Janeway could have offerd to buy their dead?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Voyager' started by Guy Gardener, Sep 22, 2007.

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    I was just thinking about Season One's the Next Emanation where Harry is talking about Aliens and star ships to a species at a level of unknown sophistication and then goes onto to erroneously and self-righteously assert that their Alien religion and Alien practices are Alien voodoo hoodoo bunk...

    Then I thought about that wretched figure Harry talked out of committing ritual suicide to relieve the financial burden on his family from his right to be fed food, y'know, that guy Harry talked out of "going to heaven" because astute Kim was far too obtuse to believe a backward culture still believing in a metaphysical ineffable religion weren't gullible know-nothing fanciful twerps trading in magic beans on their stock exchange...

    (This is me defending religion.)

    But yeah, that bloke wasn't on a religious pilgrimage to visit god and kneel at the foot of his tabernacle, that bloke was, all too reminisent of the bull*&^* the Government told the prolls about Soilent Green, tried to kill himself because his family didn't want to pay for a nursing home anymore. What a bunch of ()*&ing **) co(*^$ %$$ers!! Imagine your children told you to die because they couldn't be bothered looking at you anymore? ...And they actually did something about it this time!

    If his family(evil, evil, evil people!) could talk Grandpa into offing himself just to sever the lengthy financial obligations, imagine how quickly t/he/y would have put the knife to his throat if someone paid these mercenary )(&&%^s to do it or talk him into doing it himself, or he got paid off himself cash in hand, rather than that he didn't get to party with this "space cash" for a last weekend than he'd pay for his grand children's education by just donating his corpse to some alien when he's finished with it if not even prematurely?

    Unless there's laws against the selling of individuals body parts like in the civilized parts of our world here? But who is to say how civilized most of that imaginary world was that the black market wasn't the only real market worth visiting?

    Voyager could have landed on a moon and the bulk of her crew could have gone into suspended animation for a few years while they stacked up the previously adequately renumerated dead which volunteered to hop into Voyagers fuel tank, like chord wood in Cargo Bay 2... And maybe Kathy could have had an interesting conversation about the ethical exploitation of the dead with Captain Ransom form the Equinox a few years later?