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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


    "Sometimes that shit comes back around!" by Nicky Nicholls

    We don't know how much time has passed (hours? days?) from the phone call with Larry and the confrontation with Alex to now... but we do know that the Christmas Pageant is about to begin and the auditorium which doubles as the "chapel" is beginning to fill.

    Caputo is at the back of the room and he spies... HELLO! It's Officer Fischer in street clothes! He turns on his heel and quickly walks out of the room.

    The first inmate we recognize has just come into the partially filled auditorium. Her affect is flat, her eyes look dead. She's neither smiling or growling, she's just taking up space in the universe. We don't know where she came from, but we assume it was "outside" since she's still wearing the Litchfield winter coat. She sees inmates with antlers, with Rudolph red noses, but they wash over her without marking her at all. They are as dead to her as she is to herself.

    As Piper slides into a seat, you have to wonder... when was the last time she slept? When was the last time she cried? Has anyone reached out to her since she lost Larry and Alex? Has Polly done anything more this month besides send her that ONE baby picture?

    Officer/Counselor Healy saunters into the auditorium in his leather jacket.

    Good God... Assist Warden FIG is standing in the auditorium and turns to meet him as he tries out a little "small talk" on the striking woman.

    Healy: Another holiday. Can you believe this?

    Fig: I can. Because I have eyes... and a calendar.

    She tilts her head slightly, as if wondering how this little man came so close to ruining her empire.

    Fig: Healy... if you ever call an inmate's family again with your lesbian witch hunt shit, I will destroy you.

    Healy turns to look her fully in the eye. He's not smiling.

    Fig: Your mail order bride will leave you, and you will never work again. Get some fucking therapy, man.

    She ends by "patting" him on the chest before leaving him to stew in the back of the room. He does NOT look happy. Not one bit.

    Healy decides he doesn't need to watch another pageant, and walks out the door, passing Piper sitting quietly in her seat in the last row.

    As he leaves, another would be Romeo walks back into the room, this time carrying a bouquet of flowers. Fischer turns and sees him this time. They exchange "Hey's"

    Caputo: I heard you were coming. (He looks down to the bouquet, smiling) I would have sent these to the hospital, but I thought I'd rather deliver them in person.

    Fischer: (Can you say AWKWARD?) Wow. Mr. Caputo. Joe... thank-you. That's really thoughtful.

    His smile has grown dangerously wide and she turns partially away to grab the hunk standing with his back to us.

    Fischer: (Shades of Piper's trick, that first week she was in prison) Oh, this is my boyfriend, Stephen. This is Joe Caputo.
    Hunky Boyfriend: Hello.

    The dude has a full beard, not just a wimpy "stache" like someone we know.

    Caputo: Hello, Stephen. (laughs? as he stretches out his hand) Really, really nice to meet you.

    Stephen: (To the OLDER man) Happy Holidays, Sir.
    Caputo: Joe, please.
    Stephen: (Nods) Joe.

    The lights in the auditorium begin to blink. Caputo looks up worried/happy for the interruption?

    Caputo: Oh... All right. That could be trouble, excuse me...
    Fischer: (Smiling) Oh, no. I think that's "theater" for, the show's gonna start soon.

    Caputo: RIGHT. (He smacks his head like he just realized, he could have had a "V-8 drink") of course! Okay. Okay... (totally embarrassed, he runs quickly away) 'night, yeah.

    Stephen looks at Fischer and just rolls his eyes as she laughs. The light are turned off and they head for their seats.
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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


    "Sometimes that shit comes back around!" by Nicky Nicholls

    The room has grown quiet, and the stage is empty except for the simple "life sized" crèche.

    Three angels walk on stage and take their place.

    Its BLACK CINDY! and her back up singers... Taystee and Poussey. They sing the refrain from the joyful song with dignity and intricacy.

    Joy to the World, the world...
    the Lord is come! Is come!
    Let earth receive her King; Her king... Her king.
    Let every heart prepare Him room,
    And Heaven and nature sing, nature sing.
    And Heaven and nature sing, nature sing.
    And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing.

    At the end of their verse, on cue, 2 of the three angels took their bow as the crowd clapped their approval... but not the small woman on the end of the row.

    We watch her take a deep breath as she looks into her self and prepares to do her fellow sinner, old John Newton proud.

    Is she about to sing for the Moms who passed 8 months ago while she was waxing the cafeteria floor, or for the Savior who died for her 2000 years ago?

    Poussey: Amazing...

    Black Cindy and Taystee are still in the deep part of their bow when they look at each other in confusion.

    Poussey: ...grace,

    Now they look up at their partner, still confused at this departure from the program,

    Poussey: how sweet...

    By now the women have straightened up, caught on and are backing up their wretched rebel.

    Black Cindy & Taystee: Sweet...

    Poussey: ...the sound

    Black Cindy & Taystee: Sound...

    Poussey is looking out over the audience, smiling, stronger with every note she sings.

    Poussey: That saved a wretch like me...

    Taystee is looking at Pouseey, while Black Cindy is looking into herself.

    Black Cindy & Taystee: Like me.

    Poussey: I once was lost

    Taystee is smiling.

    Taystee: Losstttt.

    And now so is Black Cindy... EVEN better... so is POUSSEY as she looks to her 2 friends.

    Poussey: ...but now I'm found

    Black Cindy & Taystee: Found...

    Poussey: Was blind but now

    Poussey's joy is pouring out of her, in her words, in her music, in her smile, in her eyes. In her actions she is showing her "fellow" inmates that "this is real"... it does make her feel better, it does help her understand all the random shit that happens in her life.

    Poussey: ...I see

    And when those last two words are sung, for the first time since Healy left the auditorium the camera focuses on Piper's face.

    Poussey,Black Cindy & Taystee: I see.

    Piper's dead face, and her dead eyes, and the body that somehow still finds a reason to breathe, even though its heart has been ripped from it.

    Oh Piper... :weep:
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    Part 2 of that Roundtable talk.


    In "defense" of Leanne... :rolleyes: I don't see her as evangelical, nor was she the one who was "anti-wizards". That chauvinist was the taller brunette that acted as the lookout when Doggett tried to shiv Piper in the shower.

    I see Leanne as the poor meth addict version of Piper, who falls for (in a platonic sense) the older, more "worldly" prison star version of Alex. A woman who gets fan mail and visits from high powered, good looking attorneys whenever she's in need, someone who's actions enabled her to care for her parents back home with a "monthly stipend". Someone who can rally people to herself not with her maternal ways like Red or even Miss Claudette, but with her sermonizing and her self confidence.

    I find it interesting that when Piper got out of the SHU, she went straight to Alex. pulling her away to have sex in the chapel... and yet when Tiffany got out of Psyche, she was met by Leanne who embraced her/comforted her in the middle of the cafeteria full of people. That same cafeteria where just a week before, Tiffany was appalled to be (French) kissed by Alex.

    Despite being pulled into the orbit of the more powerful Tiffany, I think the way that Leanne can admit in the baptism scene, that she has "questions" about her faith in front of Doggett, makes her stronger than Piper was 10 years ago in her early days with Alex.

    Still, both women are trapped by their relationships and both get caught up doing things they normally wouldn't do for the women they "love".

    Piper carried 50,000 in drug money for Alex, and Leanne followed shiv carrying Tiffany into that shower stall to confront Piper.

    Nothing Leanne has done, smacks of "evangelical" to me. She's just a fan girl who has a need that Tiffany fills.
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    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


    "Sometimes that shit comes back around!" by Nicky Nicholls

    The Pageant continues, and its fun to see who plays what. Morello is Mary... the bald cancer lady from the first ep plays Joseph.

    The three wise men are Yoga Jones (good Buddhist that she is), Chang, and the Italian lady from ep 1 who wouldn't let Piper make the bed.

    The part of a shepherd is played by that wicked tall lady that's in the background of many shots (hasn't said a word to us, yet.) and the shepherdess is played by the "crying lady from the prison phone bank." You remember, right? She used to hand piper Kleenex when the chick would melt down.

    And Silent Norma is even up there, playing another heavenly angel. I doubt its a "speaking" part.

    Of course, the part of the Angel who proclaims the birth was portrayed by Tiffany Doggett, while the part of the ass was played by, none other than, BIG BOO!

    You see, Doggett.

    There are NO small parts... ONLY SMALL ACTORS!

    The characters are all lined across the stage.

    The ass, not wishing to be ignored, whispers across the stage at Mary/Morello. Once her attention has been caught, Boo lifts up her pant leg to show off some quite fetching MAGENTA socks! :bolian:

    "Thank-you, Merry Christmas" has been mouthed across the stage. Morello obviously has studied lip reading since she has no trouble understanding Boo and sends sotto voce holiday wishes right back at her, along with a wind blown kiss.

    But now, here comes the show... and the hecklers.

    As soon as "Mary Morello" starts talking labor pains and bald Joseph has to entreat her to lie down on the bed of straw, that's when the comedy team of Flaca and Maritiza kick in to make some naughty remarks.

    Flaca: Oh Yeah, lay down Mary.

    The room explodes into laughter, much to the puzzlement of the Chaplain and her 2 directors, and the disgust of one profane if Butchy Donkey.

    The best moment, however, comes when Officer Wanda Bell exhorts the crowd to quiet down, then turns back to the stage to say...

    Officer Bell: JOSEPH... You was saying... :lol:

    Martiza mutters "that should have been us" on stage, to which Flaca readily agrees.

    The Pageant is drawing to a close as everyone is once again lined up across the stage. There are even more people, as the Gospel singers (Taystee, Poussey, Suzanne & Janea) have also joined them. Black Cindy is sitting at the piano, accompanying the singers as they go into that old classic, "I saw the Light."

    As the final solo of the night came near, Taystee pulled Suzanne to the front... where you can see what it means to have a "deer in the headlights" look.

    Suzanne is frozen, and hearing multiple piano intro's from Black Cindy, hand signals from Sophia, prayers from Sister Ingalls or the increasing laughter from the crowd can do nothing to spur Suzanne into song. The poor woman tries to run back into the crowd on stage, bit Taystee blocks her way.

    That's when the audience, both in the chapel and watching from home, were treated to a "Christmas miracle".. acapella.

    "Just like the blind man, I wandered alone..."

    Everyone is looking around to find the singer standing stage right, her head hanging down.

    "Glories and fears, I claimed for my ownnnn."

    "No Longer Silent Norma's" face is now upturned, although her eyes are still closed as she lets the music speak through her.

    "And like, the blind man, that God gave back his sight."

    The other actors are engrossed in the sound, except poor Suzanne who begins to beat her head for her failure. Gotta love Taystee, she simply reaches up to capture the offending hand and pull Suzanne close to stand next to her.

    "Praise the Lord..."

    Once again, the camera focuses on Piper's face. That flat, emotionless, hopeless face with its unseeing eyes.

    "I sawwww the light."

    Finally the piano kicks in and everyone starts singing. Boo grabs Norma, still at the side of the stage, and insists she take the place of honor in the middle, leading her cast.

    It's so much fun, watching the performers on stage, Sophia and Ingalls and indeed most of the audience smiling, laughing and singing because they knew what a breakthrough it was after all these years for Norma to finally find her own voice.

    When the final solo came up, Norma needed that encouraging tap on the shoulder from Taystee to once more take charge...

    "Praise the lordddd...."

    I love how both Janea and Taystee closed their eyes to feel the power of that one faithful cry.

    "I sawwww ....

    Piper looks to be in pain.

    ...the lightttt."

    Piper blinks and then looks like she's about to panic, so she does the only thing she can do. She gets up, and runs.

    Oh Piper. :weep:

    This is prison. How far do you think you can get?

    How's it feel when the truth makes you "her" bitch? :vulcan:


    Unfortunately... Piper does not escape unnoticed, and Doggett deserts the stage and follows her as the cast continues to sing the praises of seeing the light.

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    This is mostly OitNB/Prepon with some Cox. Its dated this week but I suspect its earlier since there's no discussion about season 2 in it.


    Here's a neat one with Taryn... http://www.accesshollywood.com/oran...ning-shares-pennsatucky-secrets_article_83928

    Wow... Taryn describing the filming of the finale... http://www.accesshollywood.com/oran...and-violent-season-finale-fight_article_83433

    Just in case people think I can't show an opposing view...


    I get her point. I also get the point from Brogado's piece in (?) The nation, I just dispute parts of it.
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    The animals, the animals
    Trapped, trapped, trapped 'till the cage is full
    The cage is full
    Stay awake
    In the dark, count mistakes
    The light was off but now it's on
    Searching the ground for a bitter song
    The sun is out, the day is new
    And everyone is waiting, waiting on you
    And you've got time
    And you've got time

    Think of all the roads
    Think of all their crossings
    Taking steps is easy
    Standing still is hard
    Remember all their faces
    Remember all their voices
    Everything is different
    The second time around

    The animals, the animals
    Trapped, trapped, trapped 'till the cage is full
    The cage is full
    Stay awake
    In the dark, count mistakes
    The light was off but now it's on
    Searching the ground for a bitter song
    The sun is out, the day is new
    And everyone is waiting, waiting on you
    And you've got time
    And you've got time
    And you've got time.


    CAN'T FIX CRAZY... concluded :bolian:


    "Just like the blind man, I wandered alone." By Hank Williams Sr. :sigh:


    Piper Chapman has LEFT THE BUILDING.

    She's running because she's already forgotten what she told the handicapped kid less than a month ago in that E Block bathroom.

    "Because once you're behind these walls, there's nowhere to run, even if you could run. The Truth catches up with you in here Dina. And its The Truth that's gonna make you her bitch!"

    Piper has literally no-where else to run as she walks quickly away from the building towards the closed off fence. She looks like someone breathing through her mouth, trying not to cry the tears that have been welling up in her psyche all evening.

    Tiffany: HEY! HEY!

    You can read Piper's mind cry out, "F*CK!" when she realizes now, even her retreat is cut off.

    Tiffany: Where you think you're going?

    Piper stops at the fence and spins to face her tormentor.

    Piper: Oh no! Oh no! You do not want to fight with me right now, Crazy! You do not.

    Piper has literally set her jaw/steeled her will against this nagging buzzing insect that won't respect the grief this Woman is going through these last hours/days/ weeks since the SHU, since the radio program, since she fell back in love with Alex, since she broke Larry's heart with that love, since Alex proposed a future in Cambodia, since Larry proposed a second time, since Piper broke Alex's heart a SECOND time by accepting Larry's proposal, since Larry asked to meet Alex, since Alex talked to Larry, since Larry broke Piper's heart, since Alex abandoned Piper in her hour of need.

    Tiffany: Oh no? You're right.

    And with that the Angel of death whips out her home made cross and holds it in front of her, as if she needed to ward off an escapee from the Twilight Saga.

    Tiffany: I don't want to fight with you. I want to end you right now.

    Piper has eyes only for the cross, with its sharpened point.

    The door to the prison yard opens once more as Sam Healy walks out.

    Piper: You'd better stop. Mr. Healy's right over there.

    The Angel of death is on a roll and won't be stopped as she waves her hand and "raises her voice on high"

    Tiffany: HI Mr. Healy!

    Piper: Mr Healy, MR HEALY! MISTER HEALY! SHE'S trying to KILL ME!

    The S.O.B. (Stands for "Son of a Biscuit" ;) ) just looks up the yard where Tiffany has cornered Piper, before turning to go back into the building.

    Tiffany now lunges several times with her weapon, and looks to be having as much fun as a cat playing with a mouse.

    The mouse called Piper turns her back on Tiffany long enough to allow the blonde to pull out her Secret Santa present. (Thank God her Santa was Boo and not Morello.)

    Tiffany: (Chuckles in admiration) OH HO!!!! Look at what you brought out to play!
    Piper: (Face is contorted as she threatens her nemesis.) You back the F*CK off me!
    Tiffany: You think I'm scared... do you? I'm NOT SCARED of you. You know why? Cuz I've got GOD on my side.

    Tiffany makes the first move, and draws the first blood with a wild slash at the right wrist, drawing blood and disarming Piper in one fell swoop.

    Tiffany: And he told me, that YOU ain't worth NOTHING! SEE! See how he just works through me? AND he wants me to SMITE you!

    Tiffany studies her opponent, the cross 1st held like a sword. After careful study of Piper's face, Tiffany rearranges the cross to now be her shield.

    Tiffany: Hmmm. She-devil. That's what YOU are!

    Piper looks less like a devil and more like a wounded animal, wounded in her heart, in her soul (if secular humanists believed in that kind of thing) and in her body.

    Tiffany: That's what you are. You're a devil. And I'M the ANGEL of GOD. I mean... LOOK AT MY DRESS! How's THAT for poetry?

    Has Piper finally figured out?? "You CAN'T fix CRAZY"?

    Tiffany: Hmmm? Cuz God loves ME! He DON'T love you! Cuz you ain't worthy of God's love.

    Piper looks like she's going into shock. Walking around after your lovers have ripped your heart from your body will do that to a gal.

    Tiffany: You ain't worthy of NOBODY'S love!

    Uh oh... THAT did it. Tiffany went one step too far. Piper's "dead body" has just taken two very BIG breaths...

    Tiffany: So I think its time, that you DIE!

    And with that, little 5 foot 2 inch Tiffany draws back her arm before lunging forward to bring it down full force upon her enemy.

    Piper: NO!

    Tiffany's enemy is 6 inches taller, has 6 inches the reach on her and perfectly imitates the instructions from Taystee's posse on HOW to FIGHT a GIRL! :klingon:

    Tiffany Doggett is on the snow covered ground and Piper is pummeling her.

    Blow after blow after blow lands, with no let up. We keep hearing Piper grunt.

    We hear Piper's fists make contact with Tiffany's face, we watch the blood spatter on the nearby snow...

    And after 9 or 10 blows land, we hear a children's choir as they sing triumphantly...

    Treble Choir (OC): ...Joyful and triumphant,

    ...and Piper's blows continue to fall, fast and more furiously 16...


    Treble Choir (OC): oh come ye, oh come ye to Bethlehem...

    18... Piper's hair is flying back and forth as she puts her whole body...

    19...her whole being into this one vicious, brutal beating


    Treble choir (OC): oh come yee to Bethlehem...

    21...Has Tiffany moved once since the 3rd blow?

    22... Piper grunts.

    23... Tiffany hasn't made a sound since she hit the ground.


    ....THE ORANGE SCREEN comes up,

    and we no longer hear the fists fall.

    We only hear those children sing that song of Christian fidelity.


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    The first comments to that talk about how Piper didn't even run to be part of WAC but she still got voted in. I assumed at the time that the guard (can never remember his name) fudged the results because he wanted Piper in. Not that the white inmates for her over Reds choice.

    Did I completely miss something in that episode? I might have to rewatch it.
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    In case it wasn't obvious last night... I finally ended the recapping of season 1.


    (Now you know why it took me over a YEAR :eek: to recap 6 seasons of Xena... and I had whoosh.org to rely on for the transcripts! :bolian: I should take this moment to acknowledge the "passing" of another great Xena website. Mikes-Images was taken down after years of great service earlier this year. :sigh: An internet search suggests Mike himself became ill. Hope he's doing better, and I thank him for helping to illustrate the thread as long as he "did".)

    Now we just have to wait another 10 (?) months to see season 2 of OitNB.

    Since I'm traveling this weekend, I thought I'd leave a few things for everyone to mull over.

    Here's an interesting article that attacks and praises simultaneously. Talk about schizophrenic. ;)


    Hmmm another former inmate speaks out... is this the start of the "backlash against the backlash?" Come on, guys, :mallory: "Can't we all just get along?"


    The "real" Piper talks about prisons, and briefly touches on the "backlash".


    And now, a few lighter moments with Danielle Brooks. :)


    Its funny, watching the colleges come back into session and climb onto the OitNB bandwagon.


    And how can I do this without a youtube vid?


    Here's a Laura Prepon interview from BEFORE the release of OitNB on July 11th.


    And speaking of Alex Vause...


    the newest (?) yt offering for the "Ultra sexy" lady.


    The Mirror Universe version of Piper/Alex...


    Of course, no one uses this song as well as our Froot!


    Wish me luck at the casino! :bolian:
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    Good Luck and Thank you for a job well done.:bolian:

    Thanks to OitNB and NTSF:SD:SUV plus videos, podcasts and interviews and such..... I have already used almost 20 Gigs of my 120 Gig ISP package and it is only the 7th of Sept. Download/Streaming/uploads Internet Caps sux. My Roku Box and Netflix may be the death of me or I may just disconnect cable all together and increase my Internet package.
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    We had this discussion this weekend... re: giving up cable (or at least all the premium channels) and just going with Netflix & Amazon Prime.

    (Before you ask, I finished Saturday with 14 cents... and finished Sunday with 16 dollars left... so I GUESS it could have been worse. :rolleyes: )

    Here's a neat article that I think I've saved for the end of the season.


    I like articles that start with..."I didn't want to like PitNB..."


    ...and don't end that way.


    The "B's" from the LGBT group finally speaks out against everyone's (Except Calvin and Piper) blindness towards their existence.


    I need another vid, don't you think?


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    Okay... here's the third/final part of that "roundtable" discussion on the merits/demerits of OitNB.


    And for those clueless people like me... here's what I found when I searched "dudebro"... http://www.nohighscores.com/2011/11/14/jumping-the-shark-podcast-97/

    I personally prefer this answer from the escapistmagazine.com forum (Sept 12, 2012) discussing "what are'dudebro' games."

    Never heard the term 'dudebro' before until you mentioned it.
    I'm guessing it's another poor use of English to stereotype people into a demographic or an insult without substance that people can bleat in unison without understanding.

    Why bring this up? Well, to simply say that ending a "serious" discussion on the media's effect on the prison industrial complex, women of color, women of minority sexual viewpoints (Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders) with such a demeaning insult to a major character throughout the series just because he's male smacks to me as the same prejudice that these women are supposedly fighting against when they rally for their causes.

    Sady: If we have learned nothing from discussing “Orange is the New Black” for one day and over 8,000 words, it is that all OITNB opinions can be united on one point: Nobody, anywhere, ever, will ever care about Larry. I think that's a valuable lesson for us all.

    Piper cares about Larry.

    The valuable lesson in all of this, is to ask yourself "why".

    Just like its valuable to ask why many of us "prefer" Alex, even though we know she is "a manipulative liar"... someone who stood in front of Piper way back in (?) the third episode, proclaiming she'd done a lot of bad things in her life, but lying TO PIPER wasn't one of them.



    Alex IS the quintessential "bad BOY" that women gravitate towards, the one who women simultaneously are titillated by, and who women want to "save"/change.

    Alex and Piper make me think of that old line about the different goals partners have after marriage... the Men (Alex) think their partner will NEVER change, and the Women (Piper) think they WILL be able to change their partner. (Shades of Janeway in "Fairhaven", when she made Michael taller, more intellectually stimulating AND single! "Delete the wife")

    What surprises me the most (?) about this roundtable is the inability of this roundtable to see that in many ways Alex is "just" another "man" controlling Piper.

    But we care about Alex, certainly more than we care about Larry.


    Because we are following our preprogrammed tendencies to try and save her?


    Or maybe because this "bad boy" does something most bad "boys" in the media don't do.


    Alex forces Piper to face her fears her feelings AND she's not afraid to TALK about her own.


    In the end... this bad "boy" is SUCHa "girl"!

    Even to the stereotypic acting out to hurt her rival and her lover when she's been grievously injured.


    (Enjoy the clip while you can, Lionsgate is shutting them down)


    Here's a blurb from "Mama Diaz"...

    Oh my... Orange has made a comeback?


    And here is Daughter Diaz at fashion week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib7nT-Atk3Y


    And more Laverne Cox: http://www.thenation.com/article/176077/stay-love-interview-laverne-cox-orange-new-black#

    Oh. Let's not forget "Larry"... even if the Roundtable wants to do so.



    Good heavens, I can't end the post with Jason "edging"... how about with Susan Fischer?


    I like when the broccoli plays the carrots like a guitar.

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    Well, THIS review of the finale/first season gives quite the visual! :lol:

    First things first, everyone please stand up and give Orange Is the New Black the standing ovation it deserves and throw some bras on stage (you too, guys), because Season 1 was fantastic and a visual handbook on how not to screw up television.

    http://www.tv.com/shows/orange-is-t...isit-from-the-xmas-tooth-fairy--137695245841/ And the finale isn't even his favorite ep of the season!

    That honor goes to Tall Men with Feelings...


    and this great description of the central love affair...

    Alex and Piper's relationship was and is one of those fiery, tumultuous affairs where the hots are surface-of-the-sun blazing and the colds are the-other-side-of-Pluto frigid.

    I liked his intro to F*cksgiving and Moscow Mule...

    But Orange Is the New Black's comedy is best when it's more black than orange, when it finds hope in times of bleakness, and when the worlds of privileged blondes are blown up.


    ...although I disagree with his thesis that Red's backstory/all backstory's should be as "complete" as Sophia's and Miss Claudette's. I liked how Red's backstory is mostly teased, here and there, as is her present life.

    Think about it... we hear about her sons & their wives in the finale, but we NEVER hear about Red's husband in the current sense.

    Is he dead?

    Did he turn her in?

    Is he in another prison?

    I like that... in the sense that it means there is more story to unfold. :bolian:

    Speaking of backstory... I soooo disagree with his take on Nicky's story.

    While I wouldn't call the backstory we saw for Nicky in "WAC Pack" a break from the show's M.O., she certainly got shafted in comparison to previous flashbacks. Two measly rewinds, that's it? One was with her mom after Nicky had just gotten out of surgery, and the other was with her prison mom when she had a bad case of withdrawal right after entering prison. There was no story to them, just quick check-ins that told us what we already knew: Nicky has tangled with drugs, and it sucked. And that's probably the toughest part, because we didn't learn anything about the character at the center of the flashback,


    Good heavens... we learned why Nicky became a druggie, and why Red became so important so quickly to Nicky. A relationship that fueled the next few eps :rolleyes: when she turned Tricia away from "the family" and when she outed Red to Mendez and guilt tripped over same before & after Tricia's death.

    A new photo from the set...


    ... although I agree it isn't Pennsatucky's cell, there doesn't seem to be enough books for it to be Sr. Ingalls cell.

    Hmmm, somehow I missed the Parade magazine teaser about our show...


    ... and I certainly agree with #3 :)

    3. Audiences connect to multidimensional characters.
    OITNB has managed to craft multidimensional characters where even the worst ones have a relatable quality, experience or dream. From killer Miss Claudette Pelage (Michelle Hurst) to chief kitchen convict Red (Kate Mulgrew), each episode manages to build on audience attachment.

    Oh my...


    ...after watching that "Sons of Anarchy/Sesame Street" parody, I think we are going to be gyped if we don't get a "OitNB" Sesame street parody too. :lol:

    This will probably be Piper's theme next season.



  17. Madzilla

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    Jun 4, 2007
    Jersey, UK
    I'm not the world's biggest fan myself, but I got an email through about one of today's shirts on ShirtPunch and I thought it would be of interest to some of you on here... ;)

    Oh, and regarding some stuff upthread: *I* like Larry. I am the internet's one and only Larry fan. Hello!
  18. delenn13

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    Jun 1, 2011
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    Hi Maddy.....Good to see you here...Love the pics you send out every day.

    Re: http://instagram.com/p/d8sH2RxjGR# The Religious cell pic...

    I am going to go way out on a limb here ........and guess.....Red.

    Those pics look more like Russian Orthodox icon pics than any thing Catholic. Since Red is not in the kitchen anymore and has the time.....maybe she has taken up religion...
  19. JanewayRulz!

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    Nov 23, 2009
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    Hello "one and only Larry internet fan"... I think there's a 12 step program somewhere ;) that can help you with that problem.

    True, but the "Our Lady of Guadalupe" prayer card suggests a Central American bent, which could mean any of the Hispanic Catholics OR Sr. Ingalls.

    Speaking of Red Reznikov... I was surprised you didn't "bring her over today from the Vegas thread.


    I LOVE that wink!!!!! :p

    Hey... did anyone catch the Katie COuric show today?

    Here's a youtube blip on it.



    and some questions...


  20. delenn13

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    So do I. I found her through a link you posted which has several gifs http://www.buzzfeed.com/zbergson/10-reasons-why-kate-mulgrew-is-still-a-boss-9knt and the wink one said it was from tumblr....So I went over there...I wanted to give who ever made it credit..but I haven't a clue..Oh, well...

    It's here...NOW...:techman: