Kirk and Helen Noel

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    She is one of my favorite guest actors on the series.
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    Sonny would worry me more.
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    Very True:)
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    Wasn't this dialog overwritten by the Kirk carrying Noel flashback?

    My memory of the episode is entirely different from it seems everyone here.
    My overall impression of Helen Noel was typical bimbo Kirk love interest just until the bit where she fought back against the Adam's goons.
    She's unprofessional for at least half the episode. Kirk and her grabbing each other in the 'scary' elevator. Her thinking of the totally unethical falling in love scenario for the fantasy.
    She's supposed to be a doctor on a covert mission for goodness sake.

    And I thought the Christmas party thing was Kirk carrying her (to bed presumably) when Noel asked him if she wasn't just another one of her bimbos. When this killed the mood with Kirk I thought it was all over (nothing happened) and they went their separate ways. Unless this was all Noel's fantasy scenario which basically sucks because in my fantasy scenario Spock/Kirk/McCoy/whoever always says they love me more than anything.;) :lol::lol::lol:

    I thought the suggestion Chritmas Party difference was supposed to be that Kirk 'realised' he loved Noel. Not that they went to her room. That he loved her.

    Although I'm criticising her character a bit, at least once the chips were down she did become an asset and didn't take 'advantage' of Kirk.
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    slightly off topic: Holy Cow! I can see why Kirk was interested. She is super hot.

    And, even more off topic, what's with the strange focus on the shot. Various parts of the boots in focus but the legs not?
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    I believe that is a natural effect of pantyhose.
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    Photoshop job of a shot that wasn't really full-length.
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    I want somebody good, I mean really good to plant that phaser. I don't want my brother coming outta that 'fresher with just his d*ck in his hands.
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    Kirk isn't nearly as much of a Horndog in TOS as is often implied within broader pop culture, he certainly never tended to hit on the crew under his command (even Yeoman Rand was shown to be a kind of unrequited thing, That One Time When He Was Split Into Two Personalities notwithstanding :D).....

    ..... but having said all that, even I would have to admit that Helen Noel was a clear exception. There's a very clear inference that they did indeed hit it off at that party, and that something happened between them which made Kirk subsequently edgy to be around her, although the actual 'version' we see of those events was obviously Helen's heavily romanticized version of the memory, and not by any means an absolute and true account of what actually happened that night. ;) And the script excerpt posted by Maurice above is proof that the writers at least intended it. Which is good enough for me! :bolian: