Is anyone else sick of the junk coming out of both Marvel and DC?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Turbo, Oct 3, 2008.

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    I'm getting tired of these constant 'Crisis' mega events in DC. Each time, it's supposed to be The One - the Crisis that once and for all is supposed to fix every continuity error and bring consistency to the DC canon - and IT NEVER WORKS. They always have to have *another* Crisis to fix the problems that the last one failed to fix (or, conversely, the new problems that the last one caused).

    I mean, first we had Crisis on Infinite Earths.

    That didn't work, so then we had Zero Hour.

    ZH failed, so then came Infinite Crisis.

    And guess what? That didn't work either, so now there's Final Crisis. :scream:

    When is this shit going to END?
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    Remember when they used to keep people in their own separate books and tell stories that only occasionally crossed over and it was something truly special when that happened?

    Yeah, me neither.

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    my interest waned after jean grey died. i'll pick it back up when they bring her back to adulthood.

    i haven't followed any dc in a long time. if anything, i just read jla in collected editions, but i haven't done that in years either. maybe once jean grey is back in full on marvel, my interest in comics will pick back up and i'll start getting jla again.
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    I don't think DC's weekly Trinity is a good deal. Each issue has filler. I've never liked any of their weekly books (such as 52 and Countdown).
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    if you're having trouble figuring out how to spend you money, always first check out scans_daily on livejournal, you can preview just about everything out there to find the gems.

    other than "brand new day", I pretty much like all of Marvel's stuff.

    on the DC side, I strongly suggest reading "Manhunter", "Blue Beetle" and Booster Gold's title.
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    And I can't abide that.

    Plus it's only in the ONE Spider-Man issue where the SHRA is shown not to be so fascist. Tony did some dickish things (becoming a father figure to Peter so he'd unmask of his own accord), but he really did what he thought was right. One just has to look reallllyyyy long-term to see it better. Secret Invasion is a big example of that.
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    Nov 18, 2005
    I don't think its too bad for either but I will admit that I haven't been impressed by Secret Invasion or Final Crisis. I like SI better because at least I know the principal characters. To get FC it seems you really have be steeped in DC lore, which I am not.

    That being said I think both companies do have some good stuff out now:
    -Captain America is pretty good. I hope they keep Steve Rogers in the morgue. Bucky rocks.
    -Thor is good, though JMS is going very slow with it.
    -Red Hulk has been pretty good. Haven't read the last book, and it was starting to fade a little around book 4. However, I've never been a big fan of Hulk comics but this one kept my attention. World War Hulk was also good.
    -I think Moon Knight, Black Panther, and New Warriors are okay. Daredevil still seems to be going well, though I am far from a regular reader of it.

    -Superman's Brainiac arc is good.
    -Batman RIP is uneven, but still intriguing. I'm finding myself liking the side stories of RIP rather than Morrison's work, which veers into the wierd a bit too much for my tastes.
    -I like Justice League. I really enjoyed the Amazo story recently-I would love to see this villian in a film someday-and the new Vixen storyline is interesting.
    -I also like Batman and the Outsiders. I don't read them all the time, but those books aren't bad. The new Titan series is okay too.
    -The Vertigo line has been okay, well at least Y: The Last Man (though I didn't like how the story concluded)

    What I dislike:

    Marvel: I hate One More Day/Brand New Day. Terrible direction for Spidey, though the artwork is good. And I give them credit for introducing a new slew of villians. I just can't get into the X-Men anymore. I think they've been overexposed and I find their stories to be far too convoluted.

    DC: I don't like Flash's family, it just reminds me of the Incredibles. In one way it's good to see evolution with the character, but something about it just doesn't work for me.
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    Simply putting it, there are good comics still out there and there are bad. Just pick and choose. My favorite for Marvel is Thor along with the X-Men and my favorite for DC is the Green Lantern Corp. X-Men's art needs work but it's all right.
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    I can't agree with this. I think it's been superb. The flashbacks are there to explain why things didn't happen the way we thought they did.

    Sure, you have to buy a few books to keep up (the main title, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, The Initiative) but you don't have to read things like the Thor, Spider-Man or X-Men ones.
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    To be fair to DC, most of their titles are fairly stand alone. Final Crisis has intentionally been kept out of the regular titles. If you read Superman/Action Comics you'd never know Final Crisis is happening. Green Lantern/GL Corp is working on its own story in the aftermath of the Sinestro corp war (which is really good....I'm looking forward to The Blackest Night).

    JLA/JSA are doing their own thing and have no crossovers.

    Booster Gold is great fun and each issue is more or less a stand alone story as part of a larger tapestry.