is cbs d spreading themselves to thin?

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    Hi i just have a quick question. With the announcement of cbs bringing enterprise to blu ray does any one think that cbs is spreading themselves to thin? Because now there working on two different series on a tight schedule so i hope they dont over extend themselves and rush any thing.
  2. Ziz

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    Sep 25, 2001
    ENT was shot in HD so there's no need to re-create the FX, it's just a straight transfer.
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    Where is thin?
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    Re: Is CBS Digital spreading themselves too thin?

    There are two teams involved in each Star Trek season set brought to you on Blu ray.

    CBS Digital, who painstaking redo post production on the whole show from scratch. Something like 52 TNG episodes in a calendar year, I'd estimate.

    The other, producing brand new extra features like documentaries and various featurettes, getting them ready to deliver, as and when each main disc content nears completion. Other than that, they've got to have something to do, while they're waiting I suppose! :p

    Since it's already mastered in HD, CBS Digital doesn't have to touch ENT (although I'll hazard a guess I'll end up wishing they had improved one or two things still not possible to spend longer rendering for a weekly TV schedule, but there you go).

    Betcha wouldn't say they were spreading themselves too thin, if it were DS9 they were spreading themselves too thin for... Well, until it arrived and there was a noticable dip in quality.
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    Yeah, I imagine ENT requires faaaar less work to put together than TNG does right now.
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    That's two funny. :rommie:
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    I think they have it under control.....