl confronted him and realized he didn't have a clue what was going on, I then thought, shit, this poor guy has played insufferable ass-hats for so long in his career, I can't even look at him without thinking he's typecast as a part of the black-hat crew. I'm hoping he becomes firmly ensconced on the good-guy side for a change, particularly when his daughter was recalling something he taught her about leading an honorable life (dialog escapes me).

    And Russians. Good to see them back as a potential adversary, muddying the mix as a third party, clearly interested in acquiring Colorado's cloaking device (yeah, call it what it is :p).

    So, overall, definitely room for improvement, but pretty off to a pretty good start for a season-one show.
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    Are there any megaphones in the navy? It would had made comunicating with the ''seals'' much easier.

    Could somebody link me anything about that Grozniy incident?
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    I know what you mean. I saw him in an off-Broadway show once. He was playing a child molester . . . .

    It's the same thing with Alice Krige. The minute she shows up, you just know there's going to be something creepy about her.
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    Apparently there have been at least ten different Battles of Grozny over the years, but the one applicable here is 1994-1995.