Is TAS worth watching in my complete Star Trek marathon?

Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by Austin 3:16, Jun 12, 2013.

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    You misspelled "super." ;)
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    There were also various infamous errors: wrong colors, misaligned cells, continuity errors of the wrong character appearing in a place, and so forth. You have to be able to accept those in stride.

    I really like TAS. At the time it ran, I had only seen a minority of TOS, and it carried me through.

    TAS has a few excellent episodes, a lot of good ones, and many intriguing concepts. Every Trek series has episodes that are worse than the best of TAS. Even though it was a Saturday morning cartoon, it was capable of mature themes worthy of any Trek series.

    Especially if your goal is to watch all Trek, TAS is essential.
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    I think it suffers from a lot of limitations (budgetary, length, time slot for children) but it could also be as visually imaginative as anything the franchise has produced. If anything, watch "Yesteryear." It's the most essential episode of the series.
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    Again, though, you got the same kind of errors in H-B's shows all the time. And in a lot of the animated shows of the '80s and the cheaper ones of the '90s. These days, with animation being entirely digital even in "traditional" 2D-animated shows, it's become easier and less expensive to retake or repair animation mistakes than it was in the past.
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    Without using the qualifier "for its time," I think TAS was very well done. Filmation did a lot with very little. In my opinion no other animation house could have done it better.
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    Hear, Hear!...

    As in "I Heard Dat!"
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    TAS is the only trek I have not seen. I will be watching it soon, as I am a completionist.
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    TAS was my introduction to Star Trek in the 1970s, during its original run on Saturday mornings.

    I was thrilled to receive TAS on DVD as a Father's Day present. Hopefully, they will finish the TAS Blu-ray set soon.

    The Animated Series is often considered the 4th season of TOS. I highly recommend watching it!

    LOKAI of CHERON Commodore Commodore

    Is this actively being worked on? Beyond some speculation a few months ago I've not heard anything about a TAS BD project. I really hope it's coming - I'll be there day and date!
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    Yes, I think TAS is worth watching. I am not particularly fond of Filmation's animation either, but as many have noted, it is on par with what was offered to us in the 70's. It certainly is worth watching if you haven't seen them before. I still put a disc on from time to time, but I often find myself running through a few of the episodes listening to the story as opposed to 'watching' the story.
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    Watch it. Watch it now. It's Star Trek. :techman:

    There are also the Alan Dean Foster novelizations, Power Records/Peter Pan records, 25th Anniversary CD Rom game and Judgement Rites CD ROM game. :techman:
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    To the OP, yes I think TAS is worth watching at least once. There are only 22 episodes and they're only ~25mins a piece. They're available on Netflix, so if you're a Netflix subscriber you don't have to even have to worry about possibly feeling like you wasted money on buying the DVDs if you don't like it that much.

    It's based on something Robert Meyer Burnett (producer of the TNG Blu-ray sets) said in an off-hand remark. As I recall it was simply his own wish list of projects he'd like to see tackled. He clarified that somewhere (I think in a tweet?) a while back.

    EDIT: Found it.

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    Oddly my Trekkie children can't stand TAS. I think it's because of the animation. They laugh a lot. They dig all other Trek incl. TOS.
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    Not me.

    The sooner Jar Jar and his hack posse move on, the better.

    We waited FOUR YEARS for that SHIT?!?
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    Yes, you would be missing something essential.

    The series took itself seriously (more often than not), and as noted by others, was the post-TOS production to use the most talents from TOS. Even the movie period cannot boast that. It is the natrual progression of where ST would have gone if it lasted two additional seasons, as the famiiar concepts and character exchange are as authentic to TOS as one could hope for.

    TAS feels like real ST--not a slapped-together spin-off designed to cash in on a property. It is no surprise adults watched the series, along with children, since they did not diseegard it as a mistake, or somehow being anything other than genuine Star Trek.
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    I watched through it once, I can't say I'm too terribly inclined to revisit it. The material was alright, and there were a couple really good episodes, but for the most part the 70's cartoon setting just rubbed me the wrong way.

    Everyone's going to have their own opinion... M'Ress for example never did anything for me... so give it a chance either way. You'll have a pretty good opinion after 2-3 episodes if you want to go through the rest of it.
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    I've stopped watching it after 9 or 10 episode's, In my opinion it was terrible.
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    I enjoy TAS. I don't consider anything in it not referenced elsewhere from it canon however.

    The fact it was made in the 70's in a similar style always makes me half-expect that maybe this time through The Scooby Doo gang and the Harlem Globetrotters might make an appearance;

    "It wasn't the Klingons, it was Old Man Wilkins!"
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    But Scooby and the Globetrotters were Hanna Barbera.;)