La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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    Wow, season 3 had really long scores, didn't it? We've got only two scores out of six so far that were under 30 minutes, and two that are over 37 minutes. And there aren't any partial scores like in seasons 1-2. Everything's either a full new score or a finite amount of source music (with the exception of the brief "Headin' Out to Eden" instrumental reprise).
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    So, is the "Like Hail" cue the "stiff man puttin' my mind in jail" 'song' that Napier sang?
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    Film Score Monthly is closing down? What a shame. Will it still be possible to obtain the albums they produced through some other source?

    Great selection of samples on this interview. Oh my gods, "Kirk's Philosophy." I was literally weeping with joy as I listened. All of Star Trek's optimism summed up in a single cue. "Risk is our business! It's what this starship is all about! It's why we're aboard her!" Some very powerful moments in "I Know That Voice" and "Chekov Gets Killed" too.
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    "Zap the Spaceship"

    The memories!!!
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    SEASON 3, DISC 4

    Is There in Truth No Beauty?
    Music Composed and Conducted by George Duning
    Episode #62, Recorded 9/6/68
    Aired #60, 10/18/68

    1. Enter Marvick*/Enter Miranda† M11/M12 1:37
    2. Ambassador Arrival*/My Life Is Here†/I Must Know/Starship Party* M13/M14/M15/M21 3:35
    3. McCoy’s Toast/Quite a Woman/Marvick Pleads M22/M23/M24/M24A 5:26
    4. Marvick Mad/Marvick Berserk/Marvick Dies M31/M32/M32A/M33 5:56
    5. Unknown Void/Sentimental Jim/What Is Ugly?†/Why? M34/M41/M42/M43 3:56
    6. Blind Miranda/Mind Link†/Spock—Kollos M44/M51/M52 4:54
    7. Hero Spock*† M53/M53A/M53B 3:38
    8. Don’t Move/Spock Out/No Change/Miranda Mad†/Miranda’s Farewell*† M61/M62/M63/M64/M64B/M64A/M64C/M65 7:19

    Total Time: 36:39

    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
    †Contains “Mr. Spock” Composed by Gerald Fried

    The Empath
    Music Composed and Conducted by George Duning
    Episode #63, Recorded 9/6/68
    Aired #67, 12/6/68

    9. Starship Again*/Nova Phase/What Happened? M11/M12/M13 2:01
    10. Lost Trio/Enter Gem/The Vians/Kirk Stunned/Force Field/Kirk Healed M14/M15+M15A/M16/M21/M22/M23 4:26
    11. Vian Lab/The Subjects M24/M25 1:55
    12. Cave Exit†/Star Trek Chase/Slow Motion Kirk M26/M27/M28–30/M28–30A/M28–30B 3:17
    13. One Specimen/Kirk Tortured/Kirk’s Agony/Help Him/Vians’ Threat M31/M32/M33/M34/M35 4:54
    14. How’s It Going*/Spock’s Hypo/Spock Stuck†/McCoy Tortured/Gem Wistful M41/M42/M43/M44/M45 3:52
    15. Poor McCoy/Bedside Manner/No Interference/Time Grows Short M51/M52/M53/M54–60/M54–60A 6:33
    16. Don’t Touch Me M61 2:07
    17. Vians’ Farewell/Off Again* M62/M62A/M63 1:51
    18. Empath Finale*† M64 1:05

    Total Time: 32:24

    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
    †Contains “Mr. Spock” Composed by Gerald Fried

    Requiem for Methuselah
    Brahms Paraphrase by Ivan Ditmars
    Episode #76, Recorded 1/15/69
    Aired #74, 2/14/69

    19. Pseudo Brahms Esq. M26/M26A 2:22
    20. Pseudo Brahms Esq. (alternate ending) M26 2:13

    Total Time: 4:37

    Total Disc Time: 73:53
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    Aha, so Fried's theme in Duning's scores does get a credit, as expected. I hadn't expected the "Requiem" Brahms paraphrase to be on Disc 4, though. And I was wrong about the ordering of the Duning scores. This leaves "And the Children Shall Lead" for Disc 5, which is kind of an anticlimax, the least impressive score of the season. Hopefully there will be enough cool extras and surprises there to make up for it. But what else could there be by this point? I think we've got all the source music now -- the Orion dance, the "Way to Eden" and "Plato's Stepchildren" songs, the Brahms.

