Jake's Cougar Hunt

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' started by dub, Apr 24, 2013.

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    Well that's a little better than the method I use, where I consider anyone 18 years younger than me is off limits. The formula above allows me to consider someone 38 instead of mid-40s. I stopped buying Playboy after the centerfolds were being born the year I graduated high school.
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    Exactly, imagine him trying to ingratiate himself with Sisko once Jake and Ziyal got together.
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    A twenty year-old and a sixteen year-old is not a cougar hunt.
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    Jake was sixteen, that's old enough and it would have been interesting if he had a thing for older women (not Mardah, she was almost his age). It would have been nice to see a sixteen or seventeen year old with an active sex life, american tv is way too prudish most of the time, it's like every teenager declares "I wouldn't do THAT, we only hold hands and kiss on the porch until we're married!", that's not even close to the truth based on the american teens (well, former teens by now) I met.