La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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    Anticipated some samples and these are indeed outstanding! Even more so solidifies this purchase.:bolian:
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    SEASON 1, DISC 4

    The Enemy Within
    Music Composed and Conducted by Sol Kaplan
    Episode #5, Recorded 9/14/66
    Aired #5, 10/6/66

    1. The Rock Slide*/Beam Up*/The Evil Kirk M11/M12/M13 1:11
    2. Alter Ego* M14 1:00
    3. The Tired Captain* M15 0:42
    4. Brandy M16 0:48
    5. The Lascivious Captain M17–21 2:37
    6. Bruised Knuckles/An Impostor M22/M23 1:34
    7. Kirk’s Log*/Indecisive/Evil Fury M24/M31/M32 2:47
    8. Confrontation M33 2:17
    9. The Prone Body*/Shivering Sulu*/No Repair M34–41/M42/M43 0:37
    10. What to Do?* M44 0:42
    11. Another Brandy/The Evil Grin/Double Dog Death* M45/M46/M51 1:24
    12. Spock Takes Over*/Help Me* M52/M53 2:03
    13. Evil Triumphs M54–61 1:05
    14. Two Into One* M62 2:18
    15. One Captain Kirk*/Thank You, Yeoman* M63/M64 1:19

    Total Time: 22:58

    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    The Conscience of the King
    Music Composed and Conducted by Joseph Mullendore
    Episode #13, Recorded 11/2/66
    Aired #13, 12/8/66

    16. Dagger Sweet’ner/Go for Baroque/Play-Off #1 M11A/M11/M12 1:26
    17. Spaceship Titles*/Dr. Leighton’s Face/Bridge #1* M13/M14/M15 1:11
    18. Quasi-Sex* (Theme From Star Trek, jazz version; Courage/Roddenberry, arr. Mullendore) LM5 1:37
    19. Lenore M16–21 1:45
    20. Kirk and Lenore*/He’s Dead M22/M23 1:42
    21. Spaceship*/5 Sex and a ½/Play-Off #2* M24/M25/M26 1:10
    22. Spaceship Play-On*/Toast and Corridor*/Lenore’s Kiss/Short Bridge M27/M31/M32/M33 2:31
    23. Beyond Antares (Wilbur Hatch; vocal: Nichelle Nichols) MV1R 2:36
    24. Poison M41 0:37
    25. Play-On #2*/Quick Ship*/Phaser Overload M42/M43/M44 1:39
    26. Kodos?/Voice Test M45/M46 1:33
    27. Everything Is Later*/Play-Off #3* M51/M52 1:52
    28. Ship Play-On*/Woodwind Fanfare/Reilly Gone M53/M54/M55 1:09
    29. Go for Baroque M11 (M56) 1:25
    30. I Know That Voice/All Ghosts Dead M57/M58–61 3:02
    31. Opheliamania*/Bridge #2*/Last Cue* M62/M63/M64 3:01

    Total Time: 28:51

    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    Shore Leave
    Music Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried
    Episode #17, Recorded 12/2/66
    Aired #15, 12/29/66

    32. New Planet/Rabbit Music M10A/10B 2:21
    33. School Chum/Finnegan M23/M23A 1:40
    34. 2nd Ruth (Ruth) M31A 2:38
    35. Old English/Tiger/Costume/Birds/Samurai M33/M33A/M33B/M34/M34A 3:51
    36. Knight/Joust M41/M41A 1:27
    37. Dummy/Like Real M43/M44 0:56
    38. A Clue/Finnegan’s Return/The Leg Trick/Dirt Trick M45–50 Pt. 1/M45–50 Pt. 2/M51/M53 4:34
    39. Tiger Thoughts/Strafing/2nd Samurai/Caretaker/Lazarus M55–60/M55–60A/M55–60B/M61/M62 2:02
    40. 2nd Ruth/Ruth to Commercial (2nd Ruth) M31A/M24B 0:49

    Total Time: 20:34

    Total Disc Time: 72:36

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    Ooh, more interior art at the link too, and a look at the liner notes. Okay, so "City on the Edge" will be on Disc 5, so I take it that means "Enemy Within," "Conscience," and "Shore Leave" will be on Disc 4. And yes, there is a page giving Mullendore's and Fried's bios together.

    Ohh, my, and look at the information on those last couple of liner note pages! We get our first listing of library cues (from Season 2, Disc 3) -- and I hope there's some explanation of why cues from second-season episodes would be re-recorded as library cues within the second season, since that seems kind of redundant to me. (Maybe to change their beginnings/endings so they'd stand alone better?) And here's the big prize, credits for the "Way to Eden" songs! "Songs by Arthur Heinemann, Charles Napier, and Craig Robertson, Music Director: Wilbur Hatch." I'm surprised Hatch was still around after Paramount acquired Desilu.

    And Courage did the Orion dance from "Whom Gods Destroy?" That's surprising. The credits for that episode said "Theme Music by Alexander Courage, Additional Music by Fred Steiner," so I've always assumed the dance was by Steiner.

    Awesome that all the audio samples there are previously unreleased. Some great stuff there -- I've always loved Duning's "Metamorphosis" score. But the revelation there was Steiner's "Battle Music" from "Elaan of Troyius." I've always loved it, but hearing it in the clear for the first time, it's amazing how much grandeur and power and cinematic richness it has. It totally blew me away. I have to wonder if it was mixed badly in the episode soundtrack, because so much of its texture seemed to be lost.
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    You are not alone; I really love the cue heard when the horned dog/transporter test fails. I think part of that was used again in "City on the Edge of Forever" as Kirk declares his love for Edith/Spock telling him she must die.

    Lovely, strong stuff!
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    Oh, and Indysolo slipped in another listing ahead of my post. I was right about Disc 4's contents. Let's see...

    "The Enemy Within" and "The Conscience of the King" have never had any of the original recordings released, but both were on Label X's Star Trek Volume 2 album from 1985, arranged into symphonic suites by Clyde Allen and performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Tony Bremner. Also there have been two album releases of versions of "Beyond Antares": an instrumental version on Leonard Nimoy's album Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space, and a version sung by Nichelle Nichols on her album Out of This World.

    Cues that have not previously had a version released include:

    "Enemy Within":
    Beam Up/The Evil Kirk
    The Lascivious Captain
    Kirk’s Log
    Evil Fury
    The Prone Body/Shivering Sulu/No Repair
    What to Do?
    The Evil Grin
    Spock Takes Over
    Evil Triumphs
    Two Into One
    One Captain Kirk

    "Conscience of the King":
    Dagger Sweet’ner/Go for Baroque/Play-Off
    Dr. Leighton’s Face/Bridge #1
    Quasi-Sex (Theme From Star Trek, jazz version)
    Kirk and Lenore/He’s Dead
    Spaceship/5 Sex and a ½/Play-Off #2
    Spaceship Play-On/Toast and Corridor
    Short Bridge
    Play-On #2/Quick Ship/Phaser Overload
    Kodos?/Voice Test
    Play-Off #3
    Ship Play-On/Woodwind Fanfare/Reilly Gone
    Go for Baroque
    I Know That Voice/All Ghosts Dead
    Bridge #2

    So, in other words, most of the score there, and the majority of "Enemy."

    "Shore Leave" was released on GNP's Vol. 3; previously unreleased cues are:

    Dummy/Like Real
    Ruth to Commercial (2nd Ruth)
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    Okay, i'm flipping out with joy over the TrekCore track preview of the "Elaan of Troyius" battle music!

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    By the way, the only credit I could find on IMDb for a Craig Robertson in the music department was this guy, who only has a single official credit as a guitarist in a 1969 production. I wonder who he was. Arthur Heinemann was the scriptwriter for "The Way to Eden," and of course we know who Charles Napier was.
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    Same with me TREK_GOD_1.

    It's been a grail of sorts for me since hearing it in the show. And those samples sound really good. :)
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    What a wonderful time for fans of the original series music! I'm loving those samples. Especially the themes from "Catspaw" and "Elaan" are marvellous!

    And I, too, appreciate the way in which the track lists are published. Way more exciting this way than just giving it all away at once! Also, the artwork and liner notes for this one look fantastic! And: All the "Way to Eden" songs are included! :luvlove:

    So, again, I would really really love to get this set, if someone who actually ordered from LLL to Europe can confirm that they indeed dispatch there without problems. With a release this expensive I fear it will be stuck in customs or some such.
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    I just noticed that this is not quite the final artwork for the set in the Trekcore preview, but it's very close. :)

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    Dunno where in eurpoe you live, but if it's the UK, I'm afraid the only way you miss out on custom charges for an item with a value as high as this is if it doesn't go insured, which LLL aren't going to risk I suspect. And if it goes via royal mail on this side of the pond, no doubt they'll add their spurious "handling fee", which often outstrips the actual customs charge...
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    The hits just keep on comin'! :)

    SEASON 1, DISC 5

    The City on the Edge of Forever
    Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
    Interpolating “Goodnight, Sweetheart” by Jimmy Campbell, Reginald Connelly and Ray Noble
    Episode #28, Recorded 3/24/67
    Aired #28, 4/6/67

    1. Main Title* (cello version; Courage/Roddenberry, arr. Steiner) 0:52
    2006 Recording Conducted and Produced by Gregory Smith

    2. New York 1930 M26–30+M26–30B 1:37
    3. Edith’s Theme M33 1:25
    4. Edith Suspects M43 1:20
    5. Goodnight, Sweetheart (vocal)† M44 1:28
    6. Edith’s Fate/Edith Must Die M47/M47A 1:16
    7. Edith’s Vision M51 0:45
    8. Edith Falls M61 0:55
    9. Edith’s Death M65 0:37

    Total Time: 10:38

    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
    †Contains “Goodnight, Sweetheart” by Jimmy Campbell, Reginald Connelly and Ray Noble, published by Campbell, Connelly Inc. and EMI Robbins Catalog Inc. (ASCAP).

    First Season Library Music
    Music Composed by Joseph Mullendore

    10. Impension* LM1 1:10
    11. Lonely to Dramatic* LM3 1:27
    12. Romantic Scene* LM6 0:46
    13. Pensive Mood* 13LM2 2:09
    14. Play-Off (with button)* 13LM5 0:15
    15. Play-Off (with sustain)* 13LM5A 0:18

    Music Composed by Wilbur Hatch

    16. Love Scene* 13LHM3 1:29
    17. Humoresque* 13LHM7 0:43
    18. Humoresque (tag)* 13LHM7A 0:13

    Total Time (10–18): 8:48

    Tracks 10–12 and disc 4, track 18 recorded with “The Corbomite Maneuver,” “Balance of Terror” and “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”
    Tracks 13–18 recorded with “The Consience of the King”

    Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
    From “Charlie X”:

    19. That’s a Girl M12X 0:42
    20. Kirk’s Command M13X 0:57
    21. Charlie’s Mystery M14X 0:45
    22. Kirk Puzzled M34X 0:38
    23. Kirk Puzzled M34Y 0:22
    24. Kirk Puzzled M34Z 0:15
    25. Zap Sam M41X 1:01
    26. Zap the Pistol M42X tk 1 0:42
    27. Zap the Pistol M42X tk 2 0:11
    28. Standoff M43X 0:54
    29. Standoff M43Y 0:17
    30. Standoff M43Z 0:08
    31. Zap Janice M52X 1:00
    32. Zap the Spaceship M54X tk 1 0:08
    33. Zap the Spaceship M54X tk 2 0:04
    34. Charlie’s Friend M61X tk 1 0:40
    35. Charlie’s Friend M61X tk 3 0:10

    From “Mudd’s Women”:

    36. The Last Crystal M31X 0:14
    37. The Last Crystal M31X tk 3 0:07

    From “The Corbomite Manuever”:

    38. Condition Alert M13A 0:14
    39. Hideous Balok M33A 0:25
    40. Baby Balok M61 0:31

    From “Balance of Terror”:

    41. Theme From Star Trek* 9MA pt 1 0:12
    42. Theme From Star Trek* 9MA pt 2 0:14
    43. Theme From Star Trek* 9MA pt 3 0:11
    44. Theme From Star Trek* 9MA pt 4 0:12
    45. Romulan Theme M22/M22A tk 1 0:52

    From “The City on the Edge of Forever”:

    46. Edith Must Die M47B 0:12

    Source Music, Sound Effects and Outtakes

    Source Music From “Charlie X”:

    47. Weird Guitar M21 (Steiner) 0:12
    48. Charlie Is My Darling M21A/M21B (traditional, arr. Steiner; vocal: Nichelle Nichols) 2:17

    First Season Score Alternates:

    49. Joe Berserk M21 tk 3 (from “The Naked Time,” Courage) 0:14
    50. Leg Trick M51/M51A (from “Shore Leave,” Fried) 1:02

    Total Time (19–50): 17:14

    The Squire of Gothos
    Source Music Performed by Ivan Ditmars
    Episode #18, Recorded 12/16/66
    Aired #17, 1/12/67

    51. A Major Sonata (Domenico Scarlatti) M21/M21A/M22 1:19
    52. F Minor Sonata (Scarlatti) M31/M32 1:18
    53. Southern Roses (Johann Strauss) M33–40 3:47

    Total Time: 6:29

    The Cage Pre-Recording

    54. Vina’s Dance (Wilbur Hatch) 2:09

    Sound Effects

    55. Transporter Effect (“The Cage”) M4 tk 3 0:14
    56. Planet Atmosphere (“The Cage”) [Series Transporter Effect] M16 tk 3 2:02
    57. Pike Window Bump (“The Cage”) M8 tk 1 0:11
    58. Talosian Door Effect (“The Cage”) M14 tk 6 0:08
    59. Disappearance Effect (“The Cage”) MRV tk 1 0:14
    60. Sickbay Scanner, High (“Where No Man Has Gone Before”) MFX3 tk 1 0:33
    61. Sickbay Scanner, Low (“Where No Man Has Gone Before”) MFX2 tk 1 0:47

    Unused Sound Effects

    62. Computer Processing (“The Cage”) M11 tk 1 0:35
    63. Computer Transmission (“Where No Man Has Gone Before”) MFX1 tk 1 0:23
    64. Planet Atmosphere Alternate #1 (“The Cage”) M1 tk 1 0:34
    65. Planet Atmosphere Alternate #2 (“The Cage”) M2 tk 2 0:34
    66. Planet Atmosphere Alternate #3 (“The Cage”) M3 tk 1 0:36
    67. Planet Atmosphere Alternate #4 (“The Cage”) M16 tk 4 2:01
    68. Pike Window Bump (“The Cage”) M8 tk 2–6 0:14
    69. Bass Twangs (“The Cage”) M10 tk 1, 2 0:46

    Sound Effects Rehearsals and Outtakes

    70. Planet Atmosphere (“The Cage”) [Series Transporter Effect] M16 tk 2 (Alexander Courage rehearsal) 1:05
    71. Enterprise Fly-By (“The Naked Time”) MX1 tk 1 (Alexander Courage vocal effect) 0:28
    72. Virus Sound (“The Naked Time”) MX4 tk 1, 2 0:41

    Total Time (55–72): 12:56

    Theme Music Outtakes

    73. Main Title* (electric violin version; arr./cond. Courage) MT tk 1–5, 7 5:03
    74. Main Title* (cello version, arr./cond. Steiner) M10A tk 1–3 3:02
    75. End Title* (electric violin version, arr./cond. Courage) ET tk 1 0:57
    76. End Title* (cello version, arr./cond. Steiner) META tk 1–3, 5–6 5:20

    Total Time: 14:31

    Total Disc Time: 73:21

    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
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    Mar 15, 2001
    No point in doing my usual listing of unreleased cues, since none of it's been released before -- except maybe for some of the sound effects cues, which might've been on the 1988 GNP sound-effects album. Looks to me like a version of "Planet Atmosphere" (as "Alien Planet Surface") and at least one of the "Sickbay Scanner" cues might have been on that album.

    Would it be safe to surmise that these are sound effects that were created using musical instruments, and were thus part of the orchestras' recording sessions? (Or by voice, in the case of the flyby whooshes in track 71?) I hope the notes discuss how they were created.

    I'm starting to understand the answer to my earlier question about why they would've recorded library versions of cues from episodes in the same season. From the repeated cue titles and the different running times, I suppose the library cues are isolated excerpts from the longer cues, the better to separate out segments for use as stock music. I always figured it was just done with editing.

    And I'm very interested to find out what those generic library cues by Mullendore and Hatch are. I bet they're pieces that I know but have always attributed to the composer of the first episode each appeared in.

    I hadn't realized Ivan Ditmars (who was credited for writing the Brahms paraphrase in "Requiem for Methuselah") performed the harpsichord pieces in "Gothos." Nice to get confirmation that those and the "Charlie X" source music are included.

    Although I confess, I'm a little disappointed you didn't include "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen." :lol:

    This is interesting:
    We have a "Vina's Dance" credited to Courage on Disc 1 already. So is this, perhaps, music that was played on set for filming the actual dance scene (hence the pre-recording), then overdubbed with the Courage cue?
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    An excellent audio interview with La-La Land Records heads MV Gerhard and Matt Verboys, album producers Lukas Kendall and Neil S. Bulk, and Trek music expert Jeff Bond, all about this upcoming release can be found here:
  15. Indysolo

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    Vina's Dance by Wilbur Hatch is indeed the pre-record and is the earliest piece of Star Trek music recorded.

  16. Christopher

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    Mar 15, 2001
    Good interview, very informative. It answered some of my above questions about sound effects and library cues. (I'm recalling a sort of actiony variant of the "song" part of the Courage theme that was heard only once, during a scene in "Shore Leave" where the characters are running to investigate the sound of gunshots, I believe. Based on what they said in the interview, I'm now thinking that was one of Mullendore's library cues. Perhaps "Impension?")

    The process Jeff Bond described for how he got TOS's music drummed into his head as a kid by constant daily reruns in the '70s is exactly how it happened for me.

    Intriguing. That would mean that the total number of extant Orion dance cues is four -- this Hatch piece, the Courage ones from "The Cage" and "Whom Gods Destroy," and Jay Chattaway's more sedate one from Enterprise: "Bound."
  17. Indysolo

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    Yes, the running cue is Impension.

  18. Christopher

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    Mar 15, 2001
    "Impension." What a weird name. It isn't even in the dictionary. I assume it's intended to mean the state of something that's impending, like doom, by analogy with "suspension." I guess it could be a word, it just isn't one that's in common use.

    I'd been wondering if there was any chance the set might include the substitute cues that J. Peter Robinson wrote for the "City on the Edge" VHS release when they couldn't get clearance for "Goodnight, Sweetheart." But I found this thread on the FSM board where Lukas Kendall emphatically says those won't be included. I think that's a bit of a shame, actually, since technically they are cues written for TOS, and just as a matter of archival completeness and historical curiosity it might be worth having them for comparison. At least they can be heard here on the Star Trek History site, although with episode dialogue and sounds overlaid. (Although the History site needs to be updated, because it says the composer of the substitute cues is unknown.)
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    I can only inagine how this will sound...

    Waiting until release day could drive a man insane! ;)
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    SEASON 2, DISC 1

    Music Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried
    Episode #30, Recorded 6/21/67
    Aired #36, 10/27/67

    1. Main Title* (soprano version, arr./cond. Courage) 1:01
    2. Starship*/Captain Kirk M11/M12+M12X 1:13
    3. Orbiting Ship*/Fog Planet M13/M13A+M13B 1:51
    4. Thicker Fog/Witches M14+M14A/M15 1:47
    5. Fog Storm/Castle/Second Castle M16–20+M16–20A/M21/M22 2:28
    6. Cat Music/Enterprise* M22X/M22A 1:05
    7. Follow That Cat/Brain-Washed M23/M24 2:10
    8. Drugged/Scene Change Sweetener/Korob/Lap Kitten/Cat as Hostess/Free Meal/The Bribe M25/M25A/M26/M31/M32/M33+M33A/M34 3:27
    9. Sylvia/Unguarded Entrances/Sympathetic Magic M35/M36/M37+M37X 2:41
    10. Cooking Lesson/Force Field M41/M42 1:31
    11. Defeated Captain/Music to Dent Force Fields By M43/M44 1:06
    12. Bones, the Zombie M45 0:44
    13. Love, Sort Of M51 3:26
    14. Kirk Caught/Rescue M52/M53 0:52
    15. Racial Memories/Captain Kirk/Mace Fight M54–60/M54–60A/M61 3:32
    16. Giant Cat M62+M25A 1:31
    17. Wand-Breaking/The Prototypes/Five to Beam Up* M63+M25A/M64+64B/M64A 1:32

    Total Time: 32:36

    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    Friday’s Child
    Music Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried
    Episode #32, Recorded 7/7/67
    Aired #40, 12/1/67

    18. Ship*/Capella IV M11/M12 1:09
    19. Captain’s Log* M13A/M13 2:06
    20. Klingon Ship/Music for Fruits/The Teer M14/M15/M16-20 1:26
    21. The Challenge/Klingon Blip M21/M21A 1:09
    22. Distress Signal M22 1:42
    23. Arm Barbeque/Slow Turn/Call of Duty M24/M25/M26 0:56
    24. Scott/Bones’ Good Idea/Capellan Desert M31/M32/M33A 2:16
    25. Belly Feeler M34 2:13
    26. Sonic Ambush/Bouncing Boulder M35/M36 1:03
    27. Kras on the Rocks/Paternity Case/New Capellan in Town M41/M45/M51 1:42
    28. Negative Report/Old Russian Saying/The Mother Splits M53/M54/M55 1:34
    29. The Baby Sitter/Road Hog M56/M57 0:44
    30. Down the Throat M58 1:13
    31. Arrows M61 1:28
    32. Forfeit M62 1:31
    33. Coochy Coo/Godfathers M63/M64 0:39
    34. End Title* (soprano version, arr./cond. Courage) 0:46

    Total Time: 24:13

    Total Disc Time: 56:56

    *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry