Janeway vs. Nero

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    I wonder what T'Pring's standing on Vulcan was after this. Was she seen to have manipulated the system? I bet there were a few who admired her ability to get out of marrying a half breed while still playing by the rules.
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    IIRC, he warped to the Delta Quadrant to meet V'ger. And somehow the sheer force of Nero's rage and hate prevented V'ger from digitizing him.
    I'm not sure if they used the term "reboot" back then, but my first experience with the concept was Batman in 1989. I preferred the old Adam West series:)
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    Holy hell. The whole Nero learning to mind meld, and then melding with V'Ger was even worse than I imagined. Can you get more fanficking? Well we know Nero learned to mind meld. If he did why would he torture Captain Pike with a mind control throat slug for information about StarFleets defense codes rather than a mind meld?

    I would say JJ, and the film team are above fanfic writing but after some of the scenes in STID, it gives me pause.
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    I think Voyager would have escaped Narada. Narada looked to have Neutronium missiles that ignored shields--with a bit newer tech.