Jurassic Park 4 becomes 'Jurassic World'

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    Campy parts of the film may be, but if I was confronted with real life dinosaurs that weren't trying to eat me at the time, I suspect I might act the same way.
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    That will never happen. Remember in one film where the T-Rex is captured, and the movie played it as a tragedy? Or the folks on ATVs with the villain music? I'm a leftie on some things, but it was all too heavy handed to me. Especially during the dinner scene in the first film, where I did not take the side of the heros.

    I think this movie will have more of an aquatic focus. I want to see this:

    In a real Jurrasic Park were ever made, there would be no problems most likely. I think Goldblum once said on the Tonight Show that he would have no problems bringing back a small one.

    It really is the other way around. That would be the worst to get out and become an invasive species. There are no mammalian counterparts to a tyranosaur, and it would never get out of a volcanic island with quarried sides and steep artificial barriers.

    But there would be no movie.

    The Land that Time Forgot was the last film showing any combat with dinos other than forgettable junk out from time to time. The poor Styracosaurs that faced the U-boat's deck gun--that was nasty.

    But that would actually be more merciful than if, say, a T-Rex were loose in New York.
    It would eat a passer-by, then cross the road, and some fool would gun his taxi, and pin the ankle of the beast behind the bumper of an armored car just ahead.

    The leg would snap from the un-yielding steel, and it would fall to the pavement screaming.
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    What if an egg washed away and managed to land in Costa Rica? Certainly unlikely, but certainly not impossible. What if it turns out that the Tyrannosaur could swim long distances (Elephants can and they've been found on islands where they could only get there by swimming).
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    I read it before they edited it, but I have a feeling everyone was just trying to save face. :lol:
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    Chris Pratt is playing a paleontologist (or a new name for a dinosaur/extinct species specialist now that they're alive again)? Sorry, I love science fiction as much as the next person, but there's only so much disbelief I can possibly suspend in my dinosaur theme park movies. ;)

    Kidding. I'm sure he's a very intelligent guy in real life. He just keeps getting cast in the Dude, Where's My Car/Bill & Ted mold, so it's hard to take him seriously. Even in Zero Dark Thirty he was kind of the dim, wiseass one of the SEALS.

    Maybe he's more like a Sea World trainer in Jurassic Park 2.0. Like he teaches the raptors to run around with a ball on their head before they eat a trainer or two. It's like that documentary Blackfish, but with fewer giant whaledick handjob scenes (no, seriously).

    But I digress, the concept does sound interesting. It will be cool to see Jurassic Park as originally envisioned by Hammond fully realized, though it sounds more like a hybrid of Hammond's nature preserve idea and his nephew's keep them in smaller pens/arenas like a zoo for easy viewing idea that he was trying to introduce in San Diego before the inexplicably dead crewed ship (who were clearly killed by raptors, but that was never dealt with in the movie) crashed and released the T-Rex.

    It's certainly a vast improvement over any genetically engineered human/dino hybrid soldier idea. Not that I'd be opposed to that or a whimsical standalone dinosaurs with frickin' laserbeams on their head movie, but it's not really Jurassic Park then.

    While I doubt that people would get jaded by dinosaurs so quickly as this suggests, I do like the idea that they're exploring what if it was as mundane as a trip to Disneyland, until (to paraphrase Malcolm) the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down and the pirates try to eat you.
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    Agreed, Locutus. Sounds like on the concept alone, they're giving a huge nod to Hammond and his original concept. I wouldn't be surprised if they name the resort after him.
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    They call him "Dinolord!"

    I always wondered about that too. They were clearly killed by Raptors or at the very least Compies but nothing ever came of it. I always thought Hammond's park/biological preserve idea was the best route. To see the dinos in something similar to their natural habitat. It also struck me as more practical than transporting enormous, multi-toned animals across the seas and keeping them penned up and fed in a zoo.

    In "The Voyage Home" Gillian Taylor talks about the cost of keeping two humpback whales fed with tons of fish everyday, what would it cost to keep a T-Rex or even a Brachiosaurus fed?!

    True, though it could make *some* sense that if they've mastered genetic manipulation enough to merge millions of year old dino-DNA with present-day frog DNA to make a clone of a very long dead animal then they should be able to merge dino DNA with human DNA to make a new species. It's an interesting concept, and one I would have liked to see, but I agree it's not "Jurassic Park."

    People today are still fascinated by mundane creatures like bears, sharks, whales, and so on. I doubt people would grow very jaded over dinosaurs especially considering everyone on the planet has grown up on the idea they'd never get to see one and imagining what these prehistoric creatures would look like. I'd think it'd take generations for everyone to become jaded enough to see them as nothing more than simple zoo animals.
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    The recent news about Dinosaurs with more than just Dino and frog DNA kind of reminds me a bit of the original novel, where Hammond and Wu talk about further engineering/marketing of the Dinosaurs-like pygmy Dinosaurs for pets and so on. If I recall, Hammond wants to keep the Dinosaurs resembling actual Dinosaurs, while Wu wants to push the envelope.

    Also seems a bit like Westworld, which was Crichton's movie about a robot amusement park that goes wrong-in the sense that this Jurassic World is fully operational and has visitors. Jurassic Park of course was still under construction.
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    Here is why. The original film was the tedious technology is bad propaganda.

    In the next film, they showed hunter and folks on ATVs as villains--and as much as I dislike businessmen--were we supposed to cheer for the little dweeb who got eaten at the end?

    JP3 was a bit better.

    You will never, never see a dinosaur shot in any JP film.
    At least not by a hero.
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    Some leaked pictures of a map:


    Looks like they seem to be sticking to the Dinosaurs/prehistoric reptiles from the original film with the exception of the Pachycephalosaurus and Pteranodon which were in the sequels, and the Mosasaurus which while not Dinosaurs are still prehistoric reptiles-and aquatic ones at that, which some fans have wanted to see. Oddly though the Velociraptors are absent.
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    :wtf: to all of the above...

    Hopefully they won't screw things up with this film.
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    Maybe Jurassic World doesn't have Velociraptors becuase the Park owners realized what a bad idea breeding the genius dinosaurs is, also the T-rex is back Yay!
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    Maybe like in the original novel the Raptors have been breeding on the island ever since the original JP and they'll show up in some capacity. Either that or maybe they'll just get them from Isla Sorna/Site B
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    Yep, and it looks like the northern part of the island is seperated from the tourist area and looks undeveloped, I'm sure there's a reason for that. Who knows what's going on there...