    And this should be the last disc that has any previously released content, although only in new performances. Label X Vol. 1 included a suite from "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" arranged for the album by George Duning himself and conducted by Tony Bremner, and selections from "The Empath" were on Varese Sarabande Vol. 2 conducted by Fred Steiner. Cues that have not had a previous version released are:

    Enter Marvick
    My Life Is Here/I Must Know/Starship Party
    Unknown Void
    What Is Ugly?/Why?
    Mind Link/Spock—Kollos
    Hero Spock
    Don’t Move/Spock Out

    "The Empath":
    Starship Again/Nova Phase/What Happened?
    Lost Trio
    The Vians/Kirk Stunned/Force Field
    Slow Motion Kirk
    One Specimen/Kirk Tortured/Kirk’s Agony
    Vians’ Threat
    How’s It Going/Spock’s Hypo
    Gem Wistful
    Poor McCoy/Bedside Manner/No Interference
    Don’t Touch Me
    Off Again

    Typos on the earlier albums: "Marvick Pleads" is "Marvick Pleades"; "Marvick Berserk" is spelled "Beserk"; "Vians' Farewell" is "Vian's Farewell." Neither album acknowledges the incorporation of Fried's "Mr. Spock."

    Thanks for the interview link, Neil. Good to hear more about the process. I've heard that Pops arrangement of the Courage theme before, I think on the Cincinnati Pops album Star Tracks with Erich Kunzel conducting. I think it may have debuted there and been picked up by the Boston Pops later, but I'm not sure.

    Anyway, good track selection from "Enemy Within." I really like the first part of "An Impostor." What's interesting, though, about "Bruised Knuckles" -- and really a lot of the "Enemy Within" score -- is that I tend to think more of "Arena" when I hear it, and I'm probably not alone there.
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    I actually think of the teaser to "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" when I hear "An Impostor".

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    This thing is gonna be so cool.
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    I only regret that I haven't had time to rewatch TOS before getting this set, to refresh my memory about the music placement and stuff.
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    Mr. Bennett you remember more about TOS music WITHOUT re-watching than I do having started rewatching. :) (And I mean that as a sincere compliment.)
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    Lukas is closing down the label but I imagine he'll still produce (or at least consult on) albums for other labels.

    You can order all of FSM's in-print titles from Screen Archives Entertainment. Some aren't in print anymore and others are running out fast.

    This is Lukas' low-quantity alert as of mid-October:
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    According to the listing Neil provided, "My Life Is Here" includes the Fried Spock theme. That theme can be heard bookending the suite on the Bremner, so I think some version of that cue must have made it into the suite, whether listed or not.

    Guess we'll know shortly....
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    ^Yes, I know the Fried cue is in both of the Duning suites, both the Bremner ITITNB and the Steiner "Empath." My exact words were: "Neither album acknowledges the incorporation of Fried's 'Mr. Spock.'" Which means that both albums did incorporate it into their suites, but neither of them acknowledged Fried's authorship of that motif. The full cues were included, but there was no asterisk and footnote crediting Fried as there is here.
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    SEASON 3, DISC 5

    And the Children Shall Lead
    Music Composed and Conducted by George Duning
    Episode #60, Recorded 8/9/68
    Aired #59, 10/11/68

    1. Main Title* (soprano version, third season mix; arr. Courage) 1:02
    2006 Recording Conducted and Produced by Gregory Smith
    2. Triacus*/What Goes Kids? M11/M12 2:41
    3. Triacus Burial/Kooky Kids/Reluctant Kids M13/M14/M15 1:49
    4. Strange Feelings M16–20 1:30
    5. Starship Again*/Instant Ice Cream M21/M22 1:04
    6. Busy-Busy/Tommy Tired/Here Comes the Gorgon/Kids’ Whammy #1 M23/M24/M25/M26 3:59
    7. Standard Orbit #1*/Starnes’ Tape/Kids’ Whammy #2/Tommy’s Whammy/Standard Orbit #2*/Whammed Crew*/Starnes’ Story M31/M32/M33/M34/M35/M36/M36A/M37 5:36
    8. Mislead Innocent/McCoy Mad*/Out of Orbit*/Call the Angel M38/M41/M42/M43/M43A 2:56
    9. Kids in Control M44–50/M44–50A/M44–50B/M44–50C/M44–50D/M44–50E 7:14
    10. Scotty Whammied/By Whose Orders M51/M52 2:01
    11. Last Whammy M53/M53A 1:30
    12. Gorgon Summoned/Gorgon Zapped* M54–60/M61 5:07

    Total Time: 36:56

    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    Third Season Library Music
    Conducted by Wilbur Hatch
    Recorded 6/25/68

    From “The Cage” (Alexander Courage):

    13. Survivors (M21) LM100 1:41
    14. Bottled (M31) LM101 1:51
    15. Monster Illusion (M42) LM102 2:46
    16. Monster Illusion (tag) (M42) LM102A 0:09
    17. The Kibitzers (M44) LM103 0:40
    18. Vina’s Punishment (M51) LM104 1:54
    19. Vina’s Dance (M62) LM105 1:52
    20. Wrong Think (M73) LM106 0:42

    From “Where No Man Has Gone Before” (Alexander Courage):

    21. Act 1 Card (M13) LM107 0:37
    22. Crippled Ship (M22) LM108 0:54
    23. Speedy Reader (M24) LM109 1:05
    24. End Title (M64) LM110 0:23

    From “The Man Trap” (Alexander Courage):

    25. First Goner (M14–21) LM111 tk 3 0:48
    26. First Goner (M14–21) LM111 tk 4 0:49
    27. Dressing Down (M23) LM114 0:07
    28. Monitor Gizzard (M25) LM113 0:13
    29. Monitor Gizzard (M25) LM113A 0:09
    30. Lazer Dazer (M45–51) LM112 2:43
    31. Dodo Girl (M52) LM115 0:09

    From “Catspaw” (Gerald Fried):

    32. Drugged (M25) LM116 1:23
    33. Mace Fight (M61) LM117 0:59
    34. Mace Fight (M61) LM117A 0:18

    From “Friday’s Child” (Gerald Fried):

    35. Down the Throat (M58) LM118 1:13
    36. Arrows (M61) LM119 1:25

    Total Time (13–36): 25:40

    Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried (With “The Paradise Syndrome”)

    37. School Chum (“Shore Leave” M23) LM125 0:32
    38. Mr. Spock (“Amok Time” M14) LM128/LM128A 0:57
    39. Contrary Order (“Amok Time” M16–20A) LM129 2:58
    40. More Soup* (“Amok Time” M26–30B) LM126 2:00
    41. More Soup (“Amok Time” M26–30B) LM126A/LM127 1:05

    Total Time: 7:41

    Conducted by George Duning (With “Is There in Truth No Beauty?”)

    42. Act Out LM131 tk 1 0:14
    43. Act Out LM131 tk 2 0:13

    Total Time: 0:30

    Score Alternates

    44. Ambassador Arrival* (“Is There in Truth No Beauty?” by Duning, M13A) 0:15
    45. Out of Orbit* (“And the Children Shall Lead” by Duning, M42A) 0:14
    46. Final Curtain* (“Spectre of the Gun” by Fielding, M63C) 0:13
    47. Unfair Exchange (“The Enterprise Incident” by Courage, M14–20A) 0:15
    48. Tromba Sweetener (“Plato’s Stepchildren” by Courage, M25A) 0:23
    49. The Aristocrats (“Plato’s Stepchildren” by Courage, M52A) 0:16

    Total Time: 1:48

    The Savage Curtain
    Episode #77, Recorded 1/24/69
    Aired #77, 3/7/69
    Music Composed and Conducted by Wilbur Hatch

    50. Drums/Salute to Our President Fanfare MX/M1/M1A 1:30
    51. Salute to Our President Fanfare (outtakes medley) M2/M3/M4/M5 0:52
    52. End Title* (soprano version, alternate ending; arr. Courage, cond. Hatch) 0:41
    53. Paramount Television I.D. (Wilbur Hatch) 0:05

    Total Time: 3:16

    Total Disc Time: 76:18
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    "Whammied"! I love it.
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    I was expecting the "Children Shall Lead" score to include a notation for "Includes 'Ring Around the Rosie' (Traditional)." Maybe Duning's version is different enough not to count as the actual tune? At least a couple of bars of it seem identical, and usually just one or two bars is enough to get a footnote.

    So most of this is re-recorded library cues. I guess I'm not surprised. I do remember that a lot of pilot and "Man Trap" cues were tracked in season 3. Offhand I don't remember what S3 episodes used the tracked Fried cues included here. Interesting that Wilbur Hatch conducted the reused Courage cues. And what are those "Act Out LM131" takes conducted by Duning? There's no composer credit on that.

    The alternates could be interesting -- variants that weren't used in the scores? Cool.

    And I'd forgotten the presidential fanfare in "The Savage Curtain." Somehow I never really noticed that there was a bit of new music there. I'm still surprised that Hatch was working on TOS in season 3, since he was Desilu's musical director and Desilu was gone by that point.

    So anyway, that's the last track listing to be released. I'd be sad that it's over -- except the actual box set goes on sale in less than 23 hours! Soon it will be mine, ah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!
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    Here we go folks - the last interview with some of the producers who worked on this fantastic set. I spoke to Jeff Bond who researched and wrote the extensive liner notes, the interview is here and there are a final FIVE new sample tracks at the bottom of the page!

    Watch out for a full review of the set in the near future.