It's the Constellation!

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Tallguy, Nov 22, 2017.

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    Sorry about that.

    I'm not sure how I could get more exact, but the main reason for projects like the 1966 AMT Enterprise plans, Jefferies 1964 Enterprise plans and the 1967 Enterprise Working Prop plans was to share that information with others so that artists like yourself and Tallguy can do amazing art work like this. And seeing Tallguy's work absolutely makes it worth all the effort.
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    It pleases me to see Shaw again. Where are you hanging out these days?
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    Well that just made my day. Thanks. Your work has been indispensable. I've wanted to do this project for ages.

    I've got a lot of topsy turvey in my life this week (surprise!) but I plan on getting back to this shortly. (Plus life has been kind of Star Wars-y lately, y'know?)
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    No, I think that's more a comment on my own perfectionism rather than your plans. I will say I have loved all the plans you created. I really like that you even created drawings of the small 3 inch enterprise models. The issue which I have, which I admit is my issue, is when things just don't quite line up between views. Off the top of my head I remember the nub behind the bridge dome being slightly off between the side and top views. I'm not sure if there were other issues. So rather than be a rational human being and just do the best I can with these minuscule issues, I decided to wait until I buy an actual AMT model and can measure it myself. Because, yah know, why move a mesh three pixels to the left, when you can spend $100, and repeat work that's already been done by a better illustrator than myself?
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    Glad to see Shaw around. I like to see the AMT getting love.

    My Dad had a unique take to fix the "droop"

    For me--he leaned the saucer back on the dorsal/neck a bit to line the saucer up with the nacelles a bit better.

    The shaved the front of the secondary hull's front off at an angle--so the deflector array more nearly pointed forward. The windows needed a new centerline alignment.
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    To fix the 'droop', as a kid (good God, over 40 years ago!?!), I filed the nycell strut 'tabs' that connected to the secondary hull to get the angle right .... and glued the shit out of it. I then used one of Mom's nail files to smooth the joint out and painted it (with a brush, no less). Ah, the memories...

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    The fine line between continuity and fanwank.
    This is wonderful. :techman